NFL News 2020
AB Retires, Virus Updates and More | NFL News and Notes 2020
July 22, 2020
Top 10 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Breakouts 2020
July 25, 2020
NFL News 2020
AB Retires, Virus Updates and More | NFL News and Notes 2020
July 22, 2020
Top 10 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Breakouts 2020
July 25, 2020

Fantasy Football Depth Charts 2020 | Review and Analysis

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Fantasy Football depth charts, who the Counselor likes on each team. Joseph Robert dives into every team depth chart and analysis the situation of who will emerge and have the most fantasy production.

Let’s talk about the Depth Chart, starting from Arizona Cardinals all the way down. I’m going to talk about the landscape of the Depth Chart, break it down for you, talk about guys that could emerge. Now, we just read yesterday that there’s going to be no preseason, which is probably going to suck for a lot of these guys. They were undrafted or they were seventh-round guys. For example, this guy, Benjamin was drafted in the seventh round. I don’t know if he’s going to make the team or not. It’s not going to help them because preseasons are a really good way to gauge some of the talents from the team. This sends a ripple effect down the Depth Charts if you’re studying them. Buckle in, grab some popcorn, whatever it is, if you’re driving, let’s dive into this deep dive.

Statistically, analytically, I’m going to go off the top of my head, because I know stats off the top of my head a lot, because I live and breathe this. I’m not going to go through every single stat. If I sat down and looked at every single stat of every single player right now, it would take forever. I’m just going to give you guys some of the guys I like, and how these Depth Charts are moving.

Starting off with the Arizona Cardinals, let’s talk about Kyler Murray real quick here. Again, I’m going to rapid-fire a lot. A lot of people saying he’s going to be the next Lamar Jackson. Very possible, although I just find that hard to believe, because it takes a while for quarterbacks to get in their groove, and now he’s got a new weapon, DeAndre Hopkins. Is he the real deal? Lamar Jackson is super special. For Kyler to duplicate what Lamar did, I just don’t see that happening, but I could be eating my words. Could be wrong. Kyler Murray coming off in the fifth round. They might draft him this year, probably not. I’m going to wait for a couple more rounds to get to Josh Allen, someone like that, and maybe even Matt Ryan. Kyler Murray, Dak Prescott, very expensive this year at around the fourth, fifth round.

Again, that 16 Rounds Draft Solution has everything you need, so get it guys. The shortcuts, all this absorbing content, I literally hand you on a silver platter the win. Make sure you guys get 16 Rounds either way. It helps to support the channel as well. It means a lot to me.

Arizona Cardinals

All right. Running backs here, Kenyan Drake, Chase Edmonds. Chase Edmonds, I think, is part of that old system with the Cardinals, and we know Kingsbury wants to integrate a new system. That’s why he brought Kenyan Drake, to train him the way that he wants to train him. Benjamin, now this guy is acquired in the seventh-round by the Cardinals. The talent is there. He’s out of Arizona, so I could see this guy emerging. He could be the Phillip Lindsay of the Cardinals. I’m not really sold on Drake being that workhorse guy. Mind you, the ceiling is there with Drake, but he’s only had three or four good games his entire career. That just doesn’t justify a second-round fantasy pick for me. Kenyan Drake for me, I’m going to be out on him, but trust me, the ceiling is high. Now, there’s a huge committee here of wide receivers from Hopkins to Kirk, to Larry Fitzgerald, Isabella, KeeSean Johnson. The one thing I’m looking at is the rapport here. Kyler has that rapport with Christian Kirk and Larry Fitzgerald. He doesn’t have it with Hopkins. I don’t know if there’s going to be enough training in the off-season to justify a really good connection with Hopkins and Kyler Murray, so I am a little concerned about this connection here. I’m not really as sold on Hopkins as much as a lot of people are in the first round. I’m seeing away. Dan Arnold could be some upside there. Maxx Williams, I’m not excited about it. There’s a Depth Chart there. Again, Larry Fitzgerald could be phased out this year and maybe other guys will emerge.

