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Seattle Seahawks Outlook 2022 | Fantasy Football Players to Draft

Seahawks Outlook and Impact for 2022

Seahawks Outlook and Impact for 2022

Seattle Seahawks Outlook 2022

We are joined by Seahawks brand ambassador Norb Cam, breaking down everything Seattle Seahawks going into the season. From Metcalf to Kenneth Walker we discuss it all here with you today.

The Seahawks QB situation.

This could be the biggest problem with the Seahawks going into the 2022 NFL Season. This will be a tough one to overcome as they don’t have much to work with and they got rid of their franchise QB. After talking to Norb in this interview, you can see the pain of the loss of Wilson going into this season and moving forward. Similar conversation to other beat writers, we understand that you need a good QB in you to want to win a Superbowl in today’s NFL. Losing Wilson to the Broncos is going to hurt the Seahawks team and 2022 will show us that.

Drew Lock and Geno Smith are most likely going to be placeholders this season and they probably won’t get a lot done this year in fantasy football and reality. I definitely will not be looking at drafting a Hawks QB for fantasy football 2022.

Running Backs in Seattle and fantasy football outlook

Walker could be the lead back in Seattle

This is where there may be a fantasy football bright spot. I like the drafting of the young Kenneth Walker. We are looking at a potential workhorse RB and the man to take over the job. After talking to Norb, it sounds like Chris Carson will not be coming back due to that major neck injury. Penny is also not a great RB to say the least. He has had years to wow me and I am not wowed. Walker could be the man in Seattle at RB, and you can get him for value in fantasy football drafts this season.

If you are looking to draft anyone from the Seahawks, make sure that it is Kenneth Walker.

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends

The wide receivers including DK Metcalf and Lockett are getting major downgrades at the QB position as mentioned before. I will personally now be drafting any receivers from the Seahawks. Although Noah Fant could be a viable Tight end and great target this season. Just a late-round stash if anything.

Final Thoughts

The Seahawks could really suck this year. Maybe they will want to finish last place so they get a first overall pick in 2023. One thing we learned from talking to Norb is that this team needs a QB. The other weapons should all be in place for a good playoff run. Just won’t be happening this 2022 NFL season. They are in a rebuilding stage of their franchise as far as I see it.


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