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Fantasy Football Breakouts 2020 | Top 5 QB’s to watch this year

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Fantasy Football Breakouts 2020, 5 QB’s to target for 2020. Make sure you consider these guys as a solid back up for your fantasy football draft 2020. Late round stashes. Yes, you can call them fantasy football sleepers 2020, whatever you want to call them, but these quarterbacks are in a position that could possibly help them break out, and that nobody’s really talking about them. They’re, you can say, five quarterback sleepers, that’s another term. But I think they could really genuinely break out as well.

So big show here for you guys, going to go over these guys with you, and you can get these guys for pretty much free in your fantasy football draft. I’m not saying I’m going to draft them by any means, but I’m saying that they’re in a good position to succeed, that they’re sleepers and they could be a major fantasy football breakouts for 2020.

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All right. So let’s talk about the breakout candidates. I’m not going to spend too much time on these guys because we don’t have a lot of data and analytics, but it’s very important that you’re aware of these guys, okay, you definitely need to be aware. All right. And also smash the thumbs up, too, and comment. Would you guys consider drafting these guys? Want to get your feedback, okay?

1. Daniel Jones

The first guy is Daniel Jones. Now he finished 24th last year in amongst quarterbacks and fantasy points. Played 13 games, had over 3,000 yards, nothing to get excited about. And the thing about him is he had a terrible O-line. They addressed the O-line this year, the Giants did. They added the first-rounder, Andrew Thomas. They added Matt Peart in the third round offensive tackle. And they also added a guard, I believe in the fifth round, I think his name is Lemieux. The last name is Lemieux. So they added three guys, three O-line guys, three guys that are going to help protect Daniel Jones and also help open up the run game for Saquon Barkley. so this was something they really had to address. Now, Daniel Jones, you know the upside is there. Again, for fantasy, these guys could all be backups. Do not consider grabbing these guys as your main QB. I did the same type of thing before Pat Mahomes broke out and got him as a back up only a few years back. I had Matt Ryan or Drew Brees, one of those guys, as my QB one, a guy that was relatively secure, and then Pat Mahomes was my backup, I got him in the 10th round.

This is the type of thing you could do with these guys, and you could probably get these guys even later, some of them are even going undrafted. So, guys, there’s a ton of value with these guys, I’m telling you at the quarterback position. And this is why I never invest early on a quarterback. I can just get myself Josh Allen in the seventh round, sixth, seventh round, or a Russell Wilson, and back myself up with one of these guys who could potentially be a fantasy football breakout, okay? So Daniel Jones is the first guy I want to talk about. And again, super good value, super good sleeper and a ton of upside, and I think he’s going to be in the groove, he’s going to be comfortable. Now his receivers are going to be a knock to them, I get it, because they’re not like the ultra-elite, they’re not Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins of the world, but who I think is a sleeper as well. He’s got Darius Slayton who was their top receiver last year, who got a high ceiling, young, dynamic, going into his second year. He’s got some options here, but nothing to get too excited about with wide receivers. But if he plays well and the Giants believe in him, he could definitely be a breakout candidate and really maybe even crack the top 15. You never know, right?

2. Drew Lock

The second guy here, absolutely love this guy as a sleeper, as a breakout candidate. Now he only played five games, the guy I’m talking about is Drew Lock. Now, he finished 37th amongst quarterbacks, so that doesn’t matter, because he only played five games which gave him, what, seven touchdowns, three interceptions. We didn’t see much, we only saw little flashes and glimpses, nothing to get excited about. When we watched him in college, he had a good pocket presence, great release, good arm, relatively solid accuracy. This guy’s in a good position to succeed, Elway as his mentor. They’ve acquired a lot of weapons for this guy, including Melvin Gordon of the backfield who catches the ball. They acquired Hamler, they acquired Jerry Jeudy, one of the top prospects, one of the most polished runners out of college. It’s exciting. They’ve got Sutton as well. They’ve got Noah Fant. Lock is set for a breakout season, okay? When you look at fantasy football breakouts 2020, at quarterbacks specifically, Drew Lock is primed and literally everybody’s sleeping on him. You can get it for absolutely free. So I need you guys to make some notes here and consider these guys as backup guys, okay?

3. Teddy Bridgewater

Number three here, in no particular order, in who I liked the most, any of these guys could surpass any of these guys. Now with Teddy Bridgewater, I don’t get giddy and excited, because he’s on Carolina. He’s going to be throwing the ball. He’s probably going to hit CMC for a lot of receptionists as well. I don’t see CMC getting 116 receptions like they did last year, but I like Bridgewater as a deep sleeper. Now, I’m particularly not drafting him, he did okay in Minnesota in the past. He had three good fantasy point weeks when he was with the Saints. So he has shown some flashes, but again, that was a different offense. Right now, he’s got Anderson, D.J. Moore, [Caffrey 00:06:02]. It’s going to be an interesting offense to watch. I’m probably going to stay away from Bridgewater, but he could have a breakout season, which could be interesting to watch.

