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June 14, 2020
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Fantasy Football Sleepers 2020 | 5 Late Sleepers to Target
June 14, 2020
Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2020 | Don’t Draft This Way
June 16, 2020

TOP Fantasy RB’s 2020 – The Truth and Draft Strategy

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Top Fantasy Football RB’s 2020. The Counselor lays out the truth about which RB’s to draft and which guys to avoid. Also, a Robust RB draft strategy.

Christian McCaffrey

All right, let’s talk about running backs of truth here. Let’s get honed in and focused here. Now if you’re looking at ADP, who’s the first overall running back to draft. Who is it? Everyone’s going to say Christian McCaffrey, understandably so. Now if I’m going first overall, I’m taking Saquon Barkley. I’ll tell you why. Let’s talk about it. Let’s dive into the facts. The last time anyone finished, any running back finished two years in a row on top in fantasy points was a guy named Priest Holmes. I believe it was 2002-2003. It’s very hard to come off such a pinnacle year, a record-breaking year: 471 fantasy points, 1,387 yards, 4.8 yards per carry, 15 touchdowns on the graph, four touchdowns receiving, 116 receptions for Christian McCaffrey last year. I’m going to put that in perspective for you when you look at receptions, okay? Listen to this carefully, Christian McCaffrey, a running back on the Panthers, had more receptions than every wide receiver in the NFL except Michael Thomas. Michael Thomas had 149 receptions, also a pinnacle year last year. Hopkins had 104, Keenan had 104, Julio Jones was 99. To put that in perspective guys, I’m telling you, this is a record year: 141 targets, 116 receptions for a running back. Not going to happen. They’ve got a new coach now, they’ve got a new quarterback now, they’ve added Robbie Anderson. They’re going to throw the ball more. Different offense. I’m telling you guys, different offense. Christian McCaffrey will decline.

Now you said, “Joe, 471 PPR fantasy points last season. How much is he going to decline?” That’s a good question. I think significantly enough to take him out of the RB1 contention. Now, don’t get me wrong here. This guy is still in my top three running backs, top three, top four. The problem is I don’t want to invest a first overall pick on a guy that I know is going to decline and I know another guy’s going to probably emerge.

Saquon Barkley

The guy that I got coming first overall is Saquon Barkley. Now, if I said, “Consensus rank. Here they are. Here’s Christian McCaffrey, here’s Saquon.” Nobody’s talking about that. Everyone’s just automatically by default putting Christian McCaffrey first overall. Can Christian McCaffrey finish first overall amongst running backs again? Yes, he can but again, I accommodate for that and I go for the higher ceilings, so I think Saquon Barkley is the higher ceiling. Why, Joe? Why? A lot of people ask for stats. Well, finished 10th amongst running backs last season. Saquon did only playing 13 games, terrible O-line, and a rookie quarterback getting into the groove with Daniel Jones. Now they’ve significantly increased, they beefed up that O-line. They’ve got three new O-linemen in the draft, they’ve addressed that concern and Saquon Barkley still finished with over a thousand yards, 1003 yards, 4.6 yards per carry, six touchdowns on the ground and 217 attempts in 13 games. Again, finishing the top 10 amongst running backs in PPR. That is with again, a terrible O-line. So the ceiling is high, the talent is there. We know Saquon clearly hungry and clearly wants to have a good season and I think this is the season for him. So I would take Saquon first overall.

Derrick Henry

Now who would you go second? Even in PPR, I’d probably go, Derrick Henry, because again, I still see a decline for Christian McCaffrey but I still see a ceiling for Derrick Henry. Derrick Henry finishing fifth in PPR. Now this guy has 16 touchdowns on the ground. I still think there’s a ceiling there, 1,540 rushing yards. This is a guy that … I was the only guy who had him top six in my rankings. Everybody and their mother and the mainstream had them out of the top 10. I look at the trend, okay? You got to look at trends. When you are drafting any running back, especially early, you got to look at trends. What has he done last year? What’s he going to do this year? What’s the opportunity? Is there a running back committee? You’ve got to look at trends, you got to look at the opportunity, you got to look at the ceiling. Now Derrick Henry has not been incentivized. That’s another thing with Christian McCaffrey, he’s been paid. He’s been paid a lot of money. He’s going to have that draft … what do you call it, that contract hangover whereas Derrick Henry, he’s still hungry. Now I heard there’s negotiations. They’re trying to talk to Henry about possibly getting him a contract. That’s good.

