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NFL News 2020

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The Counselor and Pro-football insider discuss everything football and fantasy football. We dive into the news about Antonio Brown, the details of the players, and the virus if the season will happen and player contract talks. This is an open discussion and gets you up to date on the trending NFL topics. We also talk about the world situation and fantasy football 2020.

One of the topics we dive in here are the contracts and deals of guys like Dalvin Cook. Also, Alvin Kamara who is due for a big contract. The NFL teams being smart with there money and we discuss if guys like Cook, Derrick Henry, and other RB’s are worth the money. There is a lot of uncertainty this season with the virus and people are suspect in regards to drafting certain players this season or any player because if a player gets sick, we could lose that player for weeks in the season. Joseph Robert is suggesting you get more bench spots on your roster this year in your fantasy league. This is important as a lot of players could potentially go down this season. You have to be sharp and add a lot of depth from a fantasy perspective. Make sure you tell your commish you want 8-10 bench spots this season and add that depth.

Tom and the Counselor discuss and dive into all the trending topics and give you some solid football talk. This is the Fire and Ice show! Look for more content coming your way this season as Tom adds his reality football spin to the Counselor’s fantasy football talk and analysis.

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Joseph Robert
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