Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet
Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet | Strategy For Winning Your Leagues
March 19, 2020
Fantasy Football 2020 | DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Value
March 22, 2020
Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet
Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet | Strategy For Winning Your Leagues
March 19, 2020
Fantasy Football 2020 | DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Value
March 22, 2020

Fantasy Football Advice – 5 Tips to Win!

Fantasy Football Advice 2020

5 Tips to dominate your fantasy football leagues

  • Load up on RB’s
  • Add a lot of depth
  • Draft WR’s Strategically
  • Wait as late as possible on defenses and Kickers
  • Balance your roster with reliable and upside players

Let’s dive into each individual tip with more detail.

1. Load up on running backs

One of my favorite fantasy football advice tips is this one. I want to hammer the point home that you need to load up on those running backs. This is a position that you need depth in and of course is the most scarce. There is only a handful of running backs with a minimal committee and you need to own them. You need to be selfish and greedy early on in your draft.

You need to focus on the first three rounds when you target the workhorse running backs. Looking at volume and minimal committee is the key. More and more the coaches are using multiple running backs and you want the RB’s that will use one main guy. There is only a handful of these guys. Ezekiel Elliott, Saquon Barkley, and Christian McCaffery are a perfect examples of guys that will get the workload. Target them and hoard them as the supply of these guys will run super low after the 3rd round.

Now the good news is if you wait you could gamble on some rookies that could get the volume at the RB position, but that is a risk. Some rookie RB’s come in and do really well, but you need the guys that have performed in the early rounds and then get some wildcards later in the draft.

If you don’t listen to any other fantasy football advice, take this and use it. Load up on fantasy football RB’s!

2. Add Depth

You need to cover yourself in your fantasy football draft. Have a backup plan for a backup plan and use the good ole belt and suspenders theory. I always load up depth at all my positions. I make sure I have two QB’s in a one QB league and 3 QB’s and in a 2 QB league. I can’t emphasize this enough. Typically in a 2 RB league, I usually pack 5 RB’s. I look at like I need to have enough depth to cover myself for the entire year as if I don’t need to make any trades. Cover yourself and rely on depth as much as you can.

Another advantage of adding a lot of depth to your roster is great because you are taking good players off the board that the competition can’t have. It’s all about drafting the right players in the right round to maximize your roster. This is where my 16 Round Draft Solution comes in to give you the major competitive advantage.

Do not be shy to add depth to your roster and always have a good back up plan and cover those bye weeks and potential fantasy football injuries.

3. Be Strategic drafting WR’s

The wide receiver position should be respected but you can wait until the 4th round to get that ace wide receiver. You need to know that there is a lot of depth at this position and you can wait and still get some top talent in mid to late rounds. One thing I always preach is that you need to aim high on the depth charts.

Here are a few points and criteria I follow when I am looking at wide receivers in my fantasy football draft:

  • The QB throwing the ball
  • Are they high on their depth chart?
  • Is the fellow WR lining up with them just as good?
  • How much volume do I expect them to get?
  • How durable are they?
  • Are they a red-zone target?
  • Are they a PPR machine?

Be selective when drafting a WR and make sure you they are in a good position to succeed. Remember the RB position is more valuable earlier in your draft.

4. Wait on defenses and kickers

I wait as long as humanly possible to draft kickers and defenses. Kickers just forget about it, I will literally wait till the end of the draft. I am too busy drafting depth at all my positions to be worried about a kicker. Most leagues are doing away with these positions anyways. If your leagues are implementing these positions make sure you wait. I speak about this in my Fantasy Football Cheatsheet. Check out that article.

5. Balanced Roster

You need to have a balanced roster with consistently proven players and guys with upside. So many casual fantasy fans just draft big names and safe players. The LION mentality like you will be focused on getting upside players in mid to late rounds. If you play it safe you won’t win. You need to take some risks at the right time. The key is to make sure you know what players you should be takings in mid to later rounds. Make sure you are subscribed to this #1 fantasy football podcast to get that edge!

Final Thoughts

This is practical fantasy football advice you can go and use right away. Make sure you think outside the box and stay multiple steps ahead of the sheep! Go dominate!

Make sure you are subscribed to this #1 fantasy football podcast to get the edge over the competition!

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