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Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet 2020 | Print Out and Dominate

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Football can be challenging, and most questions tend to arise in the mid-rounds of your fantasy football draft. I created this fantasy football cheat sheet as a guideline to help you dominate your fantasy football drafts in 2020. I have laid it out for you, so it is easy to follow and I am sure it will give you a lot of insight for fantasy football 2020. In this cheat sheet, I give you some solid players in the early rounds, some late-round steals, and the guys that have potentially massive upside. I also cover some sleepers I really like and a fantasy football draft strategy on when to draft these players to give you that extra advantage. If you want to get a massive competitive advantage to take the content provided here and use it to your advantage to dominate your league mates. For my full fantasy football draft kit (Solution), I highly recommend my 16 Rounds draft solution as I dive into which players to draft in each and every round. You will also get all my breakouts, sleepers, and optimal players at each position. Be sure to check it out! Enjoy this fantasy football cheat sheet, as I am confident it will help you dominate your leagues.

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Solid Studs

Fantasy Football Cheat SheetIn the early rounds of your fantasy football draft, you need to secure the best possible players.  As you know with the volatility of fantasy football, the early rounds are no safe zone and you have to look at more than just last year’s stats to consider drafting a player in the first 3 rounds. I have strict drafting criteria of consistency, upside, durability, where they are on their depth charts and youth before I draft them. Here is a list of players I like in the early rounds of fantasy football drafts 2020.

When it comes to quarterbacks, I am staying away in early rounds. The mainstream is suggesting you go with Lamar Jackson in the 2nd round because of his success from last year. In 2020 he will decline and investing too early in him will cost you an early pick. You also need to note that there is a ton of depth at the QB position in 2020 and you can wait on a quarterback later in your draft. What has worked for me every year and what I suggest you do for this upcoming fantasy season is go robust RB. What I mean by that is you should consider going with running backs in the first three rounds. Not just any running backs though, but running backs that are in a minimal to no committee. You need workhorse backs in early rounds as this position is very scarce in later rounds.

Solid studs to consider in the early rounds at the RB position are:

  • Saquon Barkley
  • Christian McCaffery
  • Derrick Henry
  • Josh Jacobs
  • Todd Gurley
  • Alvin Kamara
  • Leonard Fournette
  • Miles Sanders
  • David Johnson

Remember there is only a handful of running backs that will get that workload that us fantasy heads love and those players are listed here. If you do go with a wide receiver, consider grabbing Kenny Golladay or Julio Jones. I feel Michael Thomas is coming off too early in rd one and I don’t trust Hopkins on the Cardinals as there are too many mouths to feed in Arizona. Go with the robust RB strategy and you will be very happy in later rounds. There is also a ton of depth at wide receiver this year as well so be sure to load up on running back studs early on.

Late Round Steals

You may have heard the old saying that fantasy football championships are won in the later rounds. I really can’t argue that because I have discovered hidden gems in my leagues in later rounds. I am going to give you a few players you can get later that will give you massive upside and could win you your leagues. I have a list of some late-round steals you could consider in your draft. When every I suggest someone for you to draft they always fit my CUDDY system. They have the criteria of upside, durability, and youth if they are late-round picks. Before you grab these guys make sure you that you have solidified your solid studs and will feel more comfortable taking some risks in later rounds.

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet 2020Ryan Tannehill

The reason I love Ryan Tannehill so much is that he was doing really well last year and he crushed it from week 7 until the end of the season. He ended the season with 224 fantasy points and that’s without playing the first 6 games of the 2019 season with the Titans. Most games he averaged around 20 points per game. If you factor in 20 points a game for the 6 games he missed early on you would have been a top 4 Fantasy Football quarterback. I love the upside because he is behind a solid o-line and has some underrated receivers including AJ Brown. You can literally wait until the end of your draft and grab Ryan Tannehill. I update his ADP and tell you exactly where to draft him in my 16 Rounds Draft Solution. He will be a safe and solid QB week in and week out, but I will draft him as a back up in later rounds.

Mecole Hardman

Let’s not forget that Mecole Hardman is a WR 2 on the high octane Chiefs offense. He is an absolute stud and a speedster. Now if you base it on last year his numbers weren’t the greatest, as he had 538 yards receiving and 6 TDs. Going into 2020, this can and should increase as he solidifies his role as the WR2. Now I am not saying this guy is going to be your WR1 or WR2 even. I am talking about a late-round steal with massive upside. Tyreek Hill has been known to get hurt and have off-field issues. I love the value of Hardman and you can get him after the 10th round in a 12 person league.

