6 Fantasy Football WRs to Avoid in 2022 | Do Not Draft
August 17, 2022
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6 Big-Time League winners for 2022 fantasy football
August 21, 2022
6 Fantasy Football WRs to Avoid in 2022 | Do Not Draft
August 17, 2022
league winners
6 Big-Time League winners for 2022 fantasy football
August 21, 2022

7 Ways to Lose your Fantasy Football | Do not do this!

7 Ways to lose your fantasy football leagues

7 Ways to Lose at Fantasy Football

  1. Listen to the Mainstream Fantasy Football Rankings
  2. Go Zero RB and avoid RB’s early
  3. Buy a draft kit or guide
  4. Draft solely on Average draft position
  5. Draft Popular or well-known players
  6. Listen to all the sheep online influencers
  7. Adopt a sheep mentality.

So, seven ways to lose your league. We will dive right into it!

1. Listen to the mainstream Fantasy Football Rankings

The first one is, to listen. Go ahead and listen to the mainstream consensus rankings. Listen to them, absorb the content, and buy the magazines. Just listen to everything that the mainstream consensus tells you. I was just listening recently to a mainstream “consheepsus” podcast, and they were saying, “Who do we draft as our top wide receiver?” Guess who it is, guys? It’s Cooper Kupp. Oh, ironic because, you know why. Cooper Kupp finished on top last year, and he is going to finish on top again this year. The same way, because that’s what happened last year. It’s going to happen again this year in the exact same way.

Hey, running back as well. Who was the number one running back last year? It’s Jonathon Taylor. Go ahead, guys. Just draft him in that order yet again. Hey, Tyreek Hill. He finished on top last year with Mahomes throwing to him. He’s on a new offense. And guess what guys, he’s going to finish the exact same way he did last year. Hey, Davante Adams had 169 targets. Aaron Rogers throwing the ball. Years of rapport in the NFL, and force-fed. He’s going to a new offense, where they have Waller and Renfrow. But guys, listen to the mainstream because he’s going to finish the exact same way he did last year. Hey, that’s number one. That’s the number one way to lose your teams, guys, listen to the mainstream consensus. Just do it. Go ahead. Do it. I highly recommend it. That’s how you’re going to do it.

2. Go Zero RB and avoid RBs Early

Number two, the best way to lose your leagues, how to lose your fantasy football leagues guys. Again, first, one we talked about. Listen to the mainstream, number two, you go zero RB. Now, I’m going to pull up a picture here that was sent to me on my DM. I don’t know what channel this came from. Some people have kind of said this to me. Now I’m going to pull this up you guys, on the screen. I have it actually here on my phone as well.

This is called the zero RB strategy. What does that mean, guys? It means that you what? Fade the running back position to absolutely later. In this case, it was one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eighth. This guy waited, this sheep YouTuber, waited till the eighth position to grab a running back. As you can see, Devin Singletary, it’s a little blurry here, because whoever sent it to me had to zoom in, you can see that Devin Singletary’s the eighth running back off the board. If you want to lose your league, go ahead and do this. I encourage it.

So here’s the roster, if you’re listening in the car. Again, if you want to lose your league, go a zero RB. Justin Jefferson, Tyreek Hill. Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen last year, by the way, just to let you know, were tied pretty much in targets the first eight weeks. Jefferson had two more targets than Thielen did last year in the first eight weeks. So he went Jefferson. He went to Tyreek. Tyreek Hill is entering an offense where they have a true wide receiver, one at Waddle. No rapport yet with [inaudible 00:05:05] and Waddle peaked at what, 140 targets, something like that. So how’s Tyreek going to match what he did last year? And he was very volatile last year, Tyreek Hill, just to know. This guy also went Tee Higgins at three, who was a wide receiver too.

Then he went Marquise Brown, who again, Arizona what’s going to happen when Hopkins gets back. I don’t know, but I don’t think Marquis Brown’s going to be the one there when Hopkins gets back. Then he went Waller here at number five. Again, if you guys like Adams, how is Waller going to finish his top five tight ends? Then he went Kyler Murray. I think they’re safer quarterbacks in draft. Then he went DeVonta Smith, who is supposed to be the wide receiver one, then they brought in A.J Brown. If you’re in those situations where you’re liking Tyreek Hill where Waddle was the one. Now you’re going DeVonta Smith where A.J Brown’s the one? So it doesn’t make any sense here. Then he wants Singletary as his RV one. They drafted James Cook, who is way more talented than Devin Singletary. He absolutely sucks. He finished 18th last year amongst running backs. Then he went Chase Claypool who’s going to be potentially, I would say the third or fourth or fifth option there in the receiving passing attack in a suspect quarterback situation where I think Picket gets a job.

