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Fantasy Football Sleepers 2020 | 5 Late Sleepers to Target

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Fantasy Football Sleepers to target late. The Fantasy Football Counselor gives you 5 solid late-round sleepers with upside.

Welcome to the show everybody, Joseph Robert, the fantasy football counselor. In this video, we’re talking about five fantasy football sleepers you get after the 10th round. I’m talking huge value, huge upside. You definitely want to target these guys, and I talked about them in my 16 Round Draft Solution, and I add a lot more sleepers in that course as well. Make sure you guys get the 60 Round Draft Solution at And there’s a link here below. It is the absolute game changer for fantasy football analysis.

I want to talk about these five sleepers with you guys right here right now. These guys are amazing value, amazing ceiling, amazing upside. I’m going to deep dive in them with you right now. First guy, I want to talk about here. Let’s get to it. Sunday morning show here. I record it for you.

1. Allan Lazard

First guy’s Allen Lazard. Listen, there’s a ton of upside for this guy. Clear cut wide receiver too here with the Packers. Aaron Rodgers is going to throw to him a lot. Last year, we saw guys that did not step out. MVS, Valdes-Scantling, did not step up. Neither did Allison. Lazard came in, had some really boomy type games. Now he is in a position as the wide receiver two on a team that I think is going to throw more this season. I really genuinely do. I think he’s going to be a focal point of that offense. And again, you’re getting him for free. Nobody’s looking at this guy at all for fantasy football 2020, amazing value, amazing steal. Allen Lazard, get him for free as your wide receiver six, on your team with some upside. Again, I’ve been talking about this. Aaron Rodgers, I think, there’s going to be a chip on his shoulder this season, all the people saying he’s washed up. He’s done. They’re looking at the future of Lamar. They’re looking at the future guys like Pat Mahomes. Is it over for Aaron Rodgers? I don’t think so. I think Aaron Rodgers thrives this season and I think Allen Lazard is going to be a beneficiary. Again, wide receiver two. They didn’t acquire any other wide receivers, the Packers. He’s going to be a guy, potential upside. I understand Rodgers has Love behind him now, a quarterback. Packers drafted Love out of the draft. They also drafted AJ Dillon. Seriously, there’s going to probably use this guy a lot, Lazard, and Aaron Rodgers knows he’s probably on the hot seat right now. Love the upside. Love the talent. Big fantasy football sleeper. Just five quick sleepers for you after the 10th round. Great value late round guys.

2. Alexander Mattison

Next guy. Here’s Alexander Mattison. You hear me talking about him. His ADP is significantly rising. This guy was free going undrafted, now Dalvin Cook saying he’s going to hold up. He threatened to hold up way back in January, February. I’ve been telling you guys, stay away from Cook. Everybody’s now targeting Mattison. You can get Mattison for pretty much free as well. And this is a guy that I get as a backup to my Derrick Henry. I don’t handcuff Dalvin Cook because I don’t draft Dalvin Cook. Here’s the secret when you’re drafting Mattison this season. Draft him as a late-round sleeper with the potential to start. I don’t look at Mattison as a backup. I look at him as a starter because Cook, if he holds out, that’s great. If he doesn’t, he’s still going to get hurt. So Mattison is going to start at some point in the game anyway.

Now, if you look at his attempts last year, the guy had 100 attempts and he had what, just under 500 yards. Now, if you multiply that out to what Dalvin Cook did, he had over 1100 yards. He had what, 250 attempts. Mattison had less than half of that. Basically what I’m saying is, if you project what Dalvin Cook did, Mattison could do the same thing with the Vikings. Cook is a product of the Vikings offense. And Mattison is just as capable, even better, than Dalvin Cook. Look for him to start at some point in the season, and you can get him for absolutely free. Again, his ADP is rising if Cook holds out, and it’s going to rise significantly. But as of right now, if Cook is playing, Mattison’s an absolute steal super late.

3. AJ Dillon

The next guy is AJ Dillon. And the reason I like AJ Dillon is that there’s a ton of upside, and the Packers drafted him with the purpose of potentially probably starting him because they probably don’t want to pay Aaron Jones. Aaron Jones had a good pinnacle season last year, 2019. Is that going to continue until 2020? I highly doubt it. I literally think he blew his load as well. Did he get 16 rushing touchdowns? I don’t see that happening again. I genuinely don’t. Now, in Boston College AJ Dillon had a pretty good 2019, 318 attempts over 1600 yards, 14 touchdowns on the ground, 5.3 yards per carrying. He doesn’t catch the ball a lot, but he’ll catch it 13 times for 195 receiving yards and one receiving touchdown. And he has proven to be a workload, 227 attempts back in 2018, 300 attempts of 2017. He is a full workhorse running back, and he’s going to hoard a lot of that goal-line work. If you are thinking of getting Aaron Jones, understand Dillon’s going to be a thorn in the side this year. Because I think the Packers are going to want to test him to see if he is battle-ready to take over that job if they decided not to pay Aaron Jones coming up in 2021.

If you look at AJ Dillon, late-round steal stash, [inaudible 00:04:57] five or six. Guys, total late-round stash. I talk about going Robust RB Strategy in the 16 Round Draft, so you should get it at I talk about the Robust RB Strategy. You’ll be locked and loaded at running back. He’ll just be the cherry on top. You get him as a bonus, potential breakout, big-time sleeper, AJ Dillon.

4. Chase Claypool

The next two guys are wide receivers, absolutely love both of them. And the ceiling is high for both of them. I’m telling you guys, it’s super exciting when you look at both of the opportunities and situations these guys are both in. The first guy is Chase Claypool, tons of opportunity, tons of upside coming out of Notre Dame, 64 over 238 pads, big body receiver, has pretty decent speed.

