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Lamar Jackson Fantasy Football Impact and Outlook 2020

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Fantasy Football Impact and outlook of Lamar Jackson for 2020. You need to know if he is worth the 2nd round draft pick and the Counselor will advise you.

Welcome to the show, everybody. Joseph Robert, the Fantasy Football Counselor. Today we’re talking about Lamar Jackson and his fantasy football impact in this video. You can also talk a little bit about Dobbins, Ingram, and a little bit of that Baltimore Ravens offense for fantasy football, 2020. But the main thing is here, at the end of the video I’m going to leave a verdict, so stay until the end, on if I should draft Lamar this year or not. And if you should, because it’s very important, what do you do with Lamar Jackson this year? Do you draft him? Everything you need to know statistically about him, and his projection for fantasy football, 2020. A very important episode, because this guy is going pretty early in drafts. We need to discuss it.

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All right, guys. So that’s a teaser. Listen, this is going to be a massive network with all the top influencers for every pro football NFL team. Guys, I am beyond excited. Follow on Twitch. It’s coming in July. Huge, huge, huge. Beyond excited, guys, okay? So make sure you guys are following Fan to Fan. We are changing the game, okay? All right, so, let’s get into this Lamar Jackson and his fantasy football impact. Listen, how can you deny that this guy is a GOAT? Let’s talk about, he’s a great player, phenomenal player. Now let’s talk, fantasy, he’s a dream. When I talk about a dream in fantasy football when I’m looking at a guy that’s the pinnacle of what I want out of a fantasy football player, it’s Lamar Jackson. Now that I’m done kissing his butt here, and tooting his horn, and being all good about him, let’s get to the facts.

Lamar Jackson Stats

He had over 415 points, 415.68 fantasy points last season. Oh my God, that’s outstanding. 3,127 yards. Not a lot of yards, but check this out. Number one in rushing attempts amongst quarterbacks. 176 rushing attempts. Are you crazy? 170. You’re putting your quarterback out that many times. He rushed … You’re going to laugh at this, this is going to be funny. He rushed more than Ronald Jones, he rushed more than Alvin Kamara, Kenyan Drake, Frank Gore, Melvin Gordon, Peyton Barber, Devin Singletary, Latavius Murray, Raheem Mostert, [inaudible 00:04:17], Gus Edwards, Austin Ekeler, Royce Freeman, Matt Breida, Jordan Howard, and James Conner. He rushed more than … He had more rushing attempts than all those guys I just listed. What does that tell you? That tells you, wow, that’s pretty phenomenal for fantasy, right?

Let’s keep diving in. You’re going to be like, “Oh my goodness, are you kidding?” 1,206 rushing yards. He is a quarterback. Lamar Jackson is a quarterback. Are you ready for this? He had more rushing yards than every running back. Let me repeat this. Lamar Jackson had more rushing yards than every running back, except these guys, Chris Carson, Ezekiel Elliot, Christian McCaffrey, Nick Chubb, and Derrick Henry. He had more rushing yards than Leonard Fournette, Josh Jacobs, Dalvin Cook, Marlon Mack, Aaron Jones. Every other running back, except for those guys that I mentioned. What does that tell you? That tells you that’s great for fantasy. Wow! This is phenomenal. Listen, this guy is breaking records almost for running backs, not really, but he’s doing really good as a running back. Now, if you look at his passing touchdowns, 36 passing touchdowns, that’s pretty good. Not bad. Six interceptions, that’s really good. Didn’t throw a lot of interceptions. I like that, okay? And when you look at it here guys, 401 attempts. I need to see more. So if you are looking at drafting Hollywood, it was some of his wide receivers, any type of passing targets, I’d like to see more of Marquise Brown. I need to see more passing attempts. Okay? He’s not good on the passing attempts. He ranked 26 amongst quarterbacks in passing attempts.

Guys, that’s a big issue for me. Okay? That’s a huge issue when you’re looking at a quarterback, you want a quarterback that throws a lot. Okay? So that’s kind of the first knock to him. So again, looking really good guys in the rushing, but not so good in the passing. Now, when you look at Marquise Brown played 14 games, only 71 targets, 46 receptions, seven touchdowns, 584 yards. Now, he’s a great sleeper in fantasy, but again comes the question, is he going to get the volume? Is he going to get the opportunity to get, put up a lot of points? If you’re looking at wide receivers, same with Mark Andrews. 96 targets, Mark Andrews being a primary target at the tight end. Now, Mark Andrews is going to be great value for you guys if you get a tight end, but he is actually pretty expensive in drafts. In regards, I mean, I want him to be my value, not in the value in the draft, but he’s going to be a good producer on your team as a tight end because I think Lamar is going to throw it to somebody, and Mark Andrews seems to be a big beneficiary of that and a primary target for Lamar. Now, let’s get into the concerns about him. And again, at the end, I’m going to give you guys the verdict. Before I get into that guys, make sure you guys get that 16 round draft solution. There is a link here below or head on over to the Fantasy Football It is going to help you guys crush your leagues. You can see how much I’m deep-diving into one player, now I’m going to handpick and select every single player that I recommend you should draft in each round, and omit the guys that you got to be careful of, so you guys maximize your roster, okay? So let’s dive into whether you should draft or not, the outlook of him, the projection. Listen, and the risks, okay? Because this is huge. Let’s dive into it. Listen, Lamar Jackson, at the end of the day, is putting himself at massive risk. 176 rushing attempts, 1,200 yards. I don’t care how elusive you are. I don’t care how durable you are. I don’t care how strong you are. I don’t care how fast you are. You are putting yourself at significant risk. You are the center focal point of that offense. You’re an amazing talent. Why would you put yourself at risk? And again, that’s a big concern to me if I’m looking at Lamar Jackson, especially investing a second-round pick into a guy that’s putting himself at risk that many times. Now, obviously the Ravens understand. They know, that’s why they drafted Dobbins. Maybe they run the ball more? And if you are looking at Dobbins, you got to be careful, because Ingram is in there and you got a lot of rushing attempts. You got 176 there. You got 200 rushing attempts from Ingram. How much volume is Dobbins going to get? That’s why I’m staying away from Dobbins this year, a running back. But Lamar Jackson, I think he’s going to come down in those rushing attempts and those yards, which means his numbers are going to come down, which means he’s going to throw more, right? If he’s going to throw more, maybe more passing touchdowns. So maybe the ceiling is still there. Fantasy Football Impact of Lamar Jackson

