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Joe Mixon Fantasy Football 2020 Outlook and Impact

Joe Mixon Fantasy Football Impact and Outlook for 2020. The Counselor advises you on if he is safe to draft or not!

Welcome to the show everybody, Joseph Robert, the Fantasy Football Counselor. Today, we’re talking about Joe Mixon and his Fantasy Football impact going into 2020, big episode here. If you are considering grabbing Joe Mixon, I’m going to give you guys my verdict at the end on if he’s safe to draft, and if I would personally draft him for 2020 Fantasy Football. It’s very important you pay attention because this guy’s a late first-round pick, and you need to invest in the proper pick at the end of the first round. It’s a big investment guys, a first-round pick, especially a second-round pick, so you want to make the right decision. That’s why I’m creating the impact series because the impact series is really going to help you guys, and it’s going to guide you guys making the right decision to drafting the right player in the right round. You’ve got to get the information on that specific player.

Joe Mixon Stats

All right, let’s talk about Joe Mixon and his Fantasy Football impact going into 2020 Fantasy Football. Do you draft him? Do you not? Do we trust him? We got to look at where Joe Mixon is sitting. Right now, he’s currently sitting seventh on the consensus rankings amongst running backs. The Fantasy Football RB rankings consensus, he’s sitting seventh, okay? Now that’s pretty high. Last year he finished what, 13th in PPR in 2019, finishing an entire 16 games. Yeah, 13th in PPR, over a thousand rushing yards. Yeah, not bad, 1,137, 4.1 yards per carry, five rushing touchdowns and 278 attempts, not bad. What I like to see guys, you know it. I like to look at attempts, and he was up there, he was sixth in the 10th, actually tied for fifth with Chris Carson, which is something that I absolutely adore. I love the attempts. I love the volume.

The problem with Joe Mixon, and it’s been a problem for every single year, is that he doesn’t really have a high ceiling. He’s not really a high ceiling kind of guy. What am I expecting out of Joe Mixon, really? He’s peaked, man, he’s peaked and he peaked a couple of years ago. He peaked back in 2018 with 243.4 Fantasy points on 237 attempts. Now you’re saying, “Joe, they’ve got Joe Burrow now, A.J. Green’s back, he’s going to spread the offense, this and that.” Listen, it’s a suspect offense all around, A.J. Green coming off an injury, they got Tee Higgins in the second round. And what’s weird, I understand they needed a quarterback, that’s understandable, but what really blows my mind is that they did not address the old line. They did not address the old line in the early rounds. And that is a problem for me. They went quarterback Burrow, they went Higgins and they went linebacker. What blows my mind is they didn’t protect Joe Burrow. They got this shiny new toy that is Burrow, but they didn’t protect him. And a lot of people will say, Joe Mixon, there are slight improvements here and there on the old line, I get it. And Joe Mixon now with the new quarterback and offense, there’s a high ceiling, possibly, but again, guys, years to wow me, and I’m not really, really wowed. And I need to be completely wowed. He’s only finished one season fully healthy, only played 14 games the first two seasons he started, again, finishing in the first season completely back in 2019 and peaking at 1,168 rushing yards back in 2018, peaking at a total of eight rushing touchdowns total in that same year in 2018.

2020 Fantasy Football Projection

I’m not seeing anything here. That’s like, oh my God, Joe Mixon is going to be the next really big deal here, I’m not. And you’re investing an early pick form, like a late first round, early second in most drafts, and that’s a big question mark. Again, I have a lot of question marks. And the biggest question mark to me in this entire situation is the suspect offense. Again, we’ve got a rookie quarterback coming in, Joe Burrow, how’s he going to gel with that offense? Is A.J. Green going to be the real deal? How good is Tee Higgins? How good is Ross going to be, Boyd? How good are those wide receivers going to be? I understand that Mixon is going to be the full workhorse running back. I understand he’s going to get the volume, and I’m all about that. I really, really am, but Mixon as a player, six one, 220, going into his fourth year, I understand he’s young still, he’s 23 years old. I get it, but I’m just not a fan, I don’t see the ceiling. With Barkley, man, the sky’s the limit. This guy could bust out a run for a hundred yards, get 20 touchdowns a season. You got Henry who had that big ceiling, big monster who’s going to get 20 rushing touchdowns, big ceiling, a lot of rushing yards. I saw that I saw that ceiling last year. That’s why I said draft Henry as soon as you can. I got him in the second round all my leagues last year. You got to see the ceiling with some players.