Then he went, listen to his running backs here. He went on a blitz of running backs here at the end. Guys this is terrible, but if you want to lose your league, this is what you do. After Singletary at eight, he went Claypool, Kenneth Gainwell, Rachaad White, Jamal Williams, Zamir White who has some upside obviously, but he’s still on the committee and Jerick McKinnon. Is McKinnon still in the NFL?

I’d go Isiah Pacheco, or Pacheco, that rookie guy from KC. Man, I mean, yeah. Anyway, you guys can see this. This is zero RB in full effect and someone’s preaching this. This is what you don’t do. I don’t know where it came from. Someone sent this to me. Please get 16 rounds guys. I mean, if you want to win, I’m going to have to beg you guys. If you want to win your leagues, get 16 rounds. I’m just begging that you don’t listen to this advice because this is a fantasy football catastrophic failure at the nth degree. So that was number two, go a zero RB. That’s how you lose your league.

3. Buy a Draft kit and a draft guide

Number three guys. If you want to lose your leagues, go ahead, buy a draft guide and a draft kit. I sell a draft solution. I give you all the optimal players of drafting. Each round of sleepers, breakouts, optimal players to draft in each and every single round. So if you want to lose your league, go ahead and draft a draft kit because literally, all they’re giving you is safe, “consheepsus” consensus rankings predicated on last year. I buy a draft kit. I know what I’m getting. It’s going to say, Cooper Kupp. It’s going to say, whoever number two was, number three, number four, number five from last year. I look at running backs. It’s going to be ranked; Jonathan Taylor, CMC, Dalvin Cook, across the board.

Why do you need a draft kit? Just asking for a friend. Why do you need a draft kit; when I go on to any league that I’m drafting on, whatever platform you’re using, and the rankings come up in that exact order of that draft kit? So if you guys can answer that question, what’s the point of a draft kit? Draft kits are dead guys. Absolutely done. So if you want to lose your league, buy a draft guide, buy a draft kit, because these “consheepsus” and everybody else in the industry minus me is a sheep. You heard it. I’m the lone wolf of the industry for fantasy football period. Nobody else is doing it as strong, as powerful, and as knowledgeable as I’m doing it. And I will speak with conviction and certainty.

But if you guys want to lose your league, go ahead and buy a draft kit. Anyone selling you a draft kit, might as well be selling you a payphone to put in front of your house or inside your house. And you got to put a quarter every time you talk. That’s how outdated this crap is. So if you want to lose your league, go ahead, buy a draft kit, go ahead and do that right now. I encourage you.

4. Draft on average draft position

Number four here; if you want to lose your leagues, draft on ADP. And now a lot of people say, “Well, Joe, we’re smart. We don’t draft on ADP.” But again, going back to your leagues, when you’re drafting, the platform you’re using, whatever platform it is. I’m not here to endorse any platform or say that I use one. I just go on the NFL one, whatever. So you’re going to see them based on when they come up to draft, it’s going to be based on ADP. If you draft on ADP, you will lose your league. If you don’t reach on a certain couple of players that you like, you will lose your league. If you do what everyone else is doing, you will lose your league. I’d give you a bunch of other reasons. So number four, go ahead. If you want to lose your league draft on ADP.

5. Draft Well-known popular names

Number five here; how to lose your league, draft popular or well-known names. Now I remember for years, the mainstream “consheepsus” were telling you, “Draft Odell round one, draft Odell round one, draft Odell round one. Odell Beckham Jr, draft of round one.” He busted every single year, for like three or four years. Popular name. So people will go ahead in rounds four, and five for this year’s example, Dameon Pierce. A lot of people still don’t know who he is. He had that mini breakout in the preseason week one, 8.9 yards per carry, five attempts, 49 yards. He shot up the draft board. But for the most part, people were drafting, before he retired, James White ahead of him, people are drafting Myles Gaskin, Chase Edmonds ahead of him when Dameon Pierce has way more of a ceiling.