TJ Hockenson

If you are looking for a tight end with huge upside, then look no further as TJ Hockenson can really beast out in 2020. The main reason he was not successful last year was that Matthew Stafford went down with injury. Hockenson actually had 2 touchdowns in the first four games he played with Stafford there. I love the upside and you can get him for pretty much nothing and he may even go undrafted. He is a late-round fantasy football draft steal as your back up tight end that could crack the TOP 10. Target him late in all your drafts.

Chase Claypool

Chase Claypool is a guy I love in later rounds of your 2020 fantasy football draft. The Steelers know how to draft wide receivers and they drafted the 6’4″ 238 lb stud in the 2nd round (49th overall) in the NFL Draft. This man is in a position to really dominate in 2020 as long as Ben Rothlisberger is throwing the ball. Big Ben led in passing attempts in 2018 and will continue to create successful fantasy football wide receivers until he retires. Chase Claypool could end up winning the WR one spot lining outside with Diontae Johnson, while Juju lines up in the slot. Draft him later and look for a potential boom season.

Michael Pittman

The Colts believe in him and so do we. With Hilton having a past with injuries Pittman could be the ROY candidate. The upside and opportunity is there for this young guy to step up. Rivers like to throw the ball a lot and could make Pittman his primary target. Don’t sleep on this young man and note that the Colts drafted him with their first pick in the 2020 draft.

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet - Late RoundAlexander Mattison

I love Alexander Mattison in the later rounds of my fantasy draft. Everyone is sleeping on him. Now I could have considered him a fantasy football sleeper, but let’s just call him a late-round steal. I can assure you that Dalvin Cook will get hurt again because he has not finished a season. There is also talk with Cook potentially holding out. Mattison is extremely talented and will take that starting job from Cook this year at some point in the NFL season. Be sure to target in him your draft late as your RB4 or 5. Make sure you have a lot of depth at the running back position.


Now, these are just a few late-round steals you can target in your 2020 fantasy football draft. I recommend when you are looking at late round guys you must look at the opportunity. Ask yourself the questions like is this guy going to get the volume and can he make it up the depth charts? Look for opportunity and talent and you could have solid breakout talent. Keep checking my Fantasy Football Rankings to see where I have these guys ranked. I will update the rankings as needed.

Bounce Back Players Bounce back players

When you are looking at bounce back players you have to look at players that had a bad season last year and are in a position to really succeed this year. You can look at a lot of guys that were injured that will bounce back, like Big Ben and Matt Stafford, but that is not who I will mention here. I will mention guys that were able to play and just didn’t perform for whatever circumstance they had ( non- injury related). I handpicked some bounceback players you should consider as they will be great value for 2020. I recommend you check out my Youtube video on these guys as well for more details. Check it out here: Fantasy Football Bounce Back Players 

David Johnson

My favorite Bounce Back player for fantasy football 2020 has to be David Johnson. I have never been so excited about the opportunity that lies ahead of this man. The Texans gave up De’Andre Hopkins for DJ pretty much straight up! He is in a massive opportunity to succeed and he will get the volume in Houston and will be the workhorse there. Last year Carlos Hyde had 242 attempts, over 1000 yards rushing and 6 rushing Td’s and he isn’t even that good. David Johnson is an absolute stud and will dominate 2020 fantasy football. He also will be playing with a chip on his shoulder after the Arizona Cardinals benched him for a less superior player Kenyan Drake. Look out here comes the David Johnson train in 2020! His average ADP right now is 4th round which makes him the biggest steal in the 2020 draft. It is very hard to secure a solid workhorse RB, and David will eat this year. Draft him and don’t ask any more questions, as he is looking to duplicate his 2016 season.

