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Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2020 | Don’t Draft This Way

How a Fantasy Football Mock draft is done incorrectly. The Counselor shows you how to do a mock draft the wrong way. This shows you all the potential busts and players to avoid.

In this mock draft, The Counselor does a mock draft in the exact opposite way that he preaches. The point of this mock draft is that you get a feel for how to draft on ADP and what you should not draft this way. Sometimes its good to see things done the wrong way so you can avoid potential pitfalls.

This mock draft shows that Dalvin Cook is taken with the Counselors first pick. This is someone Joseph would never draft because Cook has not finished a season in three years. When you are investing in any pick you should be really picky and invest in a person that is solid and consistent. Never settle for injury-prone players and guys that can’t finish a season. There are many reasons why Cook isn’t getting paid big dollars by the Vikings. It’s because they know he won’t last another season healthy.

This Mock draft made the Counselor feel really uncomfortable in a bad way because every player he drafted had red flags and did not meet his strict criteria for drafting. This is why 16 Rounds draft solution is the game changer because we omit those guys that will potentially bust for fantasy football 2020. If you got 16 Rounds last season you dodged guys like Lev Bell, and Odell in round one.

Remember this mock draft today was for educational purposes only. Do not draft like this in your real leagues. You need to stray far away from the mainstream consheepus rankings. Become the LION in your league and in reality. I am sure you understand what not to do in this video.

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Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
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