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July 31, 2022
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The Top Fantasy Football Players at each position in 2022

Best Fantasy Football players 2022

Best Fantasy Football players 2022

Best Fantasy Football Players 2022

Quarterback – Justin Herbert

Running Back – Derrick Henry

Wide Receiver – Ja’Marr Chase

Tight End – Mark Andrews

The players listed above here are going to potentially finish top and 1st overall at their respective position. While you may expect Cooper Kupp and Jonathan Taylor to finish on top again, things don’t work out like that. You have to think outside the box when you are projecting top players at each position. This is what we do in this video.

What goes up must come down and it’s very unlikely that this copy and paste rankings style will happen again. The mainstream fantasy football consensus analysts always play it safe and that is not going to win you any fantasy football championships.

We can reference the 2019 year where Michael Thomas had that pinnacle year and then busted in 2020. Everyone and their mother was telling you to draft him as the first WR off the board. I told you that he would bust, and sure enough, he got hurt and had a major decline. You have to take into account that, teams and situations change every single year. You can’t be drafting based on last year.

Everyone is loving Cooper Kupp this year, but not mentioning they all had Robert Woods ranked ahead of him. There has to be accountability when these consheepsus rankings are being delivered because they are leading casual fans astray! Don’t fall for the trap always keep your guard up and understand that these changes happen.

You don’t want to overpay for last year’s success. You have to be able to spot the breakouts before everyone else does. This is what I do in the 16 Rounds Draft Solution.

To get a deep dive into why these players listed here are going to finish on top watch the full fantasy football podcast below:



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