5 Fantasy Football Sleepers You Must Draft in 2024
June 15, 2024
Top 10 Fantasy Football Sleepers 2024
June 25, 2024
5 Fantasy Football Sleepers You Must Draft in 2024
June 15, 2024
Top 10 Fantasy Football Sleepers 2024
June 25, 2024

Top 10 Fantasy Football Players 2024 | Must Have Players!

Players you must draft for 2024 fantasy football

Players you must draft for 2024 fantasy football

Top 10 Must-Have Fantasy Football Players for 2024

  1. Bijan Robinson
  2. Travis Kelce
  3. Breece Hall
  4. Patrick Mahomes
  5. CJ Stroud
  6. Derrick Henry
  7. Jake Ferguson
  8. Malik Nabers
  9. Ladd McConkey
  10. Jayden Daniels

We break down the top 10 must-have fantasy football players for the 2024 season. These players have been carefully selected based on their past performances, potential for the upcoming season, and the invaluable insights shared in our latest video on the #1 fantasy football podcast. Let’s dive in!

1. Bijan Robinson – Running Back, Atlanta Falcons

2023 Stats:

Rushing Yards:  976
Touchdowns: 4
Receptions: 58
Receiving Yards: 487

Bijan Robinson has quickly become a household name in the fantasy football community. His combination of speed, power, and versatility makes him a dual-threat on the field. As the centerpiece of the Falcons’ offense, expect Robinson to see a high volume of touches both in the running and passing game. His ability to break tackles and make explosive plays will make him a top fantasy option in 2024.

You must also consider that Arthur Smith is gone, and the limited usage will also be gone. They are going to run Bijan Robinson a lot. I consider him the first overall pick this season and project at least 1400 yards on the ground and 12 Rushing TDs as a floor! Draft him with confidence.

Bijan is going to eat in 2024! (Photo by John Adams/Icon Sportswire)

2. Travis Kelce – Tight End, Kansas City Chiefs

2023 Stats:

Receptions: 93
Receiving Yards: 984
Touchdowns: 5

Travis Kelce continues to dominate as the premier tight end in fantasy football. His chemistry with Patrick Mahomes is unmatched, and he remains the focal point of the Chiefs’ passing attack. With his consistent production and ability to find the end zone, Kelce is a must-have for any fantasy team looking to gain an edge at the tight end position.

You are also getting him at a major discount, as he is not the top tight end off the board and is behind the guy that I was all over last year in Sam Laporta. Kelce is not my top choice at tight end this year, but he is a safe pick in rounds 3-4 in 2024 fantasy football drafts.

3. Breece Hall – Running Back, New York Jets

2023 Stats:

Rushing Yards: 994
Touchdowns: 5
Receptions: 76
Receiving Yards: 591

Breece Hall showed flashes of brilliance in his rookie season, and the Jets are expected to lean heavily on him in 2024. His agility and vision make him a threat whenever he touches the ball. As the Jets’ offense continues to improve, Hall’s opportunities and production should see a significant boost, making him a valuable fantasy asset.

The upside and ceiling is there for Breece the Beast, but the only concern is how much will the Jets, be using the young rookie Braelon Allen. He is a beast in his own right. Based on last year, Breece will get 90% of the volume and will be a workhorse in New York. The Upside and talent is too hard to pass on in the first round of fantasy football drafts.

4. Patrick Mahomes – Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs

2023 Stats:

Passing Yards: 4183
Touchdowns: 27
Interceptions: 14
Rushing Yards: 389
Rushing Touchdowns: 0

Patrick Mahomes is a fantasy football superstar. His ability to make jaw-dropping plays and consistently put up big numbers makes him a top-tier quarterback. With a plethora of weapons at his disposal and an offensive scheme tailored to his strengths, Mahomes is poised for another stellar season. Drafting Mahomes ensures you have a reliable and explosive option at quarterback.

I personally like other QBs like Josh Allen and CJ Sroud a little better, but you can’t deny the secure pick in fantasy when it comes to Mahomes!

Draft CJ and Not his WRs (Photo by David Jensen/Icon Sportswire)

5. C.J. Stroud – Quarterback, Houston Texans

2023 Stats:

Passing Yards: 4,108
Touchdowns: 23
Interceptions: 5
Rushing Yards: 167
Rushing Touchdowns: 3

C.J. Stroud has emerged as a promising young quarterback for the Houston Texans. His strong arm, accuracy, and ability to extend plays with his legs make him an intriguing fantasy option. As he gains more experience and the Texans’ offense continues to develop, Stroud’s fantasy stock is on the rise. Keep an eye on him as a potential Top 5 Finish breakout candidate in 2024.