Juju Smith-Schuster

This man is due for the biggest bounce back in the history of bounce backs. Big Ben is the biggest reason for Juju’s decline last year, they both could not have a great season if Ben comes back healthy. In 2018, Juju had 166 targets and finished top 10 amongst fantasy football wide receivers. This is very possible again in 2020. In 2019 Juju finished a terrible 65th amongst WR’s with 3 receiving Td’s, 71 targets, and only 552 receiving yards. There really is no way but up for Juju, but my only concern is that if Chase Claypool and Diontae Johnson emerge. There will be a loss of targets for Juju who typically plays best out of the slot. I am personally drafting Chase late, but that doesn’t mean Juju can’t dominate 2020. Look for a bounce-back season either way, but I prefer drafting Diontae later instead of investing a 3rd round pick on a big question mark with Juju.

Odell Beckham Jr

Before I tell you why I feel Odell Beckham Jr is a bounce back, I want to mention that I won’t be drafting him in 2020 fantasy football. I do have to tell you there is no way but up for this guy though as he has had three terrible seasons plagued with terrible performances and injuries. The Browns improved their o-line in the 2020 NFL draft and that could help Baker Mayfield and Odell. I am personally staying away from Odell, but he is primed for a bounce-back season.

Stefon Diggs

Stefon Diggs should be grateful he is out of Minnesota and in Buffalo making him the clear-cut WR 1 there. Stefon is a man who demands the ball and he didn’t get it much in 2019 with Kirk Cousins. Last season Diggs finished 24th amongst WR’s with only 94 targets for 63 receptions and 6 Tds. His target significantly decreased from his 2018 season where hs was targeted 150 times and ended the season with 9 receiving touchdowns. There will be some competition in Buffalo with John Brown and Cole Beasley being there but Diggs will still get his fair share of targets. Look for a solid bounce-back season from Diggs in 2020.

Thes are some solid bounce-back players you can target in your draft that many people may be sleeping on and you can get for a decent value. You have to remember that many people draft on recency bias and if a player had fallen off the year before he will be forgotten. All these players have top 10 fantasy football 2020 potential. Be sharp and grab them in the right round for maximum value.

Fantasy Football Sleepers

Drafting the right fantasy football sleepers can really help your team dominate, and I love landing the right sleepers every year. I want to make sure you are aware of the right sleepers and that you land them on your roster in 2020. I have listed some solid names here in this cheat sheet that I feel are in a great position to succeed. Make sure you snipe them in your draft before someone else does.

Drew Lock

There are a ton of QB sleepers for fantasy football 2020 and Drew Lock is one that I feel could really boom in 2020. The reason being is that he is young and his upside is through the roof. Now you look at his situation with John Elway as his mentor in Denver. I love the upside and the talent I have seen in his game footage. Then you add the amazing weapons that have been handed to Lock including Courtland Sutton, JerryJeudy, and KJ Hamler. The Broncos also have a good o-line with veteran Melvin Gordon out of the backfield. Lock is ranked 23rd on the mainstream consensus rankings and this guy has top 10 fantasy QB potential. Draft him as your backup to your ace QB and this guy could really impress you.

David Montgomery

I can’t believe that David Montgomery is going as late as the 6th round in fantasy football mock drafts I have been doing. This guy finished 24th amongst Rb’s in 2019 and he isn’t even warmed up yet. Coach Nagy didn’t utilize Montgomery to his full potential and it cost the Bears a lot of wins. If Nagy wants to keep his job they have to run the ball. Montgomery was making holes when there wasn’t’ any and finished with 889 yards on 242 attempts on the ground with 6 Td’s. This will significantly increase in 2020. Cohen will be there to steal some of the volume but he is nowhere near the talent that David is. Draft David as your RB3 or RB4 and you will be pleasantly surprised with how well he will finish.

Allen Lazard

Let me be the one to remind you that the Green Bay Packer did not address the wide receiver position in the NFL draft. Allen Lazard emerged as the WR2 in Greenbay and everyone is sleeping on him. Again the recency bias is taking effect and you can really take advantage of this in your draft this year. Lazard is primed for a big season as Rodgers has to throw the ball more if the Packers want to succeed and win a Superbowl. Last year they relied heavily on the run and that was partly to Adams getting hurt and missing some time. Look for Lazard to step up this season and put up some serious WR fantasy points. The ceiling is high as Davante Adams will be seeing the double coverage looks while Lazard will feast. Litte risk and big reward here with Allen the Lizard Lazard.