But the big question comes in is, are you going to draft him in the second round? And the answer very simple to me is, no. So Lamar Jackson will not be on any of my teams this year, because I will not be investing a second-round pick. I’m too busy getting a guy like Gurley, or Leonard Fournette, or Josh Jacobs, or somebody I can get that’s going to give me full workhorse running back potential and upside. Now, you can get a ton of quarterbacks, just to give you an example, you can literally wait until the 14th round. Some of these guys are going on draft, and get yourself, Philip Rivers, and Big Ben. You get yourself drew Lock, who’s got a high ceiling. Now, I don’t recommend these guys as your quarterback one, which I talk about in the 16 Rounds. Get it, link below. But what you guys got to do, is you got to make sure you anchor your team with an ace quarterback, and there’s a ton of quarterbacks you can get in the seventh round. Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, Josh Allen, to name a few. So you can wait on the quarterback and still manage to get a top-five, top 10 quarterback, without investing a second-round pick on a guy that will decline. Yes, you heard it here. Lamar Jackson will obviously decline, coming off such a pinnacle year. I mean, that is outstanding. 415 points. That’s very hard for a quarterback to achieve, considering he beat Dak Prescott by a landslide here. 337 points for Dak Prescott coming in second amongst quarterback fantasy points.

And again, that’s one of the reasons why people are looking at him and saying, “Oh, well he had such a pinnacle year. He’s going to surpass everybody else significantly in fantasy points.” Very well possible. Very well. It could happen again, but actually Pat Mahomes is a little bit better than Lamar Jackson because again, Pat missed a couple of games last year, and he throws a hell of a lot and he’s solid. Pat Mahomes is the number one guy with 417 points the year before. I’m looking for him to have another solid year, this year in 2020. And his average ADP is in and around second or third round, as well.

But again, if you look at a guy like Matt Ryan, back in 2018, he had 354 points. I like that and look for a big bounce-back year out of a guy, let’s say like Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson always finishes in and around the top 10 as well, another guy you’d consider. Russell Wilson actually in 2017 was the number one fantasy quarterback with 347 points, in 2018 Russell Wilson had a little bit of a down year. Finished ninth amongst quarterbacks, and in 2019 Russell Wilson yet again has a good year of finishing third amongst quarterbacks, with 328 points. And I can get him in the seventh round.

2020 Outlook

So, guys, you got to understand, Lamar Jackson could have a phenomenal year yet again, but you got to understand he had such a pinnacle year. A decline is imminent, and they brought in Dobbins. They got to run the ball with their running backs, not so much with their quarterback. And I understand that’s part of his game, but that’s another thing you’re going to be dealing with, is possible injury, right? If he’s running out that many times, I’m concerned that my starting quarterback, a guy that I invested a second-round pick, is going to get hurt. So that reason alone, the fact that he’s running that much is a big concern to me, and I’m going to stay away and that’s the verdict on him. Let’s stay away, and I said the same thing last year with Pat Mahomes. Now, Pat Mahomes in his year when he started, right? Back, I think 2018, and I think it was 2018 year when he really got his go, the year he really broke out. I caught him in the 10th round, and that’s the value. You can get yourself a Drew Lock, who’s got top five, top 10 potentials. A guy like that, or even [inaudible 00:11:26] has a bit of a high ceiling, or a guy like Daniel Jones, or anyone of these guys. I love Tannehill. It’s actually Tannehill if you had to play the first six games with the Titans, could have finished top third, if you project those numbers out, because he was absolutely solid and dominant the entire season in fantasy, right? So you can get a ton of value at quarterback later, guys, I’m telling you. You get yourself a Russell, back him up with Tannehill. You get yourself an Allen, and you back him up with a Drew Lock, instead of investing a second-round pick in Lamar. Guys, that is the verdict here. That is the outlook. That is the projection. He’s going to be a solid year, but again, injury, a big risk for Lamar Jackson, putting himself at risk. Of course, a possible decline, and again, too early of a draft pick. Do not invest in Lamar Jackson. Trust me. The talent, the upside is there. I think he’s a phenomenal talent. I’m going to enjoy watching the Baltimore Ravens games and enjoying watching him play. I love his competitive nature, I love him as a person, but as a fantasy player in the second round, I’m out for that. Very simple to me. That’s it.

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