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The Best Guide to Fantasy Football Podcasts 2024: Counselor Wins!

The Counselor leads as the best Fantasy Football podcast!

The Counselor leads as the best Fantasy Football podcast!


In the dynamic universe of fantasy football, where the right insights can be the difference between victory and defeat, enthusiasts and strategists constantly pursue that edge that defines champions. Amidst many options, one podcast has consistently set the benchmark, emerging as the top fantasy football podcast in the world – the Fantasy Football Counselor. With its unique blend of in-depth, outside-the-box analysis, groundbreaking strategies, and listener engagement, it’s time to uncover how this podcast has captivated audiences globally and redefined excellence in fantasy football discussions.

Revolutionizing Fantasy Football Analysis

The Fantasy Football Counselor podcast distinguishes itself through its unparalleled commitment to transforming fantasy football analysis. The host’s profound insights, drawn from rigorous research and a deep passion for the game, give listeners a competitive advantage that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Sam Laporta fantasy (Photo by Steven King/Icon Sportswire)

While 99% of other podcasts and analysts focus on copy-and-paste cutter rankings based on last year, the Counselor is always thinking ahead. He made the fantasy world realize that you can’t win drafting like everyone else, and you must see the breakout players before they happen.

Opening the entire industry to the fact that cookie-cutter consensus rankings are the way of the sheep. You must adopt the lion mentality, and that’s where the 16 Rounds Draft solution was born. Instead of drafting players based on consensus rankings, he does most of the work for you and gives you all the optimal players to draft in each round, omitting the potential busts and guys due for decline.

16 Rounds draft solution is the game changer!

Strategies That Win Leagues

Beyond the surface-level advice that saturates the fantasy football podcast landscape, the Counselor delves into nuanced strategies and undervalued picks that consistently prove to be league winners.

For example, Sam Laporta was ranked 21st among tight ends on all the consensus rankings in 2023. No one was talking about Sam Laporta at all! The counselor saw that the situation in Detroit was looking good and that Laporta’s talent would shine. Joseph Robert, the Counselor, suggested you draft Sam Laporta on all your rosters for great value after round 8. He turned out to be a league winner!

While The Counselor is not perfect with all his picks, he is STILL light years ahead of everyone else in the industry.

Another example is seeing that Tony Pollard, Austin Ekeler, JK Dobbins, and many others would bust that same season. How did the Counselor predict this? Well, he is not a fortune teller, but he can see trends that are rising and falling and looks at the entire scope of the player’s situation. By doing this over just copying and pasting rankings based on the year before, you are already ahead of the sheep.

A Community of Winners

One of the podcast’s most significant strengths lies in its vibrant community and the LION mentality. Returning to everyone else just copying and pasting rankings, the Counselor adopts a LION mentality and encourages his listeners to think outside the box.

The Counsel nation is tough and will not be pushed around in their fantasy football leagues! We stand tall and can see things before they happen. Drafting winning fantasy football players and not guys based on last year’s stats.

No #1 On Social Media for Fantasy!

The Fantasy Football Frontlines is home to the community, and the foundation was built on the #1 Fantasy Football Instagram page as well!

Engaging Content That Entertains and Educates

The Fantasy Football Counselor podcast masterfully balances educational content with entertainment, ensuring listeners are informed and entertained.

While riling up the haters on Instagram by being loud and honest, his #1 Fantasy Football podcast entertains and informs!  The advice is in your face and to the point, with the mission of wanting you to win your leagues.

Testimonials and Success Stories

The winners Joseph Robert has produced in Fantasy Football are too many to list! He shares this on his social media often. If you got 16 Rounds, you have experienced the difference. While everyone is doing copy-and-paste rankings, those who listen to the Counselor are light years ahead!


As we dissect the landscape of fantasy football podcasts in 2024, the Fantasy Football Counselor stands out as a leader and a game-changer. Its commitment to excellence, innovative strategies, and a listener-first approach has rightfully earned it the title of the top fantasy football podcast in the world. Whether you’re a seasoned fantasy player or new to the game, tuning into the Fantasy Football Counselor is your gateway to dominating your fantasy football league.


1. Why is the Fantasy Football Counselor podcast considered the best?

The Counselor’s unique approach to fantasy football analysis, with actionable strategies and a deep connection with the audience, sets it apart as the best. He is the only one thinking outside the box and offering practical, winning advice!

2. How often does the Fantasy Football Counselor release episodes?

The podcast maintains a regular schedule, ensuring fresh and timely content that keeps listeners ahead of the fantasy football curve. Typically, there are five episodes a week from May to December yearly and three times a week from January to April.  These episodes can be found on YouTube @fantasyfootballcounselor and Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

3. Can beginners to fantasy football find value in the Counselor’s podcast?
Absolutely. The podcast caters to all skill levels, offering insights that are as valuable to beginners as to seasoned fantasy football veterans.

4. What makes the Fantasy Football Counselor’s advice unique?
The Counselor’s advice is grounded in thorough research, personal expertise, and a contrarian approach that often challenges conventional fantasy football wisdom.

5. How has the Fantasy Football Counselor podcast impacted listeners’ fantasy leagues?
Listeners frequently attribute their league successes and improved understanding of fantasy football to the strategies and insights provided by the Counselor.

You can watch how he delivers out-of-the-box advice on this fantasy football podcast episode here:

Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert's outside of the box, LION mentality has created the strongest and most loyal fan base in the fantasy football industry! @fantasyfootballcounselor