Fantasy Football Impact After Free Agency | Winners and Losers
March 19, 2020
Fantasy Football Advice 2020
Fantasy Football Advice – 5 Tips to Win!
March 20, 2020
Fantasy Football Impact After Free Agency | Winners and Losers
March 19, 2020
Fantasy Football Advice 2020
Fantasy Football Advice – 5 Tips to Win!
March 20, 2020

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet | Strategy For Winning Your Leagues

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet 2020

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Here is a fantasy football cheat sheet and guideline to help you with fantasy football 2020 and beyond. Use and follow the steps outlined in this cheat sheet to get a massive advantage over the competition in your fantasy football draft. Make sure you check out he fantasy football cheat sheet youtube video as well at the bottom of this article. Enjoy!

The Cheat Sheet Layout

I am super excited to show you a universal fantasy football cheat sheet I created that will help you with your drafts in 2020 fantasy and beyond. Follow this proven guideline and you will have a massive advantage in your leagues.

Let’s start off by actually showing you the fantasy football cheat sheet and then I’ll dive into explaining how it works. The sheet is broken down by positions to draft in particular rounds of your fantasy football draft. Following this guideline will make sure you draft that optimal roster and give you depth and balance. Note: Players will vary from year to year and my 16 Rounds Draft Solution will give you all the up to date information on who exactly to draft in a particular round. Enjoy this article, as it is based on years of my proven success in fantasy football.

Fantasy Football Cheat SheetLet’s dive in step by step and break this all down for you. Make sure you take notes and bookmark this page for future reference. This is your secret to getting an unfair advantage over your competition. Let’s go!

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Rb's

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Rounds 1-3

The sacred running back position! This position is very dear to my heart and is very important to me, and for a good reason. I want to emphasize the importance of this RB position to you here. Loading up on the right running backs will make your fantasy football season run so much smoother and you will be much happier all year long.

Based on years of experience in the game, I have dominated my leagues loading up on running backs earlier in the draft. As you can see on the sheet I laid out, you don’t want to be shy in drafting running backs in your leagues. This is a position that you need a lot of depth in. RB’s like Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffery, and Ezekiel Elliott are hard to come by so you must secure them. If you are able to get other workhorse backs like Josh Jacobs in Round 2 and three, grab them quick. You want the RB’s that will be in a minimal committee and will get a lot of volume!

I have seen the mainstream experts make the same mistakes every single year by suggesting you grab wide receivers early on. This is wrong and you should never listen to this advice. There are more usable and viable wide receivers than running backs. The WR position is deep and you can get a lot of value at this position after the 4th round. Target wide receivers that are higher on their depth charts and will get the volume, but this is a whole other fantasy football draft strategy, so check out that article.

The problem these days is that coaches more and more often are implementing the RBBC (Running back by committee). As a fantasy football die-hard player, I hate this. The last thing you want is your RB1 to get volume or goal-line work and receptions taken away from another RB on the team. This is one of the main reasons I am obsessed with hoarding the running backs early on. Another thing I like to do is stack up on RB’s that are in a position to get a lot of volume and are higher on their depth charts. This way you have the chance to get a potential fantasy football breakout and get the competitive advantage as your league mates will sleep on some rookies.

The bottom line here is that you should never be shy on loading up on running backs in the first three rounds. Implement the robust RB strategy. You will be very happy that you did!

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

I respect the Wide Receiver Position

I don’t want to discount the wide receiver position as this position is very important in fantasy football. Based on years of experience and consulting millions to fantasy championships, I learned that loading up on those Rb’s is just more important. The being said, I will tell you that I do focus on getting an ace wide receiver in the 4th round ideally when I can. This is a receiver that has a proven track record with their QB and will put up some solid consistent numbers. Believe me, you will find a ton of talent in the 4th round. This will vary from year to year, but trust me there is a lot of depth at this position. Here are a few points and criteria I follow when I am looking at wide receivers in my fantasy football draft:

  • The QB throwing the ball
  • Are they high on their depth chart?
  • Is the fellow WR lining up with them just as good?
  • How much volume do I expect them to get?
  • How durable are they?
  • Are they a red-zone target?
  • Are they a PPR machine?

These questions should be going through your head when you are looking at drafting a wideout. Never settle and always aim high on the depth charts. Believe me, you can scoop up a WR on their NFL team mid to late rounds and they can give you solid WR1-2 numbers. Look for those hidden gems and you load up. You will be surprised and very happy to know that some of these later guys will produce for your team. Implement these questions along with my CUDDY system, and you will draft an optimal player every time.

Remember there is a lot of depth at this position and you will feel really good when you begin looking at Wide Receiver after round 4 because you will be set at the more scarce RB position. Balance that roster out and aim for upside receivers in mid to late rounds that are as high on their depth charts as possible.

Draft a QB early?

Many make a mistake of drafting a QB way to early. This usually happens when a QB has a pinnacle year the prior year and everyone is tempted to draft him in the first three rounds. This is a mistake because usually what goes up must come down and there is a lot of value at this position you can draft later on. The secret with drafting a quarterback is that you want to wait as long as possible but still get yourself an ace. You have to find the sweet spot. Draft early but not too early is the key.