Atlanta Falcons

I don’t know if there are enough targets again to make Hopkins a top wide receiver if they’re lining up four wide. Be cautious. Falcons, it’s pretty simple here. We’ve got Julio Jones, Calvin, they’re going to get a lot of the volume on the outside. Russell Gage will come in and get some work. Todd Gurley is the guy here. I could imagine Brian Hill, what he does with getting a little bit of work there to relieve Todd Gurley occasionally, but Gurley’s the guy here. This is why I love Todd Gurley so much. When you look at Depth Charts, there isn’t anybody here that’s going to come and affect him. Matt Ryan’s going to have a great year as well. Hayden Hurst, I love the upside. It’s going to be interesting to see if he’s going to be used the same way Hooper was used last year. Hayden Hurst has a good opportunity as a big fantasy football sleeper this year. Again, when you’re looking at Depth Charts, always look to see, is there someone else that’s going to come in and be a hoarder? You know what, Todd Gurley is going to be fine this year, honestly. These guys want to win this year. They got a team built to win. That’s what they’re doing. I’m not looking for a team that’s going to be solid in the next five years. I’m looking for a team that’s going to win right now, and they’ve got the tools. They’re going to use Todd Gurley every way and in any way, they can.

Baltimore Ravens

Ravens here, I’m staying away from Dobbins. If you look at the attempts between Mark Ingram and Lamar Jackson, it was over 260 attempts combined. Now, you’ve got all these attempts taken by Lamar Jackson, and now you’ve added Dobbins here. Is there going to be enough volume for Dobbins and Ingram and all these guys? I just don’t see it. They’re going to probably reduce the running and rushing attempts of Lamar Jackson. He had about 176 last year, that’s going to come down. A little bit of integration with Dobbins, but not expecting Dobbins to be the guy this year. Justice Hill, Gus Edwards, I’m staying away. Marquise Brown, again, talent and speed is there. I don’t know if he’s going to be a huge factor this year. I see Mark Andrews at tight end and is a really good player, but am I investing early in Mark Andrews? I’m probably not going to do that. I’m not going to go with the early pick, but I do like the upside.

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills are going to be a battle with Singletary and Zach Moss. I see Zach Moss coming in and emerging, getting the goal-line work. Singletary is an undersized guy. Moss could be a huge factor, but Singletary is there. It’s going to be a pest of a committee. I’m probably staying away from this entire situation. I may grab Zach Moss later. I talked about this in the 16 Rounds Draft Solution, where to grab these guys, if you draft these guys. I’m just giving you a layout and landscape. Josh Allen, I love him in the seventh round. Diggs, John Brown, Beasley, they’re all going to get work here. Dawson Knox is a huge sleeper, be careful with him. I’m not sure if he gets the volume. Diggs, if you look at him in his successful year, he had 150 targets in Minnesota. Is he going to get 150 targets here? Allen just doesn’t throw the ball as much as Cousins did. Maybe he throws it more this year. It’s going to be interesting to see how it goes, but this is an offense I’ll be watching. Very interesting fantasy relevance here with this offense.

Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers, this is going to be very interesting. A lot of people expecting Christian McCaffrey to have a similar year. I don’t see it. What am I saying? I’m thinking about Ekeler here. I got my mind messed up. All right. He doesn’t have the same quarterback stardom to this year. It’s Teddy Bridgewater. Is Teddy Bridgewater going to utilize Christian McCaffrey as much? Probably not. Now, D.J. Moore, Robby Anderson is there. Obviously, Robby Anderson is going to spread the field a little bit and open things up here for Christian McCaffrey. You could say it would be an advantage to him, but again, D.J. Moore, a lot of people are overselling him, I think. We’re going to have to see how the connection is with Bridgewater and Anderson, who he gravities to. Is he going to be dumping the ball off 116 times to Christian McCaffrey? Will he get that much volume? I don’t know. I don’t know how many balls Christian McCaffrey’s going to catch this year. I just don’t see it 116 times this year. Ian Thomas could be a sleeper as well, as tight end. Going to be an interesting offense to watch. I think Bridgewater is going to be efficient, but I just don’t see Christian McCaffrey duplicating last year’s numbers.

