16 Rounds PLUS
LIVE draft tool! 2023!

Live Draft tool to bring in with you to all your drafts this season. Fully Customized to your leagues!

"The 16 Rounds Plus draft tool is a compliment to my 16 RDs Solution. It's for people who just crave more!"

Joseph Robert - The Fantasy Football Counselor

Have ALL the tools at your disposal during drafts with this app!

  • Live Draft Tool!
  • Full Analysis of TOP 250 players
  • Player Projections
  • Set up in 1 Min by 3 Questions
  • Updated Constantly!
  • Optimal Recommendations for each round!
  • Optimzed to your custom leagues!
  • Counselor Picks highlighted
  • All the info you need on each player!
  • Easy to use!


It's all about WINNING for Joseph K'Amo, The Fantasy Football Counselor. That goes in business, life and of course, Fantasy Football.

Growing up playing and watching sports with his father has INSPIRED him to build his brand around fantasy football. Losing his father in 2015 has motivated him to DOMINATE!

Joseph Robert has been leveraging the POWER of social and his podcast over the past 6 years. He has cornered and pioneered vlogging and analysis for fantasy football in that short amount of time. MILLIONS of podcast downloads, Youtube and Instagram views continue to be obtained, while he shares and produces high-end relevant content in this industry. EXCELLING past the mainstream analysts with a much MORE personable, "real", enthusiastic approach.

His outside of the box, LION mentality has created the strongest and most loyal fan base in the fantasy football industry!

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