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NFL Pre-Season Winners, Losers and Fantasy Football 2021

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NFL Pre-Season Winners, Losers, and Fantasy Football Impact. Who is looking hot this Pre-Season and how that will project forward into the 2021 NFL season?

There were a lot of highlights and low lights after a few weeks of pre-season in 2021. We saw flashes of greatness from guys like Justin Fields and Najee Harris. We saw the same old typical crappy play from guys like Andy Dalton. There is a lot to look at and look forward to after watching this pre-season action. This is all a big teaser for the NFL season which is quickly approaching.

In this video, we discuss some fantasy football impacts as well. There are a lot of sleepers that are starting to show and shine. Guys like Javian Hawkins and Javonte Williams to name a few. This is where the coaches are seeing what they are made of.

It was nice to see guys like Tom Brady, Pat Mahomes, and even Big Ben get some action in pre-season. I like that the coaches and these stars come out to play no matter what. What I can’t stand is when coaches sit their starters. Guys like Derek Carr, Dalvin Cook, and Christian McCaffrey have yet to see the field. This is very disappointing and depressing. Everyone should be out there getting some reps and working on their game. You cannot fear injury all the time and just go out there and give your best each and every game. Respect to all the coaches and players that at least went out for a few snaps.

You have to get out there and get into the momentum for the season. Preservation is not always good. Get in the reps and stop being cowards. This is one thing I hate about pre-season. It is one big tease for NFL football. We want full action right now and we never get it.

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