And when I think Joe Mixon, I think safe, boring, and a possible upside, but decline. I don’t get warm and fuzzy and excited like, I got to get Joe Mixon on my roster. I got to get Joe. He’s the guy. I don’t feel that with Joe Mixon at all. He doesn’t get me excited. And again, that was the feeling I had, then I really dove into his stats today, and I’m just like, okay, that confirms exactly what I feel. I’m just not seeing a huge ceiling, peaking at eight touchdowns, eight and five, whatever that is, 13 plus four. Henry got that many touchdowns in one season. He got 16 touchdowns, very similar to what Mixon has done in three years, Henry did last year in rushing touchdowns. And then you look at his receiving touchdowns and you’re like, this guy is supposed to be a pass-catching running back. He’s not really known as that, but he can catch the ball. Peeking out at 43 receptions in 2018 as well on 55 targets, that’s not exciting. Now you could say again, Burrow’s going to come in, Joe, and he’s going to feed him, Joe and that’s… But we don’t know that, we don’t really know. We haven’t seen a proven track record of these guys jelling and moving forward together and Mixon having this amazing ceiling. I’m just not seeing that. I’m just going to get right to the verdict because I’m not going to waste any more of your time. I just want to give you guys a ton of value on this because when I’m talking to Joe Mixon, I feel like I’m genuinely wasting time. He’s not a kind of prospect that I really like. I like the high ceiling guys. If you are looking at him, you must really love the Cincinnati Bengals. First of all, that team is suspect completely, so I’m just not going to trust them at all. It’s the Bengals for crying out loud. I’m going to stay away completely, far away.Joe Mixon Fantasy Impact 2020

Who do you draft instead of Joe Mixon in the late first round? Again, I’m liking Todd Gurley. I’m liking Josh Jacobs, late-round there. And you want to implement a robust RB, and I talk about this in the 16 round draft solution, guys. I’m beyond excited about my 16 round draft solution because I’m literally handing on a silver platter the solution to dominate Fantasy Football 2020. You guys need to get it. I’m telling you guys, you guys will thank me. Get the 16 round draft solution, and of course, get the impact series below, click on it. You get all the videos for free on every running back. But when you’re looking at Joe Mixon, guys, he comes with huge risk. He comes with huge, huge question marks and a lot of red flags. And when I look at any player, especially a player late first round, especially any player from my roster, guys… It’s funny because you got the draft and you’ve got all these people. Prior to me being an analyst, I used to play with casual fans. They were really hardcore into their teams and stuff, but they were casual at Fantasy. They knew Fantasy, but not on my level. When we get to the eighth or ninth round, you’d see these guys start fizzling out, looking at kickers and defenses, and I was actually doing a mock draft. I saw kickers and defenses come off really early. I saw defense come off in the seventh round. I’m like dudes, you guys don’t know what players are available.

I’m literally selective, and I’m very picky up until every round. I’m literally pinpointing. I’m at around 16, and I see people, I’m like, damn I could have got that guy. I know he’s a breakout. I’m seeing so many sleepers and talent lay round, I wish I had more bench spots. And that’s one thing, a Fantasy Football strategy for you guys and a tip, make sure your commissioner pushes towards more bench spots because if you get 16 rounds, you’re going to have a lot of sleepers you’re going to want to stash on your bench because I know who the breakouts potentially could be, and you want to load up that bench.

Again, if I’m picky in the 16th round, I am sure as hell picky in the first couple of rounds, and there is no way I’m putting Mixon on my roster because of these reasons, guys. There’s too much uncertainty and you want to limit that uncertainty. You only want to be as certain as possible, based on the cuddy system, remember? Consistency, upside, durability, depth, youth, you need all of that encompassed when you roster any player on your team, so be very selective. And for me guys, Joe Mixon isn’t going to do it. He’s not a guy I’m going to be personally rostering for Fantasy Football 2020. You need to be cautious. You need to stay away. Draft somebody else and go robust RB strategy, meaning load up on RBs with minimal committees and with minimal question marks in the first, third or fourth round. Guys, you’re going to thank me, I’m telling you because you don’t want to end up with a Phillip Lindsay or Jordan Howard as your RB one or RB two. You don’t want those questions marks at running back. You could have some question marks at wide receiver, but you don’t want those question marks at running back. And there’s a ton of wide receiver ones you can get after the fifth round, I assure you guys, T.Y. Hilton, Diggs, Cooks, McLaurin, Deebo. There’s a ton of guys, Shark, so many guys, guys. Robby Anderson went on drafting in one of my leagues, he could really be connecting this year with him and Bridgewater, tons of wide receivers available tons, tons, tons, tons, tons. I can go on forever, receivers for days, quarterbacks for days. Load up all those running backs early, I assure you that is the strategy and the hack for Fantasy Football 2020, but I explain that all in 16 [email protected]

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