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Fantasy Football Impact 2022 | Russell Wilson Trade and More

Fantasy Football Impact 2022

Fantasy Football Impact Based on the latest breaking NFL news and notes.

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Russell Wilson Signs with the Denver Broncos

The biggest news here into the news and notes, and of course the Fantasy impact, is the big mega trade here with Russell Wilson. Looking at the facts here, the Broncos, receive Russell Wilson and a 2022 fourth-round pick. That’s what the Broncos get. My opinion on this, the impact to this, I think this is a great move.

Now, let me tell you before also what the Seahawks received. They received two first-round picks, two second-round picks, a fifth-round pick, Drew Lock, no offense, and defensive lineman, Shelby Harris. The seahawks do receive a lot, but they lose their ace quarterback. The thing I’ve learned in Fantasy Football is an ace quarterback is crucial, and there are only X amount of ace quarterbacks that are really good in the NFL. I think the Bronco’s got a deal because I still think Russell Wilson’s elite. I still think he’s a top-five, top 10 quarterback based on talent. I think he’s phenomenal. I think he’s good. I think last year he had a bit of a regression, which is fine. It happens. I think it’s because he lost his passion for playing in Seattle. I don’t know all the information, all the personal stuff that went on behind the scenes, but I would imagine that this is a good move for him.

Russell Wilson 2022

Wilson will get fresh legs in Denver

I’m really excited about Russell Wilson and a resurgence and something that’s really going to ignite him. Again, for Fantasy Football, he’s outside the top 10 in rankings because he finished outside the top 10. I think now we are looking at a great situation and a great Fantasy Football impact for Russell Wilson where he’s at. He’s got Javonte Williams at running back, rising budding star. Now they still, and I keep emphasizing this, I cannot express to you how I’m annoyed that as of right now, Melvin Gordon’s a free agent, and I think he’s in talks of possibly resigning with the Broncos. Assuming he is there, it’s going to impact Javonte Williams. I think Javonte Williams gets more than 203 attempts, 203 attempts based on last year, but I still think Melvin Gordon’s going to be a thorn in the side, so I’m hoping and praying that Melvin Gordon goes away.

You’ve got yourself a great team. You’ve got Courtland Sutton who’s going to be a touchdown monster, who is theoretically going to replace, I would say, the DK Metcalf that Russell Wilson’s used to. I think he’s better than DK Metcalf in some ways. I think you’ve got Jerry Jeudy, who is, I think, younger, more dynamic than Tyler Lockett. From a PPR standpoint, Jerry Jeudy’s going to be phenomenal. Who’s going to emerge between these two guys and get most of the volume? That’s still to be foreseen. We got to find out. We’re going to find a little bit more as the training camps go and things start unfolding, okay, especially after the NFL draft. Jerry Jeudy, again, I do love him. I think he just got a lot of sexier in Fantasy. They’ve got Tim Patrick there, and they’ve got a tight end, guys, and I’m not going to try to pronounce his name, but let’s do it. Albert Okwuegbunam. Okay. Let’s just call him Big Al. How about that?

They’ve got Al at tight end. They’ve got Russell Wilson. They’ve got Courtland Sutton. They’ve got Jerry Jeudy. They’ve got Tim Patrick. They’ve got Javonte Williams. This looks like a team that wants to win the Super Bowl. They are really pushing forward for that. This is good for the Fantasy impact of Russell Wilson, this is really good. It’s going to help him. I think he bounces back, has a great year. It’s going to take him some time to settle to a new offense, but he is got his weapons. I think Sutton and Jeudy are great receivers. They just have not been in a good situation. They haven’t had a good quarterback throw to them. This is really going to help them. I think right now, as of right now, they’re good value on the consensus rankings. I think these guys, I’m definitely grabbing one, maybe if not two of these guys based on the value that I can get them for.

Jerry Jeudy 2022

Tons of Upside for Jeudy this 2022 Fantasy Season

Aaron Rodgers Signs Mega-Contract Extension

Let’s keep going on here with the news. Now, one other major breaking news thing here we got to talk about is Aaron Rogers and his mega-deal. Now, this is massive. I’m going to put this in perspective for you how big this is. A four-year $200 million contract extension. Okay? Now, this guy was talking about retiring, but obviously, he found a deal that works for him. $153 million guaranteed. $50 million annual salary guys. Makes him the highest-paid player in NFL history. Rogers is now 38. He was considering retirement now has opted towards this contract extension. A very lucrative one. A very good one. That’s why I’m wearing the Packers hat today.

You ask yourself, what is the Fantasy impact? I think, again, this reignites Aaron Rogers’ passion. Davante Adams, another breaking news story here that came out yesterday is that the Packers are placing the franchise tag on Adams. Apparently, the tender should cost about $20.1 million. Both sides have until July 15th to finalize the long-term agreement. Adams coming back for the last dance, right, Aaron Rogers, they are looking to make a push to the Super Bowl as well. They can be contenders. I genuinely believe that. Aaron Rogers, Davante Adams coming back. Fantasy impact should be solved for both of those yet again, but you’re going to have to pay a pretty high draft capital if you want Davante Adams on your team.

