7 Bold Fantasy Football Predictions 2020 | Super Bold
July 13, 2020
Fantasy Football Sleepers 2020 | 7 Must Have WR’s
July 14, 2020
7 Bold Fantasy Football Predictions 2020 | Super Bold
July 13, 2020
Fantasy Football Sleepers 2020 | 7 Must Have WR’s
July 14, 2020

Fantasy Football Sleepers 2020 | Sleepers to Target in your draft

Fantasy Football SleepersHere are some solid fantasy football sleepers for 2020. Make sure you consider drafting these guys for a great value in your 2020 fantasy draft. Now things will vary after the NFL draft, but I wanted to get this content to you so you get a head start over the competition. It is broken down for you and easy to follow with an explanation of why I believe these guys are sleepers. Note that making sure to draft these guys in the right round is crucial, you don’t want to miss out on them but also don’t want to overpay. More detail on drafting strategy is covered in my Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Article. Check it out.

Fantasy Football Qb Sleepers 2020

QB fantasy Football Sleepers

Fantasy Football Qb Sleepers 2020 – Early List

Here is a list of Fantasy Football Sleepers at the Quarterback position. I want you to note that when it comes to this position I always focus on drafting an ace QB and backing him up with a sleeper later in the draft. I find that the QB position is less volatile than other positions, and you are able to see more consistency with them in terms of production. The following list of Qb’s here should be a great value in 2020 Drafts. Draft them with caution, but look for that value and upside. If you want to know the best formula on drafting fantasy football QB’s make sure you get my 16 Rounds Draft Solution.

Daniel Jones :

Daniel Jones is someone that the Giants are relying on to really step up in the 2020 NFL season. The Fantasy numbers that he put up were not exciting this past season, but the good news is that he can only go up. He finished 24th in fantasy numbers amongst Quarterbacks with 214.98 points. 3027 passing yards (24th), 24 Td’s ( 13th) and 22nd in passing attempts with 459. I can only imagine that he will improve on these numbers as he is settled into that Giants offense. The NFL draft will let us know a lot. The NY Giants should improve that O-line and get Daniel set up with some good receivers. If you do draft Daniel Jones, make sure he is a backup and you get him super late. He could be a great guy to plug in for your bye weeks and a good backup in case your stud QB goes down. Just don’t get your hopes up, he is just a sleeper with some upside.

Ryan Tannehill:

I never thought I would say these words, but I am actually excited about Ryan Tannehill for 2020 fantasy football, depending on where he ends up playing. He finished 22nd amongst Qb’s in fantasy points but didn’t really get going until Week 7. The Titans finally came to the realization that Marcus Mariota is not good and made Ryan Tannehill their starter. This was a smart move as he led the Titans well into the playoffs. Since Ryan’s start in week 7, he put up safe and solid Qb 1 fantasy numbers. He peaked in week 12 with 32.36 points and dipped in week 12 with 13.78 points. Overall he was solid and that’s all that mattered. Finding consistent players in fantasy these days is not an easy task and Tannehill delivered week in and week out. I am more comfortable with Ryan being a fantasy backup QB over my actual starter but could fill in both roles well. I am curious to see what other weapons the Titans will offer Ryan this year, if they decide to keep him. Make sure you steal him in Mid to late rounds. I have to admit that I always try to get a home run hitter at QB, but Tannehill would be a good back up for my team. He is primed for an amazing season and has all the tools around him to be successful.

Matt Stafford:

Matt Stafford was actually a TOP 10 Fantasy Football Qb in points for the years 2015, 16, and 17. He is never and exciting fantasy QB but he is efficient. With the recent injury this past year, I feel many will sleep on him. Not to mention he has a stud of a wide receiver in Kenny Golladay. Golladay finished 9th amongst Wr’s and he has a mix of different Qb’s throwing him the ball all of last season. If Stafford comes back healthy and he gets into a groove with Kenny, we could be looking at another TOP 10 Fantasy points finish again for Stafford in 2020.

Running Back Sleepers 2020

When it comes to running backs you have to make sure you have a lot of depth. Finding the right breakouts and sleepers can make or break your season. Here is a list of Running back sleepers pre-NFL 2020 draft. Understand that the fantasy football depth charts will fluctuate predicated on who is drafted and what team they land on. While some of these players look great as sleepers now, the rookies may come in and kill the buzz.

Fantasy RB Sleepers 2020

Fantasy Football Running back sleepers

Raheem Mostert:

This man finished strong at the end of the 2019 NFL season. While it is hard to trust the 49ers running backs by committee, Mostert proved he can handle the load. Depending on what the 49ers do in the offseason and with their RB’s, he could be a viable option to pick up in later rounds. Finishing 26th in PPR RB rankings will probably steer many away from him, as most fantasy consensus rankings are copied and pasted from last season. If you think outside the box and see the talent here, he could be a great mid to late-round steal.

David Montgomery:

This man is the definition of being limited by the coaching calls. Coaching (In this case terrible) plays a massive role in the fantasy production and output of particular players. Listen, David Montgomery is an absolute beast who didn’t get his full share of the volume he deserved with the Bears. Coach Nagy is obsessed with Tarik Cohen, who led the team in dropped passes. I mean what’s the point of having a pass-catching RB like Cohen when he dropped everything. Besides Montgomery can catch the ball himself and do everything else.

Montgomery finished 13th in attempts with 242, rushed for 889 yards, ran in 6 TD’S with arguably one of the worst O-lines in the NFL. Not to mention Nagy loves Cohen. Now from a week to week fantasy point perspective these numbers were horrible and lacked consistency. I love the talent of David but Nagy needs to come to the realization that he has a stud and a true workhorse running back, that is not being utilized to his full potential.