I understand that they signed him for the $10.2 million one year deal. Pretty good but the thing is he’s a workhorse. He’s got to be treated like a workhorse. He’s got to be drafted like a workhorse. 303 attempts, number one in attempts. I think he’s still hungry. I think he’s still like, “People are still doubting me. I’m still one of the best running backs. People doubt me. Now I understand his receptions weren’t that great: 18 receptions, 24 targets, 206 receiving yards, two touchdowns receiving. He’s not really a pass-catching back. I understand that but where he makes up in that is all the goal-line work. No one’s going to come in there and steal any goal-line work for him. Not Darrynton Evans. Now I understand the Titans said that they’re bringing Darrynton Evans in. They’re going to work him in, this and that. It doesn’t matter. Derrick Henry’s still the guy. So even if he has 303 attempts, let’s say it drops to 280, I’m still okay with that. He’s going to get a ton of volume and a ton of work. I like that work workhorse running back. Now if we’re talking about the truth of running backs, the truth is you have to go robust army strategy and I talked about that in the 60 round drafts position and I give you exactly which running backs to draft and when to draft them. When you are drafting running backs, you’ve got to make sure it’s the right running back early on. You cannot invest in a running back early on if you know that a decline is imminent.

Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt

Perfect example. Nick Chubb here, for example. Everyone’s drafting him at the end of the first round, early second. He’s a top 10 running back according to consensus. I’m not drafting him. That’s why I would never do a list. I would never do a list because everyone’s expecting me to pick Nick Chubb in there. I’m not going to put Nick Chubb in my top 10 list. I’m not going to draft him. I’ll tell you why. Now I may sound like a broken record. You may have heard me say this, you may have not but Kareem Hunt outscored Nick Chubb six out of the eight games they played together in PPR last season. I’m looking at this and I’m thinking, “Okay, the first half of the season Kareem Hunt, wasn’t there. Now everyone’s telling everybody you got to draft Nick Chubb in the first round.” Kareem Hunt’s going to be there for the entire season this year. I looked at the trend of them playing together out of those eight games, Chubb had two good games and you could say he still did pretty good. He had a ton of rushing yards, this and that. I understand that but if you look at the numbers, there are certain games where … I don’t have it up exactly. I could pull it up here for you guys but the point I’m trying to make here, there are certain games where let’s say Kareem Hunt had like 15 points and Chubb had 14 points.

That’s half the points. Kareem Hunt‘s going to come in there and take half of the volume away from Nick Chubb, whether you like it or not. Well, you could say, “Well Joe, Nick Chubb still scored 14 points that game.” It doesn’t matter. Kareem Hunt took away half of that volume. Why would I invest in a running back in the first round, a guy that is supposed to be my RB1. Why would I invest in a guy that I know Kareem Hunt is there? It doesn’t make practical sense, yet the mainstream analysts, the consensus will still tell you, “Joe, the average casual gamer. Billy, Bob, John, Donald, Megan, Amanda, whoever is listening. You guys have to draft Nick Chubb in the first round.” They’ll tell you. They’ll tell you he’s a top 10 guy. Why? Because he finished in the Top 10 last season. They feel obligated and they want to save face and they want to look good. They’re fearful and they’re just going to just tell you what you want to hear. That’s the same thing they told you last year with Odell. He’s a big name. He’s a popular guy. We can’t leave Matt out of our Top 10.

Same thing with Le’Veon Bell. Had a great time in Steel Town, performed really well, so people said he had to be a Top 10, which is wrong guys. You have to look at the situation. You’ve got to look at the variable. So again, nobody’s telling you this stuff. I haven’t seen anybody. I haven’t seen anybody put Nick Chubb out of their Top 10. If there is somebody, tell me. I want to know the mainstream top part. Don’t give me a guy that created an Instagram with five followers. No offense to them. I understand they’re grinding but there’s a lot of people coming out mimicking what I’m doing. Find me a person that’s in the industry, three to five years minimum, who’s got a top podcast ranked in the Top 10. When you go to iTunes, you look Fantasy Football up. I want to see that podcast, the Top 10. I want to see one of those guys put Nick Chubb out of their Top 10.

