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June 15, 2022
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Fantasy Football Draft Steals 2022 | 4 RBs that are Great Value

Fantasy Football RB Steals

Fantasy Football RB Steals

Fantasy Football RB Draft Steals 2022

  • Saquon Barkley
  • Kenneth Walker
  • Ezekiel Elliott
  • Breece Hall

Let’s dive into why these guys are steals this season and why you should draft them. For all the optimal players to draft in each round grab the Draft Solution!

Saquon Barkley

Yes, I will continue to talk about the upside and the excitement I have around the very talented Saquon Barkley. This man is headed into a contract season and it is a make-or-break season for him. Then you have to factor in that they improved the o-line and the hunger for the Giants to do something this season except lose. I am sure excited about the value you are getting with Barkley as well. He is a steal of a deal this upcoming season. I am getting a full workhorse RB and don’t have to pay that 1st round pick.

Really no way but up for this man this season. You have to love the fact that he has to perform and has that zero committees. This is what every fantasy football fan dreams of. The only concern of course is the fact that had that major knee injury two years ago. He is two years removed and is ready to dominate the league this season. Look out!

Saquon Barkley Could be a league winner

Kenneth Walker

Love the opportunity for Walker this season, but that doesn’t come with some question marks. You are looking at a rookie who is in a potential committee. There is talk that Chris Carson may not come back after suffering a major neck surgery. The picture of the metal plate in his neck is not easy to look at. You can understand that retirement may be in the conversation for Carson this upcoming 2022 season. We don’t blame him if he hangs it up this season.

Then you have to factor in Penny who has had years to wow us and we are not wowed. I am not excited about him, to say the least, but you have to think he may be a factor. I see Walker surpassing him on the depth chart.

The QB situation does not look good at all in Seattle as well. It will be very hard to trust Drew Lock and you wonder how they will gel. With all these question marks you have to wonder how Walker will do. If things go as planned and he becomes the main guy, in Seattle then you have yourself a draft steal.

Walker could be the lead back in Seattle

Ezekiel Elliott

Draft value and sleeper steal at its best. I don’t care what anyone says, Zeke is still the workhorse in Dallas. He will eat and continue to produce top 10 fantasy football RB numbers. Last year he was dealing with a partially torn PCL injury and still played on.

I am excited to see if Ezekiel Elliott gets back to form where he is actually playing harder and gets his volume up. I am not expecting him to be my RB 1 this year. I am packaging him as my RB 3 with massive upside to be an RB 1. Grabbing him in the third round is a steal this season. I bet his ADP starts to climb as we get closer to the NFL season. More and more people will be jumping on the Zeke train this season.

In regards to Tony Pollard, we have to understand he will be a pest and will be eating into the volume of Zeke. This is why Zeke will be your RB 3 as part of a robust RB strategy.

Zeke is being slept on this season.

Breece Hall

Hall is in a boom or bust type of situation. I love the talent but hate the situation he is in with the Jets. After doing the math and if you factor in Michael Carter sitting on the bench, Hall could still end up with at least 240 rushing attempts. I like the upside and he could be a draft steal coming off in the 3rd round or he could be a major draft upset at that price.

It is not even safe to say that he is the workhorse in NY. You may have to consider that Michael Carter will and can be a factor that could hurt Hall. Either way like Zeke, Hall would be an RB 3 with major upside as part of a robust RB fantasy football draft strategy.

Hall Could be a league winner.

Conclusion and final thoughts on RB steals

Remember to never put all your faith in one RB. This position is very injury prone and you have to be careful with our selection. Make sure you aim high on that depth chart and avoid RBs with committees. In order to do that you must draft RBs in the early rounds and secure the more scarce position on the roster.

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