David Montgomery will most likely be a steal in this upcoming 2020 fantasy football draft. Mainly because he did not meet the high expectations that most expected. I personally and wishing him nothing but success, I believe he has all the tools for success including talent and work ethic.

Alexander Mattison

With a potential holdout with Dalvin Cook, Mattison is primed for a breakout season. He can be picked up as late as the 10th round. This is an amazing value for a guy that has potential to be a starter. In fact, his numbers if projected out would have actually surpassed Cook’s numbers last year. I love Alexander Mattison, as I don’t believe in Dalvin Cook finishing the season healthy. Mattison actually averaged 4.6 yards per carry last season and only had 100 attempts. Cook is just a product of the offense and if you give Alexander the rock 250 times a season, he will do just as good and probably better than Cook did. While most say to draft Cook and handcuff Mattison, I suggest you draft a Henry or Jacobs and just grab Alexander later. Then you will end up with 2 RB ones. Cook will go down, I assure you. He has not finished a season in three years and I don’t believe that will change at all this upcoming 2020 NFL season. Be smart and draft this guy later as your RB 5. You will be very happy.

David Johnson:

We all know the Johnson Story. In case you were sleeping under a rock, here is the update. David Johnson to start the season as the primary back with no threat in site to steal the job. While looking sluggish in the first 5 weeks, he was putting up respectable numbers from a fantasy perspective. Week 7, everything went downhill for DJ. Mr. Do nothing for year Kenyan Drake was acquired and stole the starting job. Kenyan seemed to fit the offense a lot better than David did and because of it, Johnson was shelved for Drake.

I personally think this was personal and no one discussed it. I am still in disbelief that Johnson, who was the starting workhorse getting screwed by a coach who brought someone else in and started him over their starter. I have never seen a guy that supposed to be a primary back like this, and a guy that has been with the organization this long get screwed by a coach so bad.

Bottom line is that people will sleep on DJ because he did nothing last year. The good news is that his lack of production was due to a coach who lacked loyalty to his players and bench him for unexplained reasons. David Johnson now finds himself in Houston as the primary workhorse. I love this opportunity for David and he will eat. I feel he will be angry and hungry to redeem himself.

Miles Sanders:

If he gets the volume and opportunity this man will shine. I don’t trust the Eagles Rb’s for fantasy football but later in the season, Sanders made a statement. He showed us that he can produce in fantasy and reality. Be careful as he may end up in a committee this season. If he does I may avoid him. I will be watching this committee situation closely and seeing if I can steal this upside Rb in drafts.

Wide Receiver Sleepers 2020

Wide Reciever Sleepers are fantasy football gold! The 2019 season taught us that you can really wait on a WR in your draft and get some late-round home run hitters! Devante Parker, DJ Moore, DJ Chark and Allen Robinson are all examples from last season that late-round sleepers could make a massive impact in fantasy production. When you look at the Wide receiver position, you have to understand that there is a lot of depth at this position, and you can afford to wait. Many early round WR’s like Odell Beckham Jr and Davante Adams busted and what you had seen the year before is not always what you get.

Here is a list of Wide Receivers that I feel the mainstream will be sleeping on this upcoming 2020 fantasy football draft. I will dive into these sleepers and many more in my #1 fantasy football podcast. So make sure you are subscribed to the audio and of course the Youtube Channel. Understand that people will sleep on a lot of these studs because they underperformed the year before, or just haven’t peaked yet.

My early wide receiver sleeper list for 2020:

Wide Receiver Sleepers 2020

Wr sleepers 2020

  • Diontae Johnson
  • Calvin Ridley
  • Brandin Cooks
  • Stefon Diggs
  • Deebo Samuel
  • Marquise Brown
  • Terry McLaurin
  • Robby Anderson
  • DK Metcalf
  • Christian Kirk
  • Courtland Sutton

Out of all these guys, the WR’s that really stand out to me are Diontae Johnson and Brandin Cooks. They are primed to have great seasons and should get a ton of volume. Don’t sleep on them because with Big Ben back and 150 free targets in Houston, lookout.

While some of these may have had flashes of greatness, their Adp’s should be favorable enough to consider them sleepers. Be aware as there be huge production from most of the guys on this list this year.

Tight End Sleepers 2020

Let’s keep it real simple when it comes to tight ends. Get a guy that can give you 10 points every week and be grateful. There was a lot of inconsistency at this position the past year. I personally don’t like to overpay for this position in fantasy. While people are drafting a Zach Ertz or Travis Kelce early on, I am busy hoarding workhorse running backs. Finding a sleeper TE is extremely satisfying and I have done this many times before including getting Kittle in the 10th round of his rookie year.

Here are a few tight ends you might want to consider grabbing this upcoming season.

Tight End Sleepers 2020

TE Sleepers to consider

  • TJ Hockenson
  • Noah Fant
  • Dawson Knox
  • Greg Olsen
  • Jacob Hollister
  • Chris Herndon
  • Vance McDonald

Final thoughts on these early sleepers

Sleepers can make or break your year in fantasy football. Be sure to capitalize on great players who just had a bad year the year prior. Look at the entire situation and evaluate it fully. For example, a big part of Juju’s struggle last season was because he lost big Ben due to injury. This will be different this year from last. The mainstream consensus rankings always lead people astray. Be a LION, think outside the box and stray away from the sheep!

Also, make sure you are subscribe to my #1 fantasy football podcast to dominate your leagues!

Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
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