Dalvin Cook and Alexander Mattison

Also Dalvin Cook. Another guy, let’s talk about the truth. Dalvin Cook, I was talking back in February who was threatening hold out. Now he’s threatening it again. It looks like it’s going to happen. He’s threatening holdout. To my understanding, he wants 13 million a season. He’s not worth 5 million season. He’s not worth anything. I would cut him. I would straight out cut Dalvin Cook. You don’t need him. You’ve got Mattison. If you look at the production of both Dalvin Cook and Madison, Dalvin Cook had 250 attempts, 1,135 yards, 4.5 yards carry, and 13 touchdowns. 250 attempts and got all the goal-line work. When you look at a guy like Alexander Madison, he had a hundred attempts. So less than half had 462 yards, rushing 4.6 yards per carry, one touchdown.

So he had 0.1-yard per carry more than Dalvin Cook and on a hundred attempts, 462 yards. He was performing on pace to finish where Dalvin Cook finished. Give Alexander Madison 250 attempts, he will perform just as good, if not better, than Dalvin Cook. Look at the projections: 100 attempts, 462 yards. Dalvin Cook: 250 attempts, 1,135 yards. So Mattison was on pace. So what I’m trying to say is Dalvin Cook has not finished a season in three years. He can not be trusted. A lot of people, when I bring this up they’re like, “Oh, my God. I didn’t know that.” His rookie year, he played four games. He was introduced, banged up. In the second year, he played 11 games. He played 15 games in two seasons. Fifteen games in two seasons. Fourteen games in the season that everybody thought he went off. He only played 14 games that year and he missed two of those games. Half of two of those games, he was in, the games he started. He literally missed three games that season again. He has not finished a season. He blew his load. Dalvin Cook knows Dalvin Cook sucks. Dalvin Cook knows Dalvin Cook’s product of the offense and Dalvin Cook knows that he will not finish a season so Dalvin Cook wants to get paid. Very smart of Dalvin Cook but not smart if you’re a team and you want to pay that money to keep him.

So everybody and their mother have Dalvin Cook in the Top 5 because ADP is slowly starting to fall. People are starting to look at Alexander Mattison, a guy that I’m telling you to draft late. Stash him on your bench because he’s going to get the start at some point, if not, at the beginning of the season. If I’m the Minnesota Vikings, what I would do is I would stand my ground. I would not pay Dalvin Cook. I’d offer him the 7 or 8 million or whatever they’re offering because I know it was under around $810 million, at least. I would offer him that, if you really want him, which I don’t. Then if he doesn’t take it, let him hold out. You start Mattison for three to five weeks, you let him run wild and then you tell Dalvin Cook to take a hike because Alexander Mattison will perform on the same level. Yet the mainstream consensus and consensus will still tell you, “Hey, guys. You got to draft Dalvin Cook in the first round Top 5 overall,” not looking at the situation. Not looking at the possible holdout and not looking at the facts that Alexander Madison equals Dalvin Cook but even better if given that opportunity, right?

There’s a reason Alexander Mattison’s on that team. There’s a reason Dalvin Cook’s not getting paid the big bucks it’s because he’s really not that good. The same type of thing. He is Le’Veon Bell on the Steelers but not as good. He is Le’Veon Bell on the Steelers but not as good. A product of the offense where you saw DeAngelo Williams come in back a couple of years ago, go look it up, and James Conner comes in on the Steelers and performs just as good, if not better. A healthy Cook, that is, a couple of years ago. Just as good, if not, better than Le’Veon Bell. Le’Veon Bell goes on the Jets and sucks. Same type of thing, guys. You got to look at the situation. You got to look at the opportunity. So again, let’s take a look at the Top 10 consensus running backs.