Two more quarterbacks here you may want to consider as fantasy football sleepers. I’m going to rip through them, but there’s so much uncertainty with these guys, and usually, uncertainty gives you risk, yes, but also gives you upside, okay? So these guys you may want to consider, especially in the two-quarterback league where quarterbacks are off the board and you really need that backup or something like that. And I always tell you guys, one quarterback league, get two quarterbacks. And a two-quarterback league, get three quarterbacks, always back yourself up. So these guys could be great backups, especially deeper into the NFL fantasy football draft.

4. Joe Burrow

So the next guy to talk about is Joe Burrow out of LSU. Now, what’s amazing about him was he had a record-breaking passer rating of 202, phenomenal numbers, I mean, he broke records. He threw for 5,671 yards, astronomical numbers, crazy, 60 touchdowns, 73% completion rating, 76.3%. This guy, I’m just looking at NCAA records broken, phenomenal numbers. I don’t even want to go into his accolades here. Heisman trophy, this guy is phenomenal. He looks phenomenal at college, but now entering the NFL, it’s a different game. When you are looking at Joe Burrow, there could be a huge breakout season, but there could be a huge bust season as well. But he’s got some weapons, AJ Green, not really sold on. Once you have a big decline, it’s hard to kind of bounce back. You’ve kind of dug yourself so far down. But huge breakout potential season. They’ve got Tee Higgins and they’ve got AJ Green. O-line, not much O-line helping the NFL draft, that’s a bit of a concern there. But this could be a breakout season, but I’m not really sold on the quarterbacks in their rookie year. I want to make a note of that, okay? Kyler Murray was a guy I drafted as a backup last year, did okay. And Burrow, I don’t know if he’s as good as Kyler, especially for fantasy. Yet to be proven, but definitely a guy that could break out, in a position to break out. If everybody gets on the same page, AJ Green does well, Higgins starts doing what he’s supposed to be doing and that offense gels could be a breakout.

5. Jarrett Stidham

And the last guy here, this is a bit of a long shot, dart throw type thing. But the guy I’m talking about is Jarrett Stidham. He’s got a couple of receivers there, Edelman, N’Keal Harry, Jakobi Meyers. The Patriots drafted two rookies at tight end… I can’t even pronounce the name, Dalton Keene, and Devin Asiasi. Asiasi was drafted in the third round, so was Dalton Keen. They’re rebuilding his team without Tom Brady, and they’re saying that they believe in Jarrett Stidham. You never know, guys, you never really know. What if Stidham comes out and tears it up? You never know. So what I’m trying to tell you here is that he is a backup in a two-quarterback league. If you’ve got two quarterbacks, there are no more quarterbacks on the board, you need one, especially in leagues, why not, if he’s there. He’s going to be a great value, and he could break out.

And that’s all I’m saying, guys, that’s all I’m saying. I’m not excited about him, but I like the uncertainty. With uncertainty comes upside, with upside comes potential huge fantasy points. But with upside comes risks and potential busts as well. So you need to be aware of that, guys, when you are looking at all of these guys and these potential breakouts, okay? But again, there you have it, Daniel Jones, Drew Lock, Teddy Bridgewater, Joe Burrow, Jarrett Stidham as your top five quarterback potential breakouts. And there are other guys, obviously, that could potentially break out, I won’t get into them all. But these are the guys that popped out at me as guys that… second-year players, guys that have shown some flashes, but haven’t really shined. And that’s what popped to me. There’s that potential.

Now I’m just going to take a quick look here at other guys. See, no one else… Garoppolo, we’ve kind of seen him, he could have… not excited as they spread the bar. Gardner Minshew’s another kind of guy that could break out. There’s nobody really here. Matt Stafford, if he comes back, he’s just a bounce back, that’s a whole other episode.

So these are the guys… I’m really going through with a fine-tooth comb here, that could break out, and these are the five that I came up with. Everyone else… I mean, you could say if he gets a start… Herbert. But these guys, off the bat, popped out at me, okay?

Also, again, get that 16 round draft kit below, very, very important that you guys get it. Because I want you guys to not only dominate your leagues, but just absolutely crush them, just leave everybody in the dust, and this is going to help you guys do it. 16 rounds, there is a link here below on YouTube or head on over to

Smash the thumbs up, and of course, guys, the impact series, I’ve linked that here below on YouTube, you can watch all these episodes, I’ve done one on Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey, Derrick Henry, I’m going to continue doing them for the impact series. I’ve gone into every single player and done impact on them, so check them out below. And I want you guys to get every possible competitive advantage as you can, that’s why I’ve created the impact series for you, on every single player, so make sure you guys click on the link below. And hopefully, you guys enjoyed this breakout episode.

Thank you guys for being here, I’ll talk to you guys soon. I am out.

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