With Qb’s, you are able to spot consistency easier and there is less volatility. What you see for the most part is what you get and you can go back and see consistent statistics. You want to draft a QB that will put up top 5-10 fantasy points at this position. Later in the draft, as shown on the fantasy football cheat sheet, you want to get a back up with a lot of upside. The backup is always needed and here are the reasons.

Always have a backup QB because:

  • You need to cover your by week
  • Depth on your roster
  • Trade bait and value
  • In case your starting QB underperforms
  • In case your starting QB gets injured
  • Diversity at the position to play the best matchup
  • Breakout and upside potential

You can see with the reason listed above that it is very important to have a backup QB, but make sure that QB is young and has a lot of upside. Don’t fall victim to drafting this position too early based on a player that has a great prior year. You have to be very strategic when rostering this position in your fantasy football draft. The quarterback position is a very high scoring position and that gives you those consistent points weekly to anchor your team.

2 QB League

I want you to also note that if you are in a 2 QB starting league, make sure you always have 3 Qb’s. You don’t want to be left without a QB on a bye week and depth is crucial here. Also, you may want to consider drafting a QB earlier here because that ACE consistent QB might be gone by the third round. Remember to use common sense. My main strategy stated in this article is primarily for one QB starting leagues.

Final thoughts on the QB position

So the rule of thumb and the takeaway here is, that you need a top 5 QB and you have to draft him as early as possible without spending a very early draft pick. (Remember draft Rb’s early only and find that sweet spot when drafting a QB). Then you need to focus on getting a back up with massive upside. Never underestimate the value of the quarterback in your league, and don’t wait too long to grab one in your draft.

Here is the very simple rule when drafting a tight end in fantasy football. As long I get a tight end that gives me 10 points a week I am a happy person. Let’s dive into the trends of this position. Typically every year there are only 3-5 top tight ends that put up respectable numbers. The problem with these high scoring tight ends is that everyone wants to grab them in the first three rounds. I NEVER invest in a tight end early. While people are grabbing tight ends in the first three rounds I am busy loading up on those RB’s. I let people take TE, and I am happy every time one comes off the board early on.

I remember back in 2018 the fantasy football consensus rankings were all telling you to draft Rob Gronkowski in the first round. I warned against this and saw the upside of the young George Kittle. I told all my listeners in my 16 Rounds Draft Solution, to draft Kittle in the 9th-11th round in their drafts. By the end of the season, my listeners prevailed and ended up with more points at the tight end position and did not invest early in Gronkowski. George Kittle outscored Rob Gronkowski 258.7 to 131.2 in PPR in 2018. The cool thing about this story is that Kittle was my back up! This is a strategy when drafting tight ends I use every year and it has been really effective.

Do not even invest in a TE in the early rounds you can always get value later in the draft. Let someone else waste the early pick on a TE.

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

At around round 8 in your fantasy football draft, you want to start looking at depth at all your positions. You really want to fill out your Rb’s and Wr’s. This is where league winners are drafted. I am looking for upside, potential breakouts, and rookies that can really boom. I like a portion of the draft because the casual fan will get lost here and won’t know who to draft. They won’t know the sleepers and the breakouts and you will be able to get the edge here. Just like when people were drafting Gronk Round that time in 2018 and I was busy grabbing Kittle later. You can get all my picks for each round, sleepers and every breakout in my 16 Rounds Draft course every single year.

Always aim higher on the depth charts when you are into the later rounds. If you know a WR or Running back is going to be a top producer on that particular team, then grab him. The upside could be there and you don’t always have to draft a player based on a name or a team you like.

Rounds 9-11

This is where you may want to conside drafting a Defense or Kicker. I find that defenses come off the board when people have no idea who to draft. If you are listening to this fantasy football podcast and page, you will be light years ahead of the competition and will be filling out your skilled positions. I try to aim for a top 10 defense here but usually, I end up loading up on sleepers and top potential breakouts based on my research. Don’t be shy to draft a defense here, but wait until the end for that kicker.


Rounds 11-16

Aim to target a back up tight end with upside here and look at filling out some depth on your roster. Note there is an overlap. Rounds 11-16 is a targeting and strategic free for all. In this rounds I a filling out depth on my roster and swinging for the fences for breakout potential. The could be some deep sleepers here that people just didn’t notice and could break out. Add that depth here and make sure you are covered at every single position.


Final Thoughts on this helpful Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

I have poured in any years of proven research into this cheat sheet. Make you use it as a foundation to your plan. There are no guarantees in fantasy football but this is your closet strategy and game plan to make your draft and roster as bulletproof as possible. This helpful guide is designed to help you think outside the box, give you a balanced roster and maximized for the most possible points.

My mission is that you dominate your fantasy football draft and get the edge over the competition. Make sure you carry that confidence and lion mentality in your fantasy leagues and of course your draft. Go crush your leagues!

Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert's outside of the box, LION mentality has created the strongest and most loyal fan base in the fantasy football industry! @fantasyfootballcounselor