Let’s talk about guys like Christian McCaffrey, Zeke Elliott. Zeke Elliot, I could see. I think there’s a Pollard effect. I think Pollard gets a little more work in there but still saw. Zeke Elliot was number two in attempts, 301. Again, I’m not ranking these in order. We’re just having the truth discussion here. This is what it’s all about. Leonard Fournette, hungry. Got to perform. The Jacksonville Jaguars didn’t want him. They wanted to get rid of him, decided to keep him. He’s got to perform. If he wants that big mega-contract with another team, he’s got to put out. He’s got to do it well this year. Chris Carson, I don’t trust him. I really don’t trust Chris Carson and the thing about Chris Carson, I’m going to go ahead and stay away from him. I’ll tell you why. I’m going to stay away from him. Just pulling up some stats here by the way.

The reason I’m going to stay away from Chris Carson is that they drafted Carlos Hyde or acquired Carlos Hyde? Why would you want Carlos Hyde if you believe in Chris Carson? I know it’s about depth. I know Rashaad Penny’s healthy. He’s had years. Why would you put Chris Carson there? Why would you not trust him? Why would you not start him? Why would you need Carlos Hyde? A guy that sucks. Carlos Hyde sucks. Don’t get me wrong but he’s good enough to be a pest to Chris Carson. Now Chris Carson sitting 16th on the consensus. People understand that, not as high but let’s take a look at those Top 10 guys. Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, Zeke Elliott, Derrick Henry, Alvin Kamara, Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon, Nick Chubb, Josh Jacobs, Aaron Jones. Aaron Jones’s another guy that’s going to decline. Who could emerge above Aaron Jones? Easily. If he’s not in the committee, Miles Sanders could pop in there, Todd Gurley could pop in there. Let me just see here. I’m going to pull it up on PPR actually. I apologize here. Awesome. Ekeler is in the top. Let’s go to the Top 10 in PPR: McCaffrey, Barkley, Zeke, Kamara, Cook, Henry, Mixon, Kenyan Drake, Austin Ekeler, Aaron Jones. Why would you put Kenyan Drake in there? Why, because he had a couple of good pinnacle games? Because he looks good? Because that’s what the popular opinion is?

Kenyan Drake and Eno Benjamin

No Kenyan Drake could finish in the Top 10. Let me get the straight but the risk, is it worth it? I’ll tell you guys, the reward is not worth that risk because I’ll tell you why. They drafted Eno Benjamin , guys. They got him in the seventh round. Eno Benjamin’s a guy out of Arizona State that looks good. He’s got the spin move, goes for the end zone, and people in Arizona like him. There’s zero integrity with the Arizona Cardinals coaching staff. Man, he just sucked with Miami. That’s all I got to tell you. A combined nine touchdowns in three seasons with Miami. You can say, “Well no, Joe. Now he’s with the Cardinals. He’s going to do really good.” He could but I don’t trust him. They also got Chase Edmonds there. I’m going to stay away from everything Kenyan Drake, the season.

Austin Ekeler, another guy who has never been a full workhorse running back. Last year, Ekeler only had 132 rushing attempts. I know Joe. Well, he could make it up in PPR. I get it but I want a full workhorse running back. I want 250 attempts plus.

Ekeler had 132 attempts and they drafted Joshua Kelley. Why would they draft Joshua Kelley if Ekeler is your workhorse? They don’t believe in him. You could say, “Well, Joe, they drafted Darrynton Evans. They don’t believe in Henry.” They needed a backup for him. sort of backup if Henry goes down. I get that but with Ekeler, there were backups there anyway. With Arizona, they had chase Edmonds. They had backups. Listen, I’m not sold on these guys being workhorses guys. Truth talk right here. Dalvin Cook staying away first round. Let’s talk about Kamara a little bit here. Kamara is a workhorse running back but he’s always part of a committee. He’s a PPR machine. When I say workhorse, he always finishes in the Top 10. He’s still going to be like Ekeler. He’s going to be like a pass-catching guy with minimal attempts, 171 attempts but he’s getting more attempts than Ekeler but he’s always going to get the 81 receptions. He’s always going to have over 500-600 receiving hours. He’s going to get some receiving touchdowns.