Chicago Bears

The Bears, I’m wearing the Bears hat here. David Montgomery, I think he’s going to have a great season. 240 plus attempts last year, 889 yards, 3.7 yards for carrying, six touchdowns. That’s definitely going to go up with Nagy knowing they got to pound the ball a little bit more this year. Foles, Trubisky, I think it’s going to be Trubisky’s drop to lose. I think he is the guy there. Foles is going to come in, he’s going to be a little more efficient when he plays. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out, but I think Trubisky off the top. If Trubisky doesn’t perform, incomes Nick Foles saves the day. It’s going to be interesting to see. David Montgomery’s the guy. Tarik Cohen sucks. He’s supposed to be a pass-catching back, dropped more passes than anybody on the Bears team last year. The most overrated running back in history. They got to run Montgomery if they want to win. Tarik Cohen is not good. Now, last year is very frustrating because I was watching these guys and they were bringing Tarik Cohen out on third-and-one. Are you kidding me? Then he was running for negative four yards. They’ve got to think here. Don’t be cute Nagy, run Montgomery. You pound the ball down their throat. Montgomery’s been working hard in the off-season. He’s going to work on his top-end speed, as long as they open up some holes for him or if he creates his own holes. He’s going to be very interesting. He needs that breakout season. This is the year it could happen. Allen Robinson, Anthony Miller. Robinson’s a top guy there, and Jimmy Graham not really sold on him. Cole Kmet, not sure what to expect yet.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals, this offense I’m staying away from completely. Total boomer bust. They have some talent with John Ross, Tyler Boyd, A.J. Green, Tee Higgins. This could be interesting as Tee Higgins could be a sleeper here, as he could emerge with Joe Burrow because he’s a young quarterback. I don’t know if he’s going to gravitate to an A.J. Green. A.J. Green, at the tail end of his season. I’m wondering if there’s going to be a connection here with Burrow and Green. I don’t think so. I could be wrong, but if I’m Burrow, I’m going to gravitate to a guy I can grow with, like a guy like Tee Higgins. It’ll be very, very interesting. Joe Mixon, obviously the guy. Bernard, not much of a threat. Look for Robbie Anderson, Trayveon Williams to get a few reps there. Probably Robbie Anderson there. C.J Uzomah could be safe Titan if Burrow gravitates to the tight end position, but again, we don’t know. It’s going to be interesting with no preseason this year how this all going to shape up, because week one man is sink or swim. If you don’t want to take a risk on some question marks and uncertainty don’t chat any Bengals, because you’re not going to see anything in the preseason.

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns again, overrated. I called these guys over here last year. This year, there should be some improvements. They brought Stefanski there to look after some of these running backs. Nick Chubb wants to be predicated on the volume we had last year. People are drafting him. I’m not sold on Nick Chubb being the guy. I think Kareem Hunt’s going to get some work. Mind you, Stefanski could run Nick Chubb and make Kareem Hunt the bench guy. Very unlikely, but very interesting to the committee, but I’m not drafting Nick Chubb at all in the first round. Just not going to happen for me. He’s that late first round, early second guy, too much draft capital for a guy who’s got Kareem Hunt there. When we’re talking Depth Charts, I’m always looking at RB one right here and I look at RB two. If the gap between these guys isn’t like this, I’m showing this on YouTube guys. It’s pretty much off the screen. If the gap between the running backs… Like Todd Gurley, Brian Hill, who’s better? You got to ask yourself that. You got to ask yourself Dion Lewis or Saquon Barkley, who’s better? Derek Henry or Darrynton Evans, who’s better? Zeke Elliot, Tony Pollard, who’s better. You got to ask yourself that. When you look at Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, who’s better? You could make an argument than Nick Chubb is better, but I think Kareem Hunt is a better running back, all-around all-purpose. A rushing leader in 2017. See so many people forget what Kareem Hunt did with Casey. I don’t know if he’s a better pure runner, but he’s a better past catching running back. I think he’s a better all-around running back and he could be utilized as an RV one. When you have that type of question mark and you look at the last eight weeks of the season last year and Kareem Hunt outscored Nick Chubb in PPR, why would you even bother drafting Nick Chubb? I wouldn’t. Okay. Odell Beckham, Landry. Last year, I said that Landry was better than Odell. He did perform better than Odell because he had Baker Mayfield rapport. This year again, Odell is still in the top 10 amongst wide receivers. Mind you he’s coming out and said, he’s going to have a great season. This and that. I’m not sold. Listen, Landry’s the wide receiver one. I can’t believe people are putting Odell as a wide receiver one here. I’m staying away from this entire situation. Hooper, a lot of people expect him to be the same Hooper in Atlanta. I don’t see that. Matt Ryan’s not throwing him the ball. It’s going to be interesting to see how this offense pans out. I’m not sold on this offense. I could be wrong.

Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys, Zeke Elliott, Tony Pollard would come in for some pass-catching opportunities. This committee I’m a little concerned about I’m staying away from because Amari Cooper, Gallup, CeeDee Lamb, who knows? CeeDee Lamb could be phenomenal, but Gallup could be a wide receiver one in his own respect, stay away. A lot of hype around Blake Jarwin. Blake Jarwin could be a guy that could emerge, but I’m not sold on it because of Dak Prescott. The guy really wants to get paid a big deal, so I think he performs this year. I really think he does. It’s going to be interesting to see. He’s been consistent every year and he’s slept on every year. Now, his ADP has risen in fantasy. Going to be interesting to see how that goes. That’s going to be safe and solid.

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos. That’s rapid-fire here. We got Drew Lock here. A lot of people high on Drew Lock. I am as well because the uncertainty and the highest ceiling is very appealing. I liked that. I liked the upside and he’s got a phenomenal amount of talent around him. Noah Fant, a tight end and catch the ball, Cortland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, Hamler. Jerry Jeudy and Hamler both acquired, Jerry Judy, one of the top Rob prospects coming out of the draft route, running. He’s a polished receiver from what we’ve seen. A plug and play that Drew Lock could gravitate to. At other situations where it’s a three-headed monster, or I’d say five-headed if you include Melvin Gordon. You may not want to include him, but you got Noah Fant Judy, Hamler or Sutton. Who’s Drew Locke going to gravitate to. Now again, when you’ve got this second-year quarterback coming in, who hasn’t really thrown the ball a lot in the NFL, you want wonder and he has similar to Joe Burrow who is going to gravitate to you. When you’re drafting any of these wide receivers from the Broncos or the Bangles, you’re going to have a lot of uncertainty here. That’s where I’m sitting here. I have a lot of question marks with this offense. Melvin Gordon should be the top guy here, but Phillip Lindsay will be a pest and so will Royce Freeman. I’ve stayed away from Gordon.

Detriot Lions

Let’s move on here. Lions. I think this offense could really boom. There is a battle between Swift and Kerryon. I think D’Andre Swift completely emerges here with the Detroit Lions. Kenny Golladay is going to be the wide receiver one clear cut. Marvin Joe’s no comparison. Marvin Joe’s numbers were inflated. I believe he had a game where he had three to four touchdowns in one game which inflated as numbers a bit. There was a whole bunch of other quarterback stores on the ball. This year, healthy staffers going to connect with Golladay. It’s going to be an amazing connection there. Hawkinson could emerge. He was a little banged up, but he should be ready for the season. Swift, Kerryon again, Swift I see emerging there.

