Fantasy Football Busts 2020 | 5 RB’s to Potentially Avoid
April 13, 2020
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April 14, 2020

Fantasy Football Busts 2020 | 5 WR’s to Potentially Avoid

Here are some potential Fantasy Football WR busts you need to be aware of for 2020. The Counselor dives deep so that you don’t fall into the trap of drafting these guys.

Fantasy Football WR Busts 2020

Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Busts 2020

  • Odell Beckham Jr
  • Evans or Godwin
  • DJ Moore
  • DeAndre Hopkins
  • AJ Brown

Odell Beckham Jr

Odell Beckham Jr

My mind is blown seeing Odell Beckham sitting in the top 10 amongst WR’s for the 4th year in a row. The mainstream sheep rankings told you to draft Odell in the 1st round three years in a row, and three years in a row he busted. 99% of the analysts should all quit their jobs because the majority suggested this. Going into 2020, I still see Odell sitting in the top 10 and it makes by blood boil that this advice is out there to the public. This is why I was driven to create my 16 Round Draft Solution. People thought I was crazy for suggesting you draft Landry over him, and I was right.

Listen you need to stay away from drafting Odell, as he is the most overrated wide receiver in NFL history. In 2017 Odell was drafted in the 1st round and finished 83rd amongst WR’s. In 2018, again drafted in the 1st round and finished 15th. In 2019, yet again was drafted in the first round and finished 25th amongst wide receivers in PPR. Do not draft Beckham ever!

Mike Evans and Chris Godwin

Mike Evans or Chris Godwin

Both of these guys sitting in the top 10 WR rankings for 2020 is insane. You need to pick one or none at all. Tom Brady based on his history will gravitate towards one receiver. Never have I seen Brady create two top 10 wide receivers in fantasy football. Make sure you watch the fantasy football podcast for this article as I explain in more detail.

There will be ball distribution to tight ends and to the running backs in Tampa. The only reason the mainstream sheep have both Evans and Godwin in the top 10 is because they can’t decide. Naturally, you would put Evans in the top 10, but since Godwin finished ahead of his last year, they are torn. Listen, I am leaning at Evans being the primary receiver in that offense but I am honestly staying away from both.

DJ Moore

The next guy on my list finished 16th in PPR amongst wide receivers. Now the Panthers of added Robby Anderson and the may draft another receiver in the NFL draft. I am not sold on DJ Moore being the guy. Last year he had the bulk of the targets (135) and shared them with Christian McCaffery. Now with Anderson being added and a QB change, things may be different. I am not sold on DJ Moore being a wide receiver one, but the mainstream sheep will be drafting him as one.

DeAndre Hopkins fantasy football

DeAndre Hopkins

You know how I typically feel about players going to new teams, I usually stay away. In this case, we are talking about one of the best receivers in the game, DeAndre Hopkins. I am going to stay away from him in this case and here is why. The Cardinals have a system that is designed to line up with 4 wide receivers. Kyler and Hopkins have not developed the rapport together. Also, Larry Fitzgerald led the Cardinals in targets last season and maxed out at 109 which was ranked 25th amongst wide receivers. Based on last year there doesn’t seem to be enough targets to go around to make Hopkins a top 5 wide receiver. Yet no one is talking about this.

The mainstream yet again by default and player popularity have Hopkins ranked top 5. I am staying far away from DeAndre Hopkins in 2020 fantasy football. He is a potential bust in my eyes based on the research I have done.

AJ Brown

AJ Brown could be the one on this list that proves me wrong. The talent and youth are there for Brown and I love the upside. The problem is Tannehill, and I am not sure if he going to deliver on a consistent basis to Brown. I really haven’t seen enough to justify an earlier round pick on AJ Brown. The mainstream sheep have Brown ranked 14th amongst WR’s and that could rise, and I am not going to pay that much to get him. The ceiling is high as Tannehill made Landry a good wide receiver in the past, but I am not sold now.

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