Open RB Discussion

Last year was a bit of a down year and he’s still finished Top 10 in PPR, finishing ninth amongst running backs. The point of this video is I’m trying to make here for you guys. I’m trying to get this out for you guys, having a discussion with you is that it’s an all top position, the running back position. That’s the whole point of this. It’s very volatile. What goes up must come down. There’s copy and paste rankings been out there. You’ve got to accommodate. So who do you draft and when do you draft them? I talk about all of this in 60 rounds, so make sure you guys get it. If you are going early in the first round, you want to try to secure Saquon Barkley, Zeke, Christian McCaffrey or Henry. That’s pretty obvious. I like Henry as second. You could go Kamara. If you go late first round, I like Josh Jacobs. I like maybe even a Todd Gurley. Now understand ADPs are rising for certain players, including Todd Gurley, Conner. The offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons came out and said, “Hey, you know what? Todd Gurley’s going to be a beast when healthy. One of the best running backs in the league. So his EDP is rising based on what we’re hearing and as soon as training camp happens, David Johnson’s value’s going to go up. He’s already coming off late second round. David Johnson a month ago, even a couple weeks ago, is coming off in the fourth round.

His ADP is rising significantly but what blows my mind is the consensus. The consensus are still low on David Johnson. He is sitting 21st amongst running backs. This is comical. I’m going to laugh when David Johnson finished Top 5 or Top 10 and the consensus has him 21st. This is comical. I’m going to keep this. I’m going to remember this and I will not forget this. David Johnson is set for a prime year. He is a workhorse running back and he will eat. Again, the truth talk, right? Also truth talk. I’m telling you, there’s going to be a couple of running backs that could potentially crack the Top 10. Let’s talk about Clyde Edwards-Helaire. A lot of people in the consensus is high on him. He is 60th amongst running backs, coming off in the second round typically give or take. Now here’s the deal, Clyde Edwards-Helaire. My concern is that the volume might not be there. That’s my only concern. When you look at the Kansas City Chief running backs, Damien Williams had 111 attempts. Mind you, played 11 games but LeSean McCoy had 101 attempts.

Combined between those guys, 215 attempts max? That’s a ceiling? Darrell Williams came in for 41. Darwin Thompson came for 37 yards, 37 attempts. Again, I don’t know if they’re going to make him a workhorse running back. Now he could make up for that in receptions and targets but again, Damien was maxed out of 37 targets last year. So are they throwing the ball enough to running backs? Probably not enough. I’m probably off the Clyde Edwards-Helaire train this season. I really am. I understand the ceiling’s high but he literally has to be the workhorse. He has to be out on every down. There can not be Damien Williams. Damien Williams, I hate him. He’s annoying for fantasy but he’s going to be a bit of a thorn in the side of Clyde Edwards-Helaire. I’m going to stay away from the situation. I understand Clyde Edwards-Helaire later was drafted in the first round. The ceiling is high but again, based on the numbers that I’m seeing, I don’t know. Again, maxing at 37 targets for running back was Damien Williams. Is he going to get a lot of pass catches. I don’t know because there’s a ton of targets. There’s Mecole Hardman. There’s Tyreek Hill, there’s Kelce. There’s so many guys to throw the ball too and Sammy Watkins saying he wants to have his pinnacle year, a minimum thousand rushing yards, a hundred receptions. I don’t see that happening either. Too many targets to go around. I’m concerned about Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

We’re talking truth here, right? Dalvin Cook again stays away. Nick Chubb, again stay away. Joe Mixon, suspect offense guys. I understand the ceiling is there. I understand this but the guy has never had a pinnacle year. Be cautious of him. He’s currently sitting seventh amongst running backs. I’m going to stay away from him too. Suspect offense, do quarterback. Is A. J. Green going to be healthy? Is Mixon going to stay healthy? He’s had his share of injuries as well. I’m going to stay away. I love Josh Jacobs. He’s currently sitting at … where’s Jacob sitting here? Sitting 13th amongst running backs. I think he’d easily be a Top 10. He’s in my top 10. Aaron Jones is going to decline as well. Aaron Jones, I mean had a pinnacle year. They’re going to throw more this year. He had 60 touchdowns. They brought in AJ Dillon . Be cautious there. Guys that could crack the Top 10, Jonathan Taylor. Love the upside. Maryland max got to go away. The bottom line is this, you got to get those guys that are in minimal committees. David Johnson, minimal committee. Nobody going to take the volume away. That’s why I see him finishing Top 10. The talent is there. He’s hungry. Chip on his shoulder.

