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June 30, 2020
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July 2, 2020

Top Fantasy Football Tight Ends 2020 | The TE Draft Strategy

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Top Fantasy Football Tight End discussion and draft strategy. The Counselor tells you the truth about drafting a Tight end in your fantasy football leagues.

When you are looking at drafting a fantasy football Tight end you have to wait. There is a ton of late-round value that you can get that could easily finish in the TOP 10. So many times people invest very early in a tight end and the regret it. The Counselor in this video gives you a practical tight end draft strategy that will help you edge out the competition. While the mainstream sheep are busy drafting Travis Kelce in RD 2, you are going to be loading up on running backs.

The Counselor talks about waiting on TE later and stacking two upside TE’s. Look for Tight ends that have a high ceiling that could crack the top 10. How to identify this is by making sure the player you are looking at is not in a committee, and yes the committee exists for Tight ends as well. Go for guys that are the clear cut TE one on their teams. The Counselor referenced the year that Gronk was being drafted in rd one a few years ago and ended up busting. You cannot waste an early pick on a tight end because even the TOP finisher at this position maxes out with WR2 numbers.

This is the reason you really need to go with the robust RB draft strategy. Load up on those RB’s early as this is the most scarce position in fantasy and you will be adding depth for it. Also, you are taking a good player off the board and your competition won’t have them. It’s a two-fold strategy that is very effective. You will also get some solid sleepers in this video that you can draft in 2020 with major breakout potential at the TE position.

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