Green Bay Packers

Now the Packers, let’s talking about the situation here. Aaron Rodgers, obviously a chip on his shoulder, ready to perform. Have a good year. They acquired Jordan Love with I think the first or second pick of their draft. Packers, obviously planning for the future, which puts a little bit of pressure on Aaron Rogers this season. I think he’s going to have a really good season as long as Adams is healthy. I think they’re going to be connecting. I’ve got Adams as my wide receiver one amongst wide receivers finishing ahead of Michael Thomas this year if healthy. Allen Lazard this year, absolutely love him as a wide receiver two. Geronimo Allison had his chance last year, Just didn’t do anything. Same with MVS. Valdez Scantling did absolutely nothing last year guys. These are guys that had the opportunity, didn’t do anything. Devin Funchess sucks. He’s done absolutely nothing. Go back and check my sucker sod. I just did. Lazard is a sleeper where you can get amazing value. Jace Sternberger’s not really sold on. Could have some upside. Listen we’ve got Jamal Williams here in the running back committee. I think they’re going to phase him out. Aaron Jones and Dillon, I think are going to be the guys. Dillon’s going to come in and get some work. If you watch some tape on this guy, he’s launching people. He’s a big guy and he’s fast. Look for AJ Dillon to get some work this year and possibly take this job, if they decide to phase Aaron Jones the same way the Cardinals did with Kenyan Drake. I love Dillon super late. It’d be interesting. A running back committee to watch.

Houston Texans

Texans, love this offense. Very intriguing here. Deshaun Watson should have a good year. If Brandin Cooks, Will Fuller stay healthy, we’ve got ourselves a decent offense here. I like Cooks better than Fuller. Again, he’s been pretty durable aside from a couple of concussions. I think Brandin Cooks will be fine. I think he’s going to be okay. As long as he doesn’t get his head banged up, he’ll be okay. David Johnson, again, another situation where he’s a pure guy, he is the workhorse running back and these guys are built to win right now. This is not a team you want to look at and say, “Hey, this is my future.” You can build around a Deshaun Watson, but it’s very hard to build around guys like Brandin Cooks and maybe even David Johnson, who’s going to have at least two to three more good years left in him. Jordan Akins, not really sold on their tight ends here at all. They’re not really sold on Cobb. They got Cobb and Stils. Nobody really cares about, but Cooks. They could use another wide receiver. I heard, through an inside source they were expressing some interest in Antonio Brown to be the one there, but again, I don’t know. It’s going to be an interesting offense to see they’ve got a tough division with the course, which we’re going to talk about next.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are also built to win as well, but they’ve got some good weapons on the defense, some offense and… Yeah. Texas are built to win this year whereas the Colts are building for the future, aside from Rivers. Let’s talk about the Colts Phillip Rivers. Again one good year, if he does well he’ll stay on. Jonathan Taylor, Marlon Mack. Taylor’s clear cut. He’s going to be the wide receiver one here. Marlon Mack just not that good, but I think they’re going to be running a committee. This is going to be a huge pest unless somebody runs away with this. It’s going to be interesting to see. If you draft Jonathan Taylor or any of these rookie running back pied hours. Make sure you go robust are before running backs. One of the three to four running backs to get robust RB, because you’re going to be probably pissed off as these other guys, like Marlon Mack are going to get their share of the workload. T.Y. Hilton, I love Pittman. T.Y. Hilton’s going to be safe and saw if healthy and Doyle could be a big sleeper.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars’ Leonard Fournette. He’s got to prove himself, love him this year. He only had three touchdowns last year. Can you imagine this ceiling? If he gets in the groove Gardner mission now set in the groove. Hopefully, Leonard Fournette gets more touchdowns. Just didn’t have the opportunity to get a lot of touchdowns last year. Hopefully, they get into the red zone more and pound in with Leonard Fournette. I don’t see Armstead or Chris Thompson being a factor. Lenny is the guy. I do love Chark this year. I think he’s going to get a lot of volume. Westbrook, Laviska Shenault. Shenault’s going to be that interesting guy that could really boom, but I think he’s more of a gadget player. He’s like a Tayvon Austin from years ago. A better version of Tayvon Austin, but he’s a gadget player. Catch the ball in the backfield. It’s going to be interesting to see, but again, there’s some upside. They’re not a guy I’m really targeting, but you never know. Tyler Eifert, I’m staying away.

Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs, pretty straight forward here. Tyreek Hill’s the guy. Pretty volatile game in game out. Kelce is the number one receiver here as the most consistent. Nicole Hardman, Sammy Watkins going to have some boom games, same with DeMarcus Robinson and Byron Pringle. A bit of a mess here. A lot of mouths to feed. A throw first offense. Patrick Mahomes, I’m not investing a second or third-round pick on him. Be cautious Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Damien Williams. Damien will be a thorn in the side of Clyde. I keep going back to the example of McCoy and Williams only combining for around 220 rushing attempts last year. Damien Williams is still there. Imagine 100, 120 going to him. Clyde Edwards-Hilaire. How many rushing attempts is he really going to get? Unless the Chiefs decide to make him the three-down running back, which I doubt they’ll do because Damien Williams is good in pass protection or rush. He’s going to protect the quarterback really well. His pass protection is good. I’m looking at Damien Williams and saying, they may use him a lot more because they believe in them and they trust them. Clyde Edwards-Hilaire, I’m not investing a second-round pick. I’m a little cautious with him.

Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles chargers here, a bit of a mess. Stay away from this entire situation. A lot of people sold on Austin Ekeler a second-round pick having a pinnacle year in the year of his life. A guy that had years to wireless award not wowed. Coming in with only 132 times three rushing touchdowns, but did really well in the reception aspect of it game. Phillip Rivers is gone, so what’s Tyra going to do? I don’t know. It’d be a bunch of check downs. I could throw the ball. Who knows? They’ve got Keenan Allen, Mike Williams that are going to catch the ball as well and Hunter Henry if he stays healthy. Justin Herbert looking to make an emergence this year as well. When that’s going to happen, we’re uncertain, but Tyrod Taylor is not a guy that’s going to win you a lot of games or get you to the playoffs. If he does, he’s not going to get you far into the playoffs. Herbert should emerge at some point in the season, but I’m not sold on Ekeler in the second round. We’re almost done here. We’re almost done couple more teams left here.

Las Vegas Raiders

Vegas Raiders. Jacob’s clear clearcut guy there. I think Rashard will be used. I think he’ll be a bit of a pest, but I do like Jacobs. I think the first round is good for him, but there is some question marks around this entire offense, but with Henry Ruggs there now could spread the fences out back and then Josh Jacobs get some more open opportunities, less than boxes. It’s going to be interesting to see Jacob’s really emerging this year. From what I heard again from a Raiders’ guy, an insider, he was telling me that Jacob’s had a bum shoulder after week seven he is still powered through played 13 games. Imagine playing a full 16 games in the groove with Ruggs out there, distracting defense a little bit. I love the upside here, but I do feel Jaylin Rashard. Some of these guys could be a pest. Waller’s going to have a great season as well at tight end, but am I investing in the early-round pick? Probably not.

Los Angeles Rams

There will be a battle at the RB position but I feel Akers will prevail. He was draft for a reason. To be used. There is talk about an RBBC, but Akers is the most talented RB there.

Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins here. Jordan Howard, Matt Breida. Don’t trust them, staying away from everything Dolphins. Although I do see the ceiling with guys like Gesicki, I may get him as a late-round, tight end sleeper. I talk about this in 16 rounds were to get him and if he should get him. DeVante Parker, Preston Williams. Preston Williams, I think a torn ACL or something like that. The ceiling is high for these guys. Parker, Williams, am not sure who’s going to emerge. Fitzpatrick is going to get to start off. Tua could come in eventually. Poor Josh Rosen, what happened to him? He’s at the bottom Depth Chart, but yes, it would be a bit of a mess here. I’m going to stay away.

Minnesota Vikings

Vikings, Dalvin Cook. Is he going to go hold out? I think he’s bluffing a little bit. I think he’s going to play. The fact that matter is he knows that he’s pretty much toast. Here’s the deal, he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. He knows that if he sits out, he’s not going to get paid. He knows if he plays, he’s going to get hurt. It sucks to be Dalvin Cook right now, guy that’s beyond overrated. I don’t believe in him at all. Mattison should get the start at some point. Love him later. Jefferson could be a solid plug and play here. He played at LSU as a polished receiver, but again is Kirk Cousins an upgrade at quarterback from Burrow. I’d say so, but it’s going to be interesting to see how that translates in the NFL, his talent. So Irv Smith could be interesting as well, but Jefferson really appealing to me as a top rookie wide receiver this year.