Derek Henry, no committee. Alvin Kamara is safe Top 10 because he always finishes there. There’s a good trend of consistency. Derek Henry is solid. Saquon Barkley, solid. Christian McCaffrey, solid. Zeke Elliot, solid but where you start getting nitty-gritty as the Austin Ekelers, the Kenyan Drakes? What business does Joe Mixon, Kenyan Drake, Austin Ekeler, Aaron Jones being Top 10? I don’t see it. I really don’t. Even Dalvin Cook and Nick Chubb. Nick Chubb’s actually 12th. He’s actually 12th amongst running back rankings right now. He’s fallen because again, Kareem Hunt is there. What I’m telling you guys is you got to look for those ones with the question marks and really omit them. Because if there’s a lot of red flags, there’s a reason those red flags are there. You got to ask yourself, is there going to be someone that’s going to hoard that goal-line volume? Again, everyone has asked me Sony Michel. Last year, Develin James or James Develin, that full-back I kept coming in and getting ready, rushing touchdowns. I think that guy retired now. The point I’m trying to make is that people ask me Sony Michel. I’m like, “Hell no. No Sony Michel for me. I don’t trust him. I don’t trust that offense.

Mark Ingram. I don’t trust Mark Ingram. I can’t believe Mark Ingram right now is sitting ahead of David Montgomery. David Montgomery at 242 attempts. Ingram had just over 200, like 202 attempts, I believe. Why would you draft Ingram when you know Lamar runs the ball and they brought in Dobbins. David Montgomery is clearly going to finish ahead of Mark Ingram. There’s no question about it. It’s not even a question. That’s the thing that bothers me. You got to look at those guys at the opportunity. I love David Montgomery in the fourth round. One of the biggest deals in fantasy football and I’ve been talking to one of his coaches, a guy that works with him. He’s a physical therapist, I believe. He’s saying that Montgomery looks a lot more explosive. He’s ready to work his game. He was a little bit down on last year, averaging 3.7 yards per carry.

That’s definitely going to come up. I love David Montgomery. Again, I’m just trying to keep it real with you guys, and again, in 16 rounds, I talk about all this. Jonathan Taylor, I love but again, Marlon Mack has bothered me a little bit but look for him to emerge. Other guys that I love, Cam Akers. He’s a guy that could really emerge and finish Top 12 if given the opportunity with the Rams. I’m not sold on Darrell Henderson . They’re going to be looking at top tier Rams guy. The secret with the Akers and the whole Henderson thing is it comes down to pass protection. The best runner on the team without a doubt is Cam Akers. He’s going to be on the field more. As long as his pass protection is up to par and above, he’s going to see a lot of field time. I love him. I love Cam Akers, a ton of upside. Swift again, another guy that could be a full workhorse riding back but again [Carrion 00:21:47] Is going to be a pest there. Kareem Hunt, I’m going to stay away because it’s going to be like a 50-50 split but I see the upside, right? We don’t know with Rojo, Keshaun Vaughn. We don’t know what’s going to happen. There’s going to be split there. Who knows right? They were flirting with Devonta Freeman , Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They want him. That shows me they don’t really believe in Rojo and Von, right? That scares me. I’m going to stay away.

Raheem Mostert, tons of upside. I like him but he’s on the 49ers. They spread the ball around a lot. Will he get a full workhorse running back volume? We don’t know. This is why, the conclusion of this.