Now the thing about him I really like is the opportunity. Big Ben throws a lot. He throws a lot. In fact, when Big Ben was healthy in Pittsburgh, he actually made both Juju and Antonio Brown, top 10 receivers, was number one in passing attempts, number one in passing yards. There’s going to be a ton of opportunity for Chase Claypool. JuJu has just not proven to be the sole wide receiver one. Chase could steal the job. So can Diontae Johnson. So instead of investing in JuJu early, you can get either a Claypool and a Diontae, and look for a potential breaker, because one of those guys is going to eat and it’s definitely not James Washington, because he sucks. So with Chase Claypool, the ceiling is high. They invested in him relatively early in the draft. I am beyond excited about the young talent here. Again, last year in college, 13 games, 66 receptions, 1,000 yards, plus receiving, 13 touchdowns.

He’s shown some flashes and he’s pretty good, man. Look for this guy to really, really have a potential breakout season, him or Diontae Johnson. Heck, you can get both of them. They’re both steaks in the NFL fantasy football draft this season. Get both these guys, big time fantasy football sleepers, 2020.

5. Michael Pittman

Last guy here, Michael Pittman, another great opportunity to succeed. He is with the Colts. Colts have a great online. They’ve got Philip Rivers there. He’s on for a year, potentially going to extend that contract if he does well, 64, 233. This guy is going to be a potential monster. 101 receptions with USC back in 2019, 101 receptions, like I said, 1,275 yards, 11 touchdowns, looks pretty good in college. And again, he’s an opportunity to succeed. T. Y. Hilton, fast guy, can get the deep ball if he needs to, but Pittman’s going to come in, plug and play.

I’m not sold on Parris Campbell or anyone else there with the Colts. Pittman is an absolute plug and play. Love him as a sleeper. You can literally get T. Y. Hilton in the fifth round and get this guy super late. Sometimes he goes undrafted, and believe it or not, I think a lot of people in your league are going to realize they don’t even know who he is. You’re going to see him sitting there super late, late-round stash. You get him for free, tons of ceiling, tons of upside, 64, 220. I think they’re going to use them. They drafted him. They invested pretty good draft capital in him. I don’t see him sitting on the bench. If he comes out in training camp, looks well, him and Claypool, these guys could be immediate starters, lining up on the outside with either T. Y. Hilton and JuJu. If you’re talking Claypool with Juju and Hilton and Pittman lining up on the outside, and they’ve got great quarterbacks that throw the ball. That’s one thing I look at, guys, opportunity. I don’t just draft players and say, “Hey, draft this player. This is the guy.” You got to look at the entire situation. You got to look at who’s throwing the ball, what the potential volume they can get, and you got to make sure you get them at the right ADP because you’re getting these guys for an absolute steal, super late. You’re literally paying nothing to get them. And that’s the value with them. Let’s recap here and why I’m going with these guys.

Allen Lazard, prime position, Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball, proven that he’s the wide receiver too. They didn’t draft anybody else. Lazard, and again, no particular order with these guys, but number one sleeper here that I laid out here. The next guy is Alexander Mattison, who will start eventually for the Minnesota Vikings. This is a guy that I was promoted last year, should have gotten to start. Dalvin Cook played as his life depended on it because he wants to get paid that contract. That’s why he’s pushing for a contract. Dalvin Cook knows Dalvin Cook. And he knows that he’s not going to finish another season. He blew his load last season, absolutely blew his load. There’s nothing left in the tank. I’m telling you guys, he even fell apart the other season. Has not finished a season in three years.

Mattison will come in and be the starter at some point, maybe even at the beginning of the season. And he will take that starting job. If he does take the starting job at the first three weeks of the season, they’re going to realize they don’t need to pay Cook anyway. “Cook, you’re going to hold out. We got Mattison. He’s doing just as good as you. And he’s totally capable of doing that.” Alexander Mattison, his ADP is going to shoot up. It is already shooting up, but you got to get him as soon as you can. Next guy, AJ Dillon, not overly excited because Aaron Jones and Williams are there, but a guy that I think the Packers could be groomed to be the starter. Keep him on your radar. Michael Pittman, Chase Claypool, two other guys here, massive upside, massive ceiling. I like them again. And there you have it guys. Five sleepers to target late in your draft. Look for the ADPs to start shooting up as soon as the training camp really gets into full gear. You start seeing preseason games. Their ADPs will shoot up. And the earlier you draft, the better you do when you listen to the Fantasy Football Counselor podcasts because we’re light years ahead of the competition. It’s crazy.

David Johnson was fourth round. Now he’s jumping up into second round, second, third round. It’s crazy. My advice is getting out there and people are waking up realizing, “Oh, crap. The [inaudible 00:10:10] in the mainstream don’t have any idea what they’re talking about.” And you’re going to see ADPs starting to climb because Counselor Nation is taking over. Make sure you guys get that 16 Round Draft Solution, guys, link here below. You got to get it guys. It’s really going to help you. Silver platter type stuff. Forget the draft [inaudible 00:10:27]. They’re not going to help you. 16 Round Draft Solution below. Leave your fantasy questions below as well. Try to get to as many as I possibly can.

And of course, guys, Fan to Fan Network, there’s a link below. Follow on Twitch. The biggest thing in sports news analysis, coming your way. Fan to Fan, check it out guys, linked below on Twitch. Website coming soon. More information on that we launch in July. Going to be huge. Thank you, guys, for being here. It means the absolute world to me. And again, if you haven’t subscribed, subscribe, and if you want us on audio, we’re available everywhere as well. There’s a link to my website. When you get to my website, right there, guys, it’s right in your face. You guys could subscribe to any audio platform of your desire. Thank you guys for being here. It means the world to me. We’re going to crush fantasy football 2020. Beyond we go year-round. Thanks for being here, and I’m out.

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