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Fantasy Football Rankings 2022 | 3 Players that will Decline
February 4, 2022
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Fantasy Football Advice 2022 | Top 10 Tips to Win Your Leagues
February 7, 2022

Top 10 Fantasy Football Tips 2022 | How to Win Your Leagues

Top 10 Tips to Win Fantasy Football

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Top 10 fantasy football tips to win your leagues in 2022.

  1. Load up on RB’s
  2. Study Depth Charts
  3. Wait on Drafting a QB
  4. Wait on Drafting a TE
  5. Stray away from the Consensus
  6. Backup plan for Everything
  7. Don’t buy the recent player bias
  8. Popular players don’t always perform
  9. Balance your roster with security and upside
  10. Stay sharp on the waiver wire and be Confident

Let’s dive into these tips a little deeper individually.

1. Load up on RB’s

Tip number one, load up on running backs. Now I talk about the robust RB strategy more than anyone else, because it is the most scarce position. I want to emphasize this, I want to stress this out to you. I want to hammer this point home to you guys. So you need to load up on running backs. It’s very, very important that you do this and you want to make sure it’s the right running backs. So running backs that are minimal committees, not guys that have had years to wow us and we’re not wowed. Not guys you don’t trust, not guys that are in major committees, but guys that are in a prime situation that have a high ceiling that is going to get a ton of volume. Now with me, you know me, I’m old school. I like smash-mouth football. I like running back strong. I like a guy that’s going to get a lot of carries and get a lot of volume. I’m not into these two runnings back scheme idea, the Kamara, Ingram, that’s BS. Go for a guy that is the workhorse on that team. One that that offense and that coach and that team really believe in that’s going to get the volume. Your Saquons, your Zekes, your CMC’s of the world. Those are what you need on your roster and you load up on them early. You take them off the board so that your competition is stuck with the Melvin Gordons and the Phillip Lindseys and guys that are in major committees after the fifth round.

You let them deal with the scraps while you load up on the running backs early. Okay, I’m going to tell you guys, there is a ton of depth that wide receiver this year. So anyone telling you zero RB is crazy. Go robust RB. Okay, because zero RB, you’re going to end up with those scrubs, guys in committees, but with wide receiver, you can literally wait to the fifth round and you’re going to get eight or nine wide receiver ones still available and guys that could crack the top 10 and beat out the guys that are being drafted currently at the wide receiver position in the first couple rounds. Okay, so load up on raw RBS. That’s your top tip number one right now going into the top 10 tips to win fantasy football.

2. Study Depth Charts

Tip number two, study depth charts, go to the team pages. Look what’s going on with the team. Follow on Insta. And also guys, I’m going to link it below. You can follow on Twitch. We’re going to start producing in mid-August, and I’m telling you Check it out, go over there. You’re going to get every team ambassador giving you news about that team. So get to know the teams, study the depth charts, go to every team page, look at the depth chart, and then you’re going to know who’s going to get the volume. Make sure you guys are staying up to that news. Like I said, I’m telling you guys, once you know the depth chart, then you’re going to know who’s going to get the volume on that team. And I’m obsessed. I am really, really obsessed with aiming high on that depth chart. Okay, so that’s tip number two. Know the depth chart, know how it’s moving, know who’s emerging all the time. And again, that’s why you’re subscribed to this podcast because I tell you guys, and of course, follow me on Insta because I talk in my story mode quite a bit on what’s happening, what’s emerging. Okay, so study those depth charts. Know what’s going on, who’s emerging, who’s on top, and who’s going to get the volume.