Robust RB Strategy 2020

Let’s wrap this up. You got to go workhorse running back. I’ll give you a combination of four running backs you can get in the first four rounds. If you’re drafting early, you go Saquon. Come back around, hopefully Gurly falls. If he doesn’t, you get Leonard Fournette. Come back around, you get David Johnson the third round if he falls. Now, here’s the secret here. If you go at the end of the first round. Pay attention guys, very big fantasy football running back draft strategy right here when you talk a robust RB strategy. If you go Josh Jacobs at the end of the first round, if you don’t get David Johnson here, this is the trick here and that’s how much do you like David Johnson? If you don’t go David Johnson, if you’re … okay you’re drafting 11th. That’s your picture this year. You’re in 12th personally, you’re drafting 11.

Let’s say you go Jacobs, which I like Jacobs at the end of the first round. You come back around. You could go Gurly here on the turn coming back. If you don’t go David Johnson here, you will lose David Johnson at the end of this second round or the early third. That’s just the way that the mock drafts had been going now. You got to make a decision. If you go Jacobs, would you want Gurly or David Johnson?

That’s the decision you got to make. Now in many drafts about a month ago before David Johnson, ADP was going up in drafts, I can’t believe he’s still sitting 21st on the consensus rankings. David Johnson was actually coming off in the fourth round, which was crazy. Don’t buy the hype guys. This guy is primed for a big season. So I may very well go with, Jacobs.

I may come back and go either Gurley or Jonathan. I’m still debating. I love the ceiling of Todd Gurley. I just love him. I love both, David Johnson or Gurley. I have to say go David Johnson. Come back around. I could end up with a guy like John and Taylor coming back. He may not even fall. If he doesn’t fall, you may want to consider wrapping up your robust RB strategy with let’s say a David Montgomery and a Cam Akers. Those are your four running backs. So you go Jacobs, Gurley, Johnson … sorry. Jacob’s, Gurly. You could go Montgomery and Cam Akers if you’re going late first round. If you’re going early, you go with Saquon. Come back. David Johnson may fall at the end of the second. Remember you’re going first this time. Comes back around the 24th pick. Get yourself David Johnson. Then you can go, Taylor. You go Taylor. Come back around and you could land Montgomery and Aker. So there’s a little bit of a robust RB strategy for you guys in the first four rounds. Leonard Fournette, also a good option there. You could go Kamara there in the first strategy. You could go stay Saquon, Zeke with that first pick. Always back yourself up. Now you could go Henry with your fourth pick and come back and Jacobs could fall on the second round. Take them. I talked about all of this in the 16 round draft position. Guys, you got to get it. It’s going to give you a massive advantage, I’m telling you. So again guys, that’s the truth guys. I’m going to wrap this up here. Don’t listen to mainstream consensus rankings. Think outside the box. Go for those workhorse running backs that are atop their depth chart that aren’t going to be dealing with a bunch of committee guys.

Now you can go for a late-round couple of guys. AJ Dillon, Zack Moss with the Buffalo Bills. There’s a couple of other guys you get late. McFarland from the Steelers could emerge as well. There’s a ton of deep running back sleepers here but you got to be smart. You got to be smart and load up on those running backs early. Again, I just don’t want to do a Top 10 list because again I’m just going to get like, “Oh, I did one a couple of weeks ago whatever. I did it but it was done my way. It was not a consensus.” I think David Johnson was Top 5. Jacobs was in there whereas Jacobs is sitting in 13th on the consensus. Listen, those lists won’t help you and draft kids won’t help you. That’s why I created the 16 round draft. So you guys get it below or the That’s it guys. That’s it for you guys. Just a quick … wasn’t even quick but it was a heart to heart running back discussion. Gave you a strategy for the first four rounds. A ton of content here for you guys. Be cautious, be aware. Think outside the box. Now Miles Sanders. Again looks amazing for example, but he could be a part of a committee that is going to lower his value. Kenyan Drake looks amazing but how do you trust that offense? They brought in Benjamin. There are other options. Dalvin Cook looks great, looked great last year but I think he blew his load. Nick Chubb looks amazing. Looked great last year but Kareem Hunt took half of the volume there in the eight years they played together.

You’ve got to ask those questions. You’ve got to think outside the box. You’ve got to look at the entire scenario. Don’t copy and paste guys. I’m telling you, it’s not going to help you guys with your league.

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Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert's outside of the box, LION mentality has created the strongest and most loyal fan base in the fantasy football industry! @fantasyfootballcounselor