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Carolina Panthers Outlooks 2022 | Fantasy Football Players to Draft

Panthers outlook 2022

Panthers Outlook 2022

Carolina Panthers Outlook 2022

In this fantasy football podcast, we are joined by Panthers reporter Jon Alexander to discuss the upcoming NFL season. We talk about Christian McCaffrey, DJ Moore, and the fantasy impact and expectation of this Panthers offense this 2022 season. After discussing with Jon we got some sight and expectations from some of their top players.

Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Football Outlook

Christian McCaffrey is going really high in NFL fantasy football drafts this season. He is very expensive and comes with some serious risk if you want to draft him this season. He has only played 10 games in the past two seasons, and that is the reason for concern. Not to mention that we are dealing with an entirely new offense than he had years ago when he thrived.

Jon reassured that CMC is going to have a solid year this year, but may be preserved a lot more as they will use Foreman and Hubbard a little more. He also told me that CMC’s injuries were never massive and were mainly soft tissue injuries. Either way, you have to question if he will ever get back to form. The video will explain more as I pick Jon’s brain on the running back situation in Carolina. I am personally staying away from the CMC as his price is way too high and he comes with too many risks and question marks this NFL fantasy 2022 season.

Panthers QB situation

Overpriced for 2022

It goes without saying that I will be staying away from Sam Darnold this upcoming fantasy football season. He has had years to wow me and I am not wowed. Jon stated that he doesn’t see Darnold being the starter in Carolina at the beginning of the season. An upgrade at the QB position will definitely boost the fantasy numbers of this team and offense. With lingering players like Baker Mayfield and Jimmy G, we may see that minor upgrade.

Overall, I have to question the WRs if Darnold stays under center, and you have to also question Christian McCaffrey getting the ball as he did years ago. The expectations with the QBs in Carolina right now are really low.

Panthers WRs 2022

I am going to fade DJ Moore this season. Years to wow me and I am not wowed. Maybe if he gets that upgrade at QB, he will be more appealing but I am still not a fan.

We also discussed Robby Anderson and his potential wanting to retire. In regards to fantasy football 2022. He is a last-round dart throw with some upside. I don’t like hearing players state they are going to retire. That is usually a sign that they arent’ feeling football as much as they use to. You lose the hunger and I don’t care to have you on my fantasy football team.

Make sure you watch the full fantasy football podcast below:

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