New England Patriots

Patriots I’m going to stay away from this entire situation. The running backs are an entire mess here. Dillon, James White, a lot of people were saying, Damien Harris can emerge this year very well, but Dillon, and James White. Rexburg has going to get his share of reps. Why receivers, who knows, who came, Newton’s going to gravitate to you? Has he really made any wide receivers amazing throughout the years? Not really, but a guy that’s really intriguing and a sleeper is as Assasi at tight end. because we know cam likes his tight end. The guy that I stashed on my bench secret a fantasy football asleep or that you could target.

New Orleans Saints

Saints here. Alvin Kamara is still going to be the guy. The contract you’re is going to be hungry. Should have a solid year. What’d you get was a top 10 finish. If he gets those receptions for Kamara, Michael Thomas, pretty similar. Sanders is going to come in and get some virus. So is Jared Cook. We saw Jared Cook started merging. Get those touchdowns at the end of the season. Really tearing it up. Drew Brees is healthy. It’s going to be good. I don’t like Drew Brees because Hill comes in on a lot of plays and that bothers me. I’m staying away from Drew Brees who has these volatile games, game in game out.

New York Giants

Giant, Saquon Barkley’s going to improved o-line and I love this team. Slayton as the wide receiver one here. He was the number one target last year. A bit of a question mark here with Shepard and Tate, how they’re going to do. Again, when you’re looking at this offense, you have a lot of question marks. Is Danielle Jones a real deal? Is he going to ask some upside? Now he’s going to have some more time to throw with the improved Connelly and Saquon Barkley healthy. I like this offense. It’s intriguing. Evan Engram could be a sleeper, but I may not pay the earlier draft pick to get him. This is an offense I’ll be watching because I’ve got Saquon Barkley stock and he’s my first overall fantasy pick this year. We got like eight more teams here. We’re going to rip through here. Very interesting, if you are a fan of these teams.

New York Jets

Jets staying away completely just don’t bother with these guys. There is some upside with Mims, Jamison Crowder not really sold on them. Bell will be safe and solid. Frank Gore should come in and get some work. Stay away from the jets. Eagles again, another team I’m staying away from. They do have Miles Sanders who right now is not in a committee. They were entertaining guys like Devonte Freeman. I just feel that Miles Sanders will not be the workhorse. I just feel they don’t believe in him as the Widers or running back one. They may bring somebody in and it could be a thorn in your side. If you are drafting, just be aware that someone else like a Devonta Freeman or someone could come in here and be a thorn, so be cautious. Jalen Reagor, DeSean Jackson, Jeffrey. What a disaster here, Zach Ertz and the other TE. I’m seeing away because you don’t know. Is it going to be Raegor… It’s a disaster. Is Wentz going to stay healthy? Is Jalen Hurts going to come in, who knows? Eagles don’t even believe in the Eagles. As I said, they’ve got a solid running back there in Miles Sanders yet they’re looking at other guys and they’ve got a solid quarterback. Apparently they paid $128 million to Carson Wentz. Yet they draft Jalen Hurts in the draft like… They don’t even believe in their own players, why would I? They’re a disaster. I’m staying away.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers love this offense. A ton of upside for guys like Diontae Johnson, Claypool, Ryan Switzer should be cut. I don’t even know why he’s on the team here on the Depth Chart. McFarlane could emerge. Not really sold on James Conner being the guy. Snell is going to get some reps staying away from this running back committee, big Ben. It should be safe and solid. Again, look for guys like Diontae Johnson because JuJu I’m not really sold on him being the one.

