Best Ball 2024 | 5 Tips to Dominate your Draft
March 3, 2024
Fantasy Football 101: Understanding Basic Terms and Strategies
March 6, 2024
Best Ball 2024 | 5 Tips to Dominate your Draft
March 3, 2024
Fantasy Football 101: Understanding Basic Terms and Strategies
March 6, 2024

Mastering Best Ball Fantasy Football: Ultimate Guide to Victory

How to win at best ball

How to win at Best Ball!


Best Ball fantasy football is a unique and thrilling version of fantasy sports requiring skill and strategy to win. Unlike traditional fantasy football, in Best Ball, you draft your team before the season starts, and that’s it. There are no weekly lineup decisions, no waiver wire, and no trades. Your highest-scoring players automatically start each week. This format emphasizes the importance of the draft and player selection, making pre-season preparation crucial to your success. To gain an edge in your Best Ball leagues, incorporating expert insights and proven strategies is key. Listening to the Fantasy Football Counselor podcast and utilizing the 16 Rounds draft solution can provide you with the knowledge needed to select the optimal players for your draft. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore strategies to win at Best Ball Fantasy Football, emphasizing the importance of preparation, player selection, and the invaluable resources at your disposal.

Understanding Best Ball Dynamics

The Essence of Best Ball: Best Ball fantasy football challenges players to think long-term, focusing on season-long performance rather than weekly matchups. The strategy revolves around drafting a robust team that can endure the ups and downs of the NFL season, accounting for injuries, bye weeks, and breakout performances.

Draft Strategy: Building a Winning Team

1. Prioritize High-Upside Players: In Best Ball, you want players who can score big in any given week. Look for individuals with the potential for breakout games. High-upside players, especially at the wide receiver and tight end positions, can significantly boost your weekly scores.

2. Depth is Crucial: Given the set-and-forget nature of Best Ball, ensuring your team has depth across all positions is vital. Injuries and bye weeks will happen, and having a deep roster will help you maintain competitive scoring throughout the season.

3. Balance Your Roster: While chasing upside, it’s essential to balance your team with reliable, consistent performers. Having a mix of high-floor and high-ceiling players will provide a solid foundation for your team’s weekly scores.

Breece is an UPSIDE player! (Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire)

Leveraging Expert Insights

The Fantasy Football Counselor Podcast: Listening to expert analysis can give you a significant advantage. The Fantasy Football Counselor podcast is an excellent resource for getting up-to-date information, player evaluations, and strategic advice tailored to Best Ball leagues.

The 16 Rounds Draft Solution: To truly excel in your draft, the 16 Rounds draft solution is indispensable. It offers a comprehensive guide to the optimal players to draft in any situation, specifically designed for Best Ball formats. This resource helps you identify value picks, sleepers, and potential busts, ensuring you make informed decisions during your draft.

Advanced Strategies for Success

1. Pay Attention to Bye Weeks: While you can’t avoid players with the same bye week entirely, try to ensure your key positions aren’t all off in the same week. This strategy helps avoid any significant dips in your weekly scoring.

2. Target Late-Round Gems: Success in Best Ball often comes from finding value in the later rounds of the draft. Identify players who are overlooked but have the potential to outperform their draft position.

3. Monitor Offseason Moves: Player values can shift dramatically with trades, free agency signings, and the NFL draft. Staying informed on offseason moves is crucial for identifying players whose situations have improved, making them more valuable in Best Ball formats.


Winning at Best Ball fantasy football requires a blend of strategic drafting, in-depth player knowledge, and leveraging expert insights. By prioritizing high-upside players, ensuring depth across your roster, and utilizing resources like the Fantasy Football Counselor podcast and the 16 Rounds draft solution, you can significantly enhance your chances of victory. Remember, success in Best Ball comes down to the decisions you make before the season even begins. Invest the time in preparation, and you’ll enjoy the rewards all season long.

Incorporating these strategies and resources will not only prepare you for your Best Ball drafts but also deepen your understanding of fantasy football. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the Best Ball format, the journey to mastering this exciting version of fantasy sports is both challenging and rewarding. Good luck, and may your draft decisions lead you to a championship-winning season!

Watch the video below from Jimmie Mave to give you a very practical strategy below:

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