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June 15, 2022
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3 Fantasy Football QBs I Love in 2022 | QB Rankings

Fantasy Football QB rankings 2022

Fantasy Football QB rankings 2022

3 Must Draft Fantasy QBs 2022

  • Justin Herbert
  • Russell Wilson
  • Matt Ryan

Let’s dive into why I love these quarterbacks so much, starting with my personal favorite Justin Herbert.

Justin Herbert

QB rankings 2022

Herbert Continues to take a step up this season.

When you look at Herbert you have to see the future of the NFL. The talent and work ethic are really second to none. From a fantasy football perspective, he is a lot more expensive than he was last year. It is all about getting him for value this year if you.

On average he is set to come off in the 3rd round in a 12-person, 1 QB league. If you are lucky, you can and should be able to grab him in the 5ht round at the latest. Either way, I love the value and the upside of this guy and he will continue to perform at a high level. This year I believe he takes a step up as well. The offense hasn’t changed much from last year and his comfort level should only go up. I love the talent around him and the Chargers are set to have themselves a great year in a very competitive division.

These QBs know they are in a tough division and that should only up their game this season. Herbert is one of those young QBs that still have yet to hit his ceiling. 2022 will tell us a lot more about him.

Russell Wilson

Russell is in a great situation to succeed.

New team and still a great player. There is really no reason that Russell Wilson does not finish top 5 among QBs this fantasy football season. He is in a new situation with the Broncos and this should only help him more this season. The talent around him is solid and they will also benefit from his skillset in the locker room.

I can only imagine that things got a little boring in Seattle and he needed a change. Denver is a perfect home for Russell as he is in the latter half of his career. Look for a big year from Russell and I think he is great value in fantasy football drafts as well. He is coming off as late as the 8th round in 12-person leagues. I like that and feel I can really anchor my team with an ace QB like Wilson and not have to pay much. He really is a bargain this year and I love him for the NFL fantasy 2022 Season.

Matt Ryan

Big-time sleeper for fantasy football 2022. Matt Ryan will be in the bargain bins in fantasy drafts. Improved o-line, better team, more time to throw, and better situation overall. Matt Ryan throws more than anyone in the league and he will produce solid and consistent fantasy football points. He is literally going undrafted in many leagues and he is being slept on. I know he is getting a lot older and lacks the rushing volume but he will produce this year.

I consider Matt Ryan as a backup with a solid top 5-10 upside. Yes, he can finish in the top 10!

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