Going back to Denver news, they did release DaeSean Hamilton. I want to make a note of that. Now the Bronco’s intended to trade or release him the last off-season, but plans were put on hold because he did suffer a torn ACL. DeSean Hamilton’s gone. As I said, I think they set with Sutton, Jeudy, and big Al there in Denver, so I am excited about the Denver Bronco’s overall, offense this season. Okay? Looking at other news, I don’t want to miss anything on my notes here. We’ve got Alan Robinson will be an unrestricted free agent as well after the team declined to use a second franchise tag on him, so it will be interesting to see where Alan Robinson falls. I heard some buzz, maybe back to Jacksonville. Again, we haven’t seen Alan Robinson really shine the past couple of years. He had the one good year. I think it was like 2014 or 2015, one of those years. He had 12 or 14 touchdowns.

Mike Williams Signs a 3-Year 60M Deal

I haven’t seen Allen Robinson do anything, so his Fantasy impact is in question and that’s predicated on who is throwing to him. Again, I’m not a big Allen Robinson fan. He’s had years to watch him as of late and I’m not wowed. Okay? Also, guys, this is important here, because I’m a big Justin Herbert advocate and a believer, breaking news yesterday, the Chargers are signing Mike Williams to a three-year $60 million contract extension. That includes 40 million guaranteed. I’m not a big fan of Mike Williams. If you look at him, statistically, not that impressive. Had a good safe year last year. He’s got a good quarterback throwing to him. Was plagued with injuries earlier in his career. I don’t think he’s good. He’s good at coming up with the ball, ’50-’50s, stuff like that. Can be a good deep threat at times, but Mike Williams, I think this is really overpaying, paying him $20 million a year for a guy that is just not that good. The Chargers obviously believe in him. They made that decision. I mean, it is what it is, but again, I’m not really sold on him at all.

Mike Williams Deal

Mike Williams Gets Over Paid

Again, I just wanted to come on and dive in here, particularly with the news about Aaron Rogers and Russell Wilson. These are big moves because these guys are staple quarterbacks, top five, top 10 ability quarterbacks that now have got a resurgence and they’re going to reemerge and reignite their career I’m hoping, at least for a couple of years. Particularly that situation at Denver is something you want to monitor closely in regards to Fantasy Football. Again, you got Courtland Sutton, you got Jerry Jeudy, and who’s going to be the one there? Who’s Russell Wilson going to gravitate to? Something to watch. Is Javonte Williams going to be the workhorse back? He should be. Again, I compare the situation very similarly to Jonathan Taylor and Marlon Mack.

As soon as the Colts sidelined Marlon Mack, Jonathan Taylor emerged. That’s the type of potential that you’re hindering by putting somebody in a committee. Imagine if Jonathan Taylor was in a committee and he had half his volume gone. You would never see the full Jonathan Taylor. That’s exactly what’s happening in Denver right now. You’re seeing it with Javonte Williams. Javonte Williams, was hindered to only and limited only 203 attempts last year. 203 attempts went to Melvin Gordon and that really limited Javonte Williams’ cap for Fantasy Football and reality when he is clearly the younger, more dynamic, youthful, more upside running back. Melvin Gordon has had opportunities to be the workhorse back with the Chargers years ago. Didn’t do it. He’s only got one 1000-yard rushing season. That’s really unacceptable for a guy who’s going into his sixth, seventh season. This is a guy who’s a veteran running back, right?

Javonte Williams needs to flourish. Melvin Gordon needs to go away. I cannot emphasize enough. I will lose it if Melvin Gordon ends up staying and he gets picked back up by the Denver Broncos now being a free agent. I’m hoping and praying, Melvin Gordon goes away. I’m hoping Jeudy, I like Jeudy. I don’t know. I got this feeling about Jeudy being a PPR monster this year. I like him. You get value at the tight end with Albert there, tight end for Denver. I’m not going to try to pronounce his last name again you guys. In the comments, you could try to explain it to me. I don’t know. Then you’ve got Aaron Rogers, Devonte Adams, and the resurgence there. This is a good thing for AJ Dillon. I think he’s going to be a Fantasy Football sleeper as well. Okay?

If I missed anything, let me know in the comments. I mean, there’s other news as well, defensive news, but I just want to cover the main two, the breaking news here, particularly with Russell Wilson and the ripple effect there, and of course Aaron Rodgers and the ripple effect there. If you’re on my news channel, make sure you guys follow for breaking news, NFL news, and of course follow my Instagram at Fantasy Football counselor. Tons of content and amazing content there that’s outside of the box. Again, get that 16 round draft solution to crushing your release. Thank you guys for being here. Hope you guys are enjoying the news. There’s a lot of stuff going on here right now in the NFL, a lot of moving parts, so I’m going to try to keep you guys in the loop on everything. Make sure you guys are subscribed. We’ll talk soon.

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