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks, Carlos Hyde, buzzkill, the entire running back committee. You tack that on with Chris Carson being injured quite often, Carlos Hyde could be a guy that’s going to just be a thorn in your side. Stay away from this running back committee. Carlos Hyde sucks, but he’s good enough to be a thorn with Chris Carson. Russell Wilson, he’s going to be safe and solid. Metcalf could be solid, but what again pisses me off for this offense is that they were in the entertaining Antonio Brown. Does that tell me you don’t `believe in locking in Metcalf? Yeah, that hints at that. Looking for that true wide receiver one. I’m a little suspect of what this offense, Greg Olsen not really sold on, but has some upside

San Francisco 49ers

49ers another situation I’m staying away from. Tevin Coleman, Who knows what this offense, who the heck knows monster wants? I don’t know what’s going on with Monster Deebo. Samuel’s banged up. Brandon Aiyuk is a rookie. George Kittle’s the only guy I really trust here, but again, stay away from this team. I remember everybody had Pettis ahead of Deebo last year and I said, “guys, stay away from Pettis. He is not that good.” Sure enough. You see what happened here. A couple more teams here, Buccaneers suspect that running back. Chris Godwin, Evans being drafted in the second, third round. Stay away, because you don’t know who the wide receiver one is. You can’t say Chris Godwin’s the wide receiver one, because he had a better year last year. Can’t say that Evans is technically the wide receiver one, but based on fantasy everyone is waiting. Chris Godwin ahead of Evans, which is crazy because Evan’s is just as good as Godwin. Again, predicated on last year, bad way to gauge stuff.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

When you’re looking at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s going to be a high octane offense if you have Brady there, Godwin, Evans, the weapons are there, Gronkowski. I’m staying away from… Howard is there. Is way too many committee battles where we don’t know who’s emerging as the one. Is it Ke’Shaun Vaughn? Is it Rojo. Remember that gap I talked about? We don’t really know. Same with the 49ers. Who’s going to be the running back one. We don’t know. There are not enough gaps to pinpoint who that wide receiver one is. That’s why there’s a ton of value in this show.

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans. Again, you can see there’s a gap. A.J. Brown Davis. A.J. Brown, right? Big gap. Derek Henry, Evans, big gap, Ryan Tannehill, Cole McDonald, Ryan Tannehill, Geno Smith. Firsker whatever his name is, Geno Smith. You can see there’s more to grab onto this roster where the Depth Chart. A.J. Brown, Henry, and Ryan Tannehill I love them. Keep it simple, right? Draft those guys. When you look at Washington, when you’re talking about the biggest disaster for a fantasy football, when you’re looking at an organization that is beyond confused as to what they want to do, you just take a look at Washington. Not only did they not know what team name may have, they’re believing Dwayne Haskins who did absolutely nothing. Adrian Peterson who should be retired years ago. He’s beyond the lower end of his tail of his career.

They drafted Bryce Love who could be an RB1 in his own respect. He was a little injured last. You can get rid of Peterson, Guice and Barber and start Bryce Love. That’s how good this guy was in college. But yet he’s sitting fifth on the Depth Chart behind Peyton Barber. They’ve got Antonio Gibson they just drafted. Why do you have Antonio Gibson? We’ve got Bryce Love who could be ready to go?. Then you look at the Golden Gandy at wide receiver McLaurin. The only guy is see here doing well is probably Terry McLaurin, who is just by default going to get forest fed the reception. That’s the only guy I’d considered drafting from the Redskins. But then again, you got Haskins throwing the ball so how do you feel about that?

There you have it guys. Every single Depth Chart of every single team broken down for you in some detail. I could have dove in more deeper with every single Depth Chart, but then you’re looking at probably an hour and a half, two hours, three-hour episode here. But listen, guys, get the 16 round draft solution. It’s going to break down all the optimal players that I like on each team and where to draft them. Because as you can see here guys, I have a really good sense of the depth chart. Who’s going to emerge, who’s not going to emerge, who’s going to fall off, who’s not, who’s throwing to who? Everything is there in the 16 round draft solution. Okay? Leave your questions below. If you have a fantasy football question, leave it below. Smash, thumbs up guys. Hope you guys enjoyed this show. I know I did. Thank you for being here guys, and I am out. Appreciate you.

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