Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings 2019

May 28, 2019  2:37 pm

Fantasy Football 2019 Top 10 Tight Ends. Hand Chosen by the Fantasy Football Counselor.

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Fantasy Football tight end rankings 2019. These are some of the main TE’s you want to target. Now we suggest you do wait on a TE when you are doing your fantasy football draft. After the top 3 tight ends are gone there is a massive drop in points. The Fantasy Football Counselor suggests you do wait as you can get a great value at TE later on in the draft with massive upside. Make sure you secure your RB and WR positions early in the first 3 rounds of your draft. Wait on the TIGHT END!

It’s about spotting the right talent at the tight end position. You can land a break out and you are set. There is some breakout talent this year Tj Hockenson, Noah Fant are a few names that have that potential. You don’t want to invest too early on a Te, becuase you are missing out on a potential workhorse running back or an ace recevier. Not WORTH the risk. Last year the Fantasy Football Counselor suggested you grab George Kittle later in your draft and he nailed it. Kittle became a TOP 3 tight end in ppr. This is what you have to do. If you can get 10 points of your tight end each week that is safe. The land that breakout that could take over that you got more a massive deal later in the draft.

Drafting a tight end is easy. Think outside the box and don’t invest too early.

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