Everyone is carelessly drafting Strouds WRs in the early rounds, and the main beneficiary will be CJ! I like the talent, youth, and major upside with the new offensive weapons on the Texans. Draft with confidence in rounds 3-4 in a 12-person 1-point ppr league!

6. Derrick Henry – Running Back, Tennessee Titans

2023 Stats:

Rushing Yards: 1167
Touchdowns: 12
Receptions: 28
Receiving Yards: 214

Derrick Henry is a force to be reckoned with in the fantasy football world. His combination of size, strength, and speed makes him a nightmare for opposing defenses. Despite being a veteran, Henry shows no signs of slowing down and continues to be a workhorse for the Titans. His ability to rack up yards and touchdowns makes him a top-tier running back option.

Henry is a beast with a breath team now and a solid o-line. There is no competition to take away volume for him, and he will eat this season. I love the talent, and even though he is older, he will still thrive on the new Ravens offense.

7. Jake Ferguson – Tight End, Dallas Cowboys

2023 Stats:

Receptions: 71
Receiving Yards: 761
Touchdowns: 5

Jake Ferguson is a rising star in the tight-end landscape. With his ability to make plays in the red zone and stretch the field, Ferguson has become a reliable target for the Cowboys. As his role in the offense expands, expect his fantasy production to increase. He is a sleeper pick with significant upside heading into the 2024 season.

I was right about Sam Laporta last year, and I will be right about Ferguson this year. The opportunity will be massive here, and he will get a ton of volume and targets this season. He is the clear-cut WR 2 on the Cowboys offense. Look for a big year from Ferguson in 2024! I have him on all my rosters.

Jake Will be a top 3 TE in 2024 fantasy football Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire)

8. Malik Nabers – Wide Receiver, Giants

2023 College Stats LSU:

Receptions: 89
Receiving Yards: 1569
Touchdowns: 14

Malik Nabers is an explosive wide receiver with big-play potential. His ability to create separation and make contested catches makes him a valuable asset in both college and fantasy football. As he continues to develop and refine his skills, Nabers is poised for a breakout season. Keep an eye on him as a high-upside pick in fantasy drafts.

9. Ladd McConkey – Wide Receiver, Chargers!

2023 College Stats Georgia:

Receptions: 30
Receiving Yards: 478
Touchdowns: 2

Ladd McConkey has established himself as a reliable and productive receiver for the Georgia Bulldogs. His precise route running and dependable hands make him a favorite target in the passing game. As Georgia’s offense continues to thrive, McConkey’s fantasy value will rise. He is a solid pick for those looking for consistent production at the wide receiver position.

The key with him is his landing spot. He will be the number one target of Justin Herbert on the Chargers. They don’t have Keenan Allen, Williams, or Everett to remove that volume. Unless Quentin Johnston or 7th Round Pick Brendon Rice steps up, Ladd eats a lot!

10. Jayden Daniels – Quarterback, Commanders

2023 Stats:

Passing Yards: 3,800
Touchdowns: 30
Interceptions: 8
Rushing Yards: 700
Rushing Touchdowns: 10

Jayden Daniels is a dual-threat quarterback with the ability to make plays through the air and on the ground. His dynamic skill set and leadership make him a valuable fantasy option. As LSU’s offense continues to evolve, Daniels’ opportunities to rack up fantasy points will increase. He is a high-ceiling quarterback with the potential to be a game-changer for your fantasy team.

If you watch his college tape, Daniels is a fantastic player. I like that he will be an upside player in 2024; consider him a solid backup QB with a top-10 upside. Stash away and you will be happy and surprised to see a Ben Sinnott and Daniels connection this year!

Final Thoughts on these Fantasy Football rankings:

These top 10 must-have fantasy football players are poised for big seasons in 2024. Whether you’re looking for a reliable veteran or a breakout star, these players offer a mix of consistency, potential, and explosive upside. Keep an eye on them as you prepare for your fantasy football drafts, and tune in to the Fantasy Football Counselor podcast for more in-depth analysis and insights. Happy drafting and make sure you have that lion mentality.

Always aim high on the depth chart, and don’t settle. Look for those upside volume getters that can really help your team be on top. All the answers will be provided in the 16 Rounds Draft solution. Grab it an be light years ahead of all the sheep in your leagues!

Watch the full fantasy football podcast below as the Counselor and Jim break it all down for you:

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