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December 12, 2022
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What does Flex mean in Fantasy Football

What is Flex in fantasy football?

What the Flex position means in fantasy football

Fantasy RB rankings

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Importance of the FLEX

While it is a correct assumption to place high importance on the quarterback, that is fair. That should only take precedence in 2 QB leagues. I personally believe that RB is the most important position in fantasy football. A subcategory that is to be often held at a high premium is the pass-catching 3-down running back. This is especially valuable in PPR leagues, otherwise known as a point per reception. It is also possible that a person may like a #1 receiver early in the draft.

To me, the only time a pass catcher should be taken high is if it can be deduced that they can account for at least double-digit targets and 2-3 red zone targets to boot. The position that I want to talk about today is the FLEX position. What is the flex position as it relates to fantasy football? Furthermore, how can it be used to the owner’s advantage, but at the same time, if picked incorrectly, how can it cause an owner to lose his matchup, quite possibly just for lack of understanding? The flex position, if given the appropriate thought, can be used to a competitive advantage. Before I reveal the list of players that are very impactful as flex plays, I want to briefly inform the casual fantasy player what the flex position is and a couple of different ways to look at how to select a flex player appropriately.

To put it simply, the flex position can be filled by any player from the RB, WR, or TE position categories. However, it is important to note that I do not advise one to pick based on their favorite player list. Rather, they should look more into the running back position group. When you are deciphering who to pick to fill your flex position, look at the group of pass-catching RBs who get plenty of 3rd down work in addition to those that get plenty of goal-line work. The Flex position is not in every league format, but it is a great way to add another high-volume player to any roster. It is quite common for the FLEX position to make up the gap in points for a dud performance from an owner’s otherwise typical high-level performer. Below is a list of some of the most impactful players who can be utilized at the flex position.

  1. Alvin Kamara– One of my personal favorites due to his ability to line up all over formations, and AK 41 always seems to get his hands on the ball in the running and passing game. As his career has progressed, he also has seen quite an uptick in RZ or RedZone work.
  2. Saquon Barkley– Barkley is interesting because he has a knack for going all game with 12 carries for 22 yards and 2 catches for 21 yards. Then when fantasy owners think all is lost, Saquan hits a 60+ yard run and puts together a string of 6-8 catches for 45-50 yards while sprinkling in a touchdown either through the air or on the ground.
  3. Deebo Samuel– Yea, I know he’s not an RB, but the flex position is not exclusive to the RB position. The allure of drafting a WR for the flex position is owners are looking for that lighting-in-a-bottle performer that that strike anytime for a couple of touchdowns. Deebo Samuel is that guy, he is a high-volume WR and a high-quality RZ option. Another thing worth noting here is that Samuel can get 2-4 carries a game on any given week.

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The trap to avoid is taking all the top players as listed by the so-called experts. There are a few key factors to consider when drafting the flex position. You want as much volume as possible; within that realm, you also want RZ targets to optimize scoring chances. Also worth noting is what type of team your player resides with. I prefer players that tend to play from behind as there often are more opportunities to reach paydirt for that team.

The bottom line is that a pass-catching RB is the best option to have in that FLEX slot, but WR and or TE can be selected there, also. So, know that the FLEX position is very important and often is a game maker and can be a game breaker. Whomever you select for the flex position, know that they don’t always have to be a high-volume player, but for what they lack in volume, they better make up for it with RZ touches. Joseph Robert The Fantasy Football Counselor goes through all these pitfalls, best strategies, and more @ https://thefantasyfootballcounselor.com/


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