3. Wait on Drafting QB

Okay. Number three, wait on a quarterback. We saw a lot of people buying this recency bias of Lamar Jackson last year and he busted having another amazing great year. Now part of his success was predicated on the fact that he had over 1200 rushing yards and 176 attempts, seven rushing touchdowns the prior year. So he got a lot of volume on the ground. They had also brought Dobbins for a reason, hopefully, maybe to relieve some of that running pressure that is on Lamar Jackson. And he’s coming off in the second round last season was crazy and uncalled for. That to me is too high of a draft pick for a quarterback considering I can get Russell Wilson or Justin Herbert in the 5th round or even after that this season. So I can get a guy that’s proven that’s going to be consistent and safe and I’m just using Russell Wilson as an example. There are other guys that you have great value this year you can draft later on. Hope you learned not to invest a second-round pick on a quarterback Lamar. Now you’re saying, well, Josh Allen and Pat Mahomes have a huge ceiling. Yes, they do. They’re phenomenal players. There’s no doubt about it. And I have no doubt, barring any injury, that they’re going to produce on a high level yet again. The problem is I am losing an ace running back. I’m losing a Josh Jacobs, possibly another workhorse RB if I invest in an RB too early. I love going with that Robust RB strategy early on, while still getting that ace QB in the first 6 rounds. The simple secret here is just not to invest too early in a QB. That is all. There is a ton of depth at the QB position in general, and overpaying is completely unnecessary. That’s why going back to tip number one, load up on running backs. But again, going back to this tip number three, wait on a quarterback. Trust me. There’s a ton of depth at quarterback. You can literally wait and get yourself a solid quarterback all the time guys. Get a backup as well. Now if you’re in a one quarterback league, get two quarterbacks. If you’re in a two-quarterback league, get three quarterbacks, okay. Extra golden nugget here for you.

4. Wait on Drafting a Tight End

Number four here. I already told you to wait on a quarterback, now you’ve got to wait on a tight end. Always wait on a TE. And this goes back to a couple of years ago when I was emphasizing this heavily, everyone’s going Gronkowski round one. I said stay away from Gronkowski, get George Kittle. I got George Kittle, boom right there. So what I’m saying is get a backup for your tight end as well. Get two tight ends and get them later. Okay. Wait on the tight end. Let’s be honest. There are literally 3-5 really good tight ends and they come off the board early. I usually wait until mid to late-round to get my tight end and then back him up. I usually land a young player with upside and do well every year. Look for opportunity and volume when you draft a TE. This year TJ Hockenson seems like a good value TE with upside. 3rd round might be a bit steep but could be worth the payoff.

5. Stray Away from the mainstream Consensus Rankings and advice

Tip number five. This is very common sense and you hear me preaching it in my content, you’ve got to stray away from the consensus rankings. They will lead you astray. If you are basically drafting on ADP or drafting on players that finished well last year, you’re not going to succeed. So again, this is what the mainstream is feeding you, whether it be via magazine or the consensus ranking sites or the mainstream sheep analysts. And again, 99% of the analysts in the industry are doing this. They’re basically telling you this guy finished on top last year, draft them again in this same order. Now you may get a little bit of variance. They kind of bump up popular players, but aside from that, the gist of it is you got to stray away from the consensus rankings. I’m telling you guys, they will lead you astray. They lie every single year. Last year they said Le’Veon Bell round one. They said Antonio Brown round two. They said Odell Beckham round one. So again, they’re just doing this because of popular names, recency bias, and all that garbage. They’re very cookie cutter and the reason they do that is that they’re chicken. I’m not going to swear in this video. I’m just going to tell you they’re chicken. I usually call them sheep, but sometimes they’re just cowards and they’re missing a few of their balls. So yeah, they’re just chickens, man. And they’re just going to tell you stuff because they feel safe and they feel warm and fuzzy and they’re not there to tell you the truth. So I’m telling you guys. I got that down and it sounds pretty good. If you’re listening in the car, that’s not an audio track of a sound effect. That’s actually me imitating the consensus. I got to switch them to the fantasy football chickens. I think that’s a lot better. So stray away from the guys. They will not help you.

6. Always have a backup plan for Everything

All right. Back up plan for a backup plan is tip number six. Oh man, I love laughing at the mainstream. All right, so what I’m saying by that is again, like I said, one quarterback league, get two quarterbacks and a two-quarterback league, get three quarterbacks. If you went on a tight end, get a backup tight end. If you get a running back, make sure you get a second running back and a third running back and a fourth running back. A backup plan for a backup plan. Belt and suspenders theory and superglue that pants on for you. Okay. So make sure you guys always have a lot of depth is what I’m trying to say here at tip number six. Trust me, it’ll go a long way. All right.

7. Don’t Buy the Recent Player Bias

Number seven, which was kind of like number five with the stray away but I’m talking number seven, do not buy the recency bias. What do I mean by that? What do I mean by that is very simple. What happens is even week to week, whether you’re looking at a player that played really well, people are like, “Oh, that guy did well that week. I’m all over him.” So what happens is the mainstream consensus, they jump on that recency week by week, month by month, year by year. Whatever’s hot, they ride it. Don’t just buy the recency bias. Look at the opportunity going back to tip number two, study depth charts, know what’s going on, know what’s happening. That’s why I’ve got every top ambassador on one site together at giving you advice directly from the source to know what’s going on with the teams, the players, the news, the injuries. We also got an injury report on as well.

