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Fantasy Football Busts 2023 | Avoid these 3 RBs

Fantasy Football Busts 2023

3 Big-Named Fantasy Football Busts to Avoid

  • Tony Pollard
  • Austin Ekeler
  • Christian McCaffrey

These players will be drafted really high this year in fantasy football. I am giving you a fair and early warning to avoid these players as they are primed to bust this season. Especially Tony Pollard, as the Dallas Cowboys will draft an authentic workhorse RB in the 2023 NFL draft.

Remember that all these players listed here are ranked by the mainstream based on pure copy-and-paste mentality. Ekeler finished #1 last year in ppr and is currently ranked 2nd. Christian McCaffrey finished 2nd last year and is being ranked 1st. Tony Pollard finished 8th last year and is sitting 8th in the rankings.

This is an obvious and ridiculous copy-and-paste strategy that won’t help you win your leagues. The chances of these guys finishing in the same spot they finished last year are nearly impossible. You have to factor in coaching changes, personnel changes, and even injury. Thigs change every single year yet the consheepsus do not factor these changes in. You must be proactive and do so.

Don’t believe what the fantasy football consheepsus analysts tell you and always think outside the box. This is how you will win your fantasy football leagues.

The running backs listed here are overrated and will lead you down the road of no fantasy points. They hit their prime and peak, and there is no way but down for these guys. If you do want them to look to invest in a 1st round pick or early second when it comes to Pollard this upcoming season.

I will not be investing early draft capital on any of these running back and neither should you.  Be smart and do not follow the herd.

This Fantasy Football Podcast below dives into why to avoid these high draft capital players this upcoming 2023 season.

Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
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