Darius SlaytonFantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Darius Slayton is technically the wide receiver on the New York Giants. He led the team in targets in 2019 and Daniel Jones and he have chemistry. The Giants improved their o-line in the NFL draft by drafting tackle Andrew Thomas in the 1st round and Matt Peart in the 3rd round. This will give Daniel Jones more time to throw and open things up for Slayton to run wild. This guy could be your team’s RB 3-4 and have massive upside and ceiling. I am targeting this stud after the 9th round in 2020 fantasy drafts.

Kareem Hunt

I won’t elaborate too much on this put but there are some things you need to know. The mainstream is drafting Nick Chubb in the 1st round and Kareem Hunt is the better running back. In 2017 Kareem Hunt was the leagues rushing leader and who says he won’t steal the starting job. Kareem also outscored Nick Chubb in the 6 out of the 8 games they played together in PPR in 2019. I would not invest a 1st round pick on Chubb in 2019 when I can get Hunt later for nearly nothing. Don’t sleep on Kareem Hunt.

These are some solid sleepers that will help you in 2020. Make sure you target them in the right rounds and don’t overpay.

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet 2020 - Top RookiesTop Fantasy Football Rookies and Upside Players

There is a top of upside players for 2020 fantasy football and most of them happen to be rookies. I have assembled a list here below that will gives you a list of rookies that I love that have the most upside. I have also included players that are not rookies in here as well that will boom. I will elaborate on a few of the players as well. Refer to this list with confidence and know that they are in an optimal position to succeed with a ton of upside.

Rookie I love with upside and in a good position to succeed:

  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire
  • Jonathan Taylor
  • Cam Akers
  • D’Andre Swift
  • Justin Jefferson
  • Denzel Mims
  • Michael Pittman
  • Eno Benjamin
  • Joshua Kelley
  • AJ Dillon
  • Chase Claypool

Other players who are not rookies that could boom this year:

  • Kyler Murray
  • Drew Lock
  • Josh Jacobs
  • Todd Gurley
  • David Johnson
  • AJ Brown
  • Calvin Ridley
  • Diontae Johnson

Let’s dive into the reasoning on why I love a few of these potential booms for 2020.

Kyler Murray

While I may not pay the high round 5 ADP pick on Kyler Murray, I like the upside of this young QB stud. He has a ton of weapons in Arizona including the veteran Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Kirk, and the newly acquired De’Andre Hopkins. Last year Murray finished 8th amongst QB’s in fantasy points in his rookie year. He scored 285.28 fantasy points, with 20 passing touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Look for a large improvement on these numbers as he is settled into the offense with a lot more weapons. While I don’t like the receivers in Arizona, as there is a lot of mouths to feed, I do love the talent and upside of Kyler Murray for fantasy football 2020. Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet 2020

Justin Jefferson

There were a ton of rookie wide receivers that were drafted in 2020 that have upside, but Justin Jefferson could be in the best position to succeed. He should be a direct plug and play for Stefon Diggs who is now shipped off to Buffalo. Jefferson will line up with Adam Theilen and will get his share of workload and targets. I don’t recommend this guy be drafted as a WR1 on your team but more of a WR3 with upside. Out of all the wide receivers he is in the smallest committee and should do really well in 2020.

Jonathan Taylor

When you are looking at the running backs of the 2020 rookie class, the biggest workhorse in college was Jonathan Taylor. What is so appealing about him is not only his talent but his landing spot in Indianapolis. Marlon Mack is not a great running back and that on just one of the reasons the Colts acquired Taylor in the 2nd round with their 2nd pick. He could be a solid workhorse if Mack goes away. I am sure if the Colts are smart they will run the best running back there and that’s Taylor.

Final Thoughts and Tips for your draft

Always aim high on your depth charts when you are drafting a player. Never settle and be very picky. Remember to draft the solid studs early on and take some risks later on in your draft. After your draft, you cannot settle and have to constantly be looking for free agent fantasy prospects and be laser-sharp on the waiver wire. I offer everything you need to dominate your leagues in my # 1 year-long Fantasy Football podcast. Subscribe to dominate your leagues with my outside of the box fantasy football advice. Also make sure you grab my 16 Rounds draft solution, the first-ever, and only fantasy football video training. 16 rounds will help you get to dominate your leagues. Feel free to print out this cheat sheet and take it with you in your draft or have it open when you are drafting. Go dominate 2020 fantasy football! 16 Rounds Draft Solution

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