You got to know what’s going on. Don’t buy the receipt bias because it fluctuates every single week, every single year, and things vary. People emerge on depth charts. People go down. What goes up, must come down. Be aware of that. Okay. And that’s why my 16 Round Draft Solution has it all for you. Players, so it accommodates for this recency bias so you’re not just dragging players on recency bias, okay.

8. Popular Players Don’t Always Perform

Number eight. Similar to the consensus stuff, but do not buy popular players. Popular players are not equal to fantasy points all the time. So I emphasize this and I cannot stress it enough. A lot of people keep going back to this one or I’m going to keep going back to Odell Beckham three years in a row drafted in the first round by the consensus. And yet three years ago, he busted. Why? Because he’s a popular name because he’s popular in the media. Because you sound really cool by saying draft, Odell. I was the one who said draft Laundry over Odell last year and Laundry outperformed him. It’s not a popular opinion for what I say. And if you follow popular opinion, you will lose. The popular opinion last year was to take what’s his name, Le’Veon Bell first round. Why? Because he was popular on the Steelers and he did really well. It was an unpopular opinion for me to say stay away from Le’Veon Bell and go Derrick Henry late first, early second, and Derrick Henry crushed it. It was unpopular for me to say Derrick Henry was better than Damien Williams last year. It was unpopular for me to say Josh Allen was better than Baker Mayfield last year. It was very unpopular, but guess who wins? I win. Counsel Nation wins and you win for listening to the advice that’s actually outside of the box right here at the Fantasy Football Counselor Podcast. If you are seeing that I am making sense to you, get the 16 Round Draft Solution solution. You’ll be light years ahead of the competition.

9. Balance your roster with Secure and Upside Players

Number nine, okay. Balance your roster. These are more fantasy football draft tips, except for the last one, is very important. But number nine here, balance your roster. What do I mean by that? What do I mean by that is there’s no safety and security in fantasy football, but at the beginning of your draft, you can actually try to get the safest players as possible, big volume getters, and then you can start taking risks later. So what I mean by balance is it’s going to be a balance of upside players and the safer players. And once you have a good balance of that, you’re going to really succeed because your safe players are going to anchor your team while the upside players are going to be booming and giving you those sporadic big games or could really emerge and be top producers themselves. So what I mean by balanced roster, I mean, it’s got to be a nice combination of your safe and solid reliable players, AKA the popular players, AKA some recency bias players. And that’s okay to have a couple of them, not saying all of them, but you got to have a balance of guys that are upside guys that are emerging. Guys that are coming up as well. So a balanced roster with safety and security and of course upside is going to be phenomenal for your team. And again, I make sure that roster is optimal in the 16 Round Draft Solution solution again.

10. Stay Sharp on the Waiver Wire and Be Confident

The last tip is an all-around tip. It’s a two-part tip. Confidence and the waiver wire. So I kind of made it a two-part. You’ve got to have confidence going into the draft and into the year and you got to be super sharp on the waiver wire. So what do I mean by that? You got to be looking at trends. You got to be looking at who’s up and coming kind of similar to my other points, but you got to stay sharp on that waiver wire. Meaning if it’s a budget you got to spend, FAAB, free agents acquisition budget, and you got a set budget, make sure you spend it in the right place. Don’t buy the recency bias of that week of that player that could have had one good week. And you buy that and then you’re pretty much toast. You got to be sharp on the waiver wire. You got to be sharp on your ad spend.

You got to be sharp on everything throughout the year. Looking at the news and notes, look at who’s emerging. Look at your injuries, look at accommodating certain positions, making the right trades. And the way that I draft my roster, I don’t really look at trades. I have enough depth on my roster to really cover me. And between that and waiver wire, I’m pretty solid, right? So again, stay sharp on the waiver wire and be super confident. That is the final tip here. Okay. There you have it guys. Top 10 tips to dominate your fantasy football leagues and how to win fantasy football. I appreciate you guys being here. Make sure guys get the 16 rounds, smash thumbs up and leave your fantasy questions below. And of course, follow Bookmark that site, it’s going to help you guys crush your leagues and Tim the Bald Guy is coming back. We’re going full studio with the Ball Guy back in the studio and the football season is upon us. Good luck with your drafts. Do not draft without the 16 Round Draft Solution solution guys. I am out.

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