So if you’re just going for names that you know; or RB two RB threes on a team where you just know that name, when you could be going for those home run hits mid to late rounds, like a Dameon Pierce who could and should be and will be an RB one, you will lose your leagues. And again, I explain all this in the 16-round drafters. It’s all laid out for you guys on a silver platter. So make sure you guys grab it. So if you want to lose draft on popular, well-known names and just do it.

6. Listen to the sheep online fantasy influencers

Six. How to lose your fantasy football leagues. Just listen to all of these YouTubers that are popping up, all these Instagrammers. Listen to all of these guys that have no idea what they’re talking about. I’m the pioneer in this? I started this back in, I was the first Instagramer yet vlogger. That was when Instagram had ten-second videos. I used to go in. I used to do a, “Hey guys, draft this guy.” And that’s the only time we had. There was no stories. There were no reels. And when I created my fantasy football counselor account trademarked back in 2015, and 2016, I thought it was weird to even call myself a counselor. I’m like, isn’t that a weird name? Now there’s a fantasy football dentist. There’s a fantasy football construction worker. There’s a fantasy football microbiologist. Everybody wants to just think that they’re an expert in doing this. You have to have a track record. You have to know what you’re talking about.

And again, even the guys that have been, in the years that have been in this, the reason I got into this is that the guys that were on the upper level as part of these networks were given suffices. There’s a three-stooges podcast that was there before me. These guys that are just terrible, cookie cutter, the fakest people on the planet, were doing a podcast. And I was seeing what they were doing. I’m like, these guys got it all wrong. And I did it better. I gave advice that actually worked. So if you want to lose, just keep listening. One of them was the mainstream rankings. This one is to listen to all of these YouTubers that are just doing these thumbnails that are just clickbaity. That just won’t help you guys. They just won’t help you.

I remember this one movie. I don’t know if you guys remember, but if you haven’t seen it, go watch Rocky V. And in that movie, Sylvester Stallone is a polished seasoned boxer, with tons of experience, but he’s aging. And then in comes this young hungry boxer, who was a real-life boxer at the time he did this movie, Tommy Gunn, and he came to this movie and Rocky trained him and he gave him all this amazing advice. And he trained him, got him up to start winning some fights. And then this Tommy Gunn just saw the flashy thing, which was the money and the car and the big Don King looking like promoter.

And Sylvester Stallone, Rocky in the movie, he’s like, “Hey man, don’t go for this guy. Don’t buy the bling. It’s going to be catastrophic for you. Stick to the roots. Stick to what you believe in.” That’s why I have Rocky behind me. Not in this. I’ve changed the image right now behind me. I have Jordan behind me, another great mentor. Online mentor, if you want to say, or a virtual mentor, you want to say. Did the best at what he did in the sport.

So going back to the Rocky story is Tommy Gunn bought the bling, bought the flash, went with this Don King-looking guy and it didn’t work out for him. It just didn’t get him to where he wanted. Wasn’t really fulfilled. Rocky got him initially to that point. So what I’m saying is there’s a lot of fakeness coming out. There’s a lot of BS coming out. There’s a lot of bling, look here, draft this, do this, do that, avoid this, stop this, stop that. There’s a lot of this clickbaity stuff that wasn’t there years ago. And I get that the sport of fantasy football, the passion, the history, or whatever is evolving but stick to your roots guys. If you want to win, I’ve got the strategy. I am the future of fantasy. All this other stuff is noise. Fade that noise.

So again, but if you want to lose, go ahead and listen to all this ding, ding, ding, ding, right? All this stuff that’s coming out. This bling and this fakeness and this clickbaity stuff from all these consensus, these sheep popping up out of nowhere. They’re lying to you. Just like the one I told you guys are that zero RB. If you draft your team like that, I guarantee you will lose your team. If your RB one is Devin Singletary, in a league where there’s going to be a hungry bunch of lion mentality guys, who’ve got 16 rounds that are going to be getting running backs, you will lose your league. So go ahead though. Go ahead, listen to all these YouTubers.

7. Adopt a Sheep mentality

And the last and seventh tip here. If you want to lose your league, adopt a sheep mentality. Baaaaaa. I got a song for this actually.

So again guys, go ahead and adopt a sheep mentality if you want to lose your league.

There you have it guys. That’s how you lose your fantasy leagues. Take that advice and go ahead and apply it. Subscribe, thumbs up. Get 16 rounds. Join the Patreon group. If you want to join the front lines, become a five-star general, patreon.com/ffcounselor. I appreciate you guys. And go ahead and lose your leagues. I’m out.

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