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NFL Awards and Results 2022

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NFL Honors and Rewards 2022. The Counselor lays out all the results

All right guys, so the NFL Honors were on last night. A lot of awards were given, including MVP, Comeback Player of the Year. A ton of awards were given and I want to talk about mainly the offensive player awards. What I think of them, my reaction to them, are the players that got them, are they deserving of them? We’re going to dive into it. And also other players that could have got them, right? Jonathan Taylor got a little bit snubbed here in regards to MVP. So, we’re going to talk a little bit about this, break it down for you, talk about those NFL awards and the results right here on this show. Let’s get to it.

Let’s talk about… first of all, the Most Valuable Player. Who got that award? And that went to who else other than Aaron Rogers? I mean, he had a phenomenal year. When you look at Aaron Rogers’ numbers, what you got to look at for him is… what I’ve always seen with him, is the touchdown. This guy was a touchdown machine throughout the year. So, when you look at this year, he continued with that with 37 touchdowns to four interceptions. So there’s a huge touchdown to interception ratio. That’s the only thing that Aaron Rogers does really well, is he does not throw a lot of picks.

So, Aaron Rogers had good numbers this year… what, threw 4,115 yards, 37 touchdowns. And he always throws a lot, 531 attempts. And again, he’s got some great options with him, right? He’s got Davante Adams, he’s got some good weapons that have always carried him and helped him through the way, right? So Aaron Rodgers is having himself a good year and earning that honor of the Most Valuable Player. And I would say that it’s deserved. Is there anybody else at the quarterback position that deserved that title? And again, I’m just kind of taking a look here. I mean, you could have probably given it to Josh Allen, but if you look at Josh Allen… again, going back to what I said… 36 touchdowns, but 15 interceptions. That interception ratio is really high and that’s something that turns me out.

Even Pat Mahomes, 13 touchdowns… Justin Herbert had a good year, 15 interceptions… Pat Mahomes, 13 interceptions, right? So, you got to take a look at that ratio. You got to take a look overall at how they played. And I just like the way… now passer rating percentage is 68.9 for Aaron Rogers, 111.9 rating. So his rating is a lot higher than let’s say, Pat Mahomes at 98 rating. And so the rating was really good. The ratio was really good. The yardage was over 4,000 passing yards. So overall, it was a good year for Aaron Rodgers. I would say it’s well deserved. Are there other people that could be MVPs? Absolutely. I think Jonathan Taylor got snubbed here. He had a phenomenal year. There were some other players, but overall I think Aaron Rodgers, is definitely at the quarterback position, based on his play… you know, I think he deserves it.

Again, there are so many good players, it’s so hard and you can say, well, that guy could have won it, that guy could have won it. But I definitely think Aaron Rogers definitely deserves the Most Valuable Player this year, okay?

Now the Coach of the Year, I’m not going to give Titans. Titan’s coach got that Defensive Player of the Year. T.J. Watt got that Comeback Player of the Year. I’m going to get into that, but I want to focus a little bit here… because we’re fantasy-oriented here… I really want to focus more on the offensive players, okay? So again, MVP goes to Aaron Rodgers. Offensive Player of the Year goes to Cooper Kupp and this I 100% agree with. I mean, there’s absolutely no doubt here. Again, you could make a case for Jonathan Taylor of course, but Cooper Kupp’s numbers were absolutely astronomical.

1,947 yards, 16 touchdowns, I mean, this is like record-breaking numbers here, okay? So Cooper Kupp had himself a phenomenal year, just under 2000 yards receiving, 191 targets. So he got fed a lot and he caught 145 of those. When you look at a reception point of view, the second guy behind him in receptions was Davante Adams at 123 and then followed by Tyreek Hill at 111 receptions, then Justin Jefferson at 108. It’s a huge gap in regards just to receptions alone, and then when you look at touchdowns, 16 touchdowns compared to Mike Evans’ 14, Ja’Marr Chase with 13 and drops on after that, okay? Drops off after that. So is Cooper Kupp worth, the Offensive Player of the Year? I say a hundred percent. He definitely earned that, that is well deserved. So Cooper Kupp, Offensive Player of the Year.

Comeback Player of the Year to Joe Burrow. I got to say, I agree with this one as well. I think the NFL definitely got it right in regards to this because when you look at Joe Burrow, he was obviously hurt last year, played 10 games, had a bounce-back this year, and is in the Super Bowl. I don’t know what else you want from this guy, his interception to touchdown ratio… you got to take a look at that as well, and you got to factor that in… but 34 touchdowns to 14 interceptions. But I don’t really think that matters as much as how far he’s led the Cincinnati Bengals into the playoffs, then now into the Super Bowl. Giving a good return on investment, this guy was a round one first pick in 2020, right? So obviously Cincinnati believed in him, drafting him with their first pick, round one. Obviously, Joe Burrow finally getting that return on investment.

Not even finally, I mean, so quickly I should say, by getting that return on investment right away with the Super Bowl. Again, I’m excited for Joe Burrow here, getting that honor of Comeback Player of the Year. And if he wins the Super Bowl, man, it could have been Most Valuable Player here, he won the super bowl. But we don’t know that, okay?

And then also, in line with that is the Offensive Rookie of the Year, which is Ja’Marr Chase, who I think is just a super special talent. When you look at Ja’Marr Chase the future is bright. He’s young and he had himself a really, really good year. In his rookie year, he had about 1,455 receiving yards, 13 touchdowns, 81 receptions on 128 targets. He did that well, okay? He did that well and looked good when he had the ball. He looks really good when he has the ball.

And the thing is, he did that well and it was his rookie year and he only had 128 targets. Something to consider and to look at when you look at Ja’Marr Chase in the future, this guy’s a rookie. I mean, what is he 21 years old? So there’s a ton of upside, there’s a ton of bright future and road ahead of Ja’Marr Chase. So I would say again, well deserving of that award, Offensive Rookie of the Year. And again, usually, I don’t agree with certain things, but I definitely agree with what’s happened here with these awards. Again, you could make an argument that maybe Jonathan Taylor mixed in here at any one of these in regards to Offensive Player of the Year, or even Most Valuable Player, or even heck, Comeback Player of the year, right? So again, I don’t think he’s completely stubbed because he did get the FedEx Ground Player of the Year.

Jonathan Taylor got that award. Again, the FedEx Ground Player of the Year, but just didn’t get the Offensive Player of the Year. Which, again, well deserved for Cooper Kupp, because he put astronomical numbers up as well, okay? So again, Offensive Rookie of the Year Ja’Marr Chase, Comeback Player of the Year Joe Burrow.

Again, Ja’Marr Chase, Offensive Rookie of the Year. Well deserved, super young, only had 128 targets, but did really well and looked really good. So Ja’Marr Chase there. Is anyone else here worth mentioning? Oh yeah, FedEx Air Player of the Year would be Tom Brady from the Buccaneers, obviously having a good year, retiring. They give him that honorable mention, which was well deserved, okay? And again, the awards were okay… I didn’t end up watching them I just got the results. Here I am just overviewing them with you. Again, my reaction here really is… I think it’s well deserved.

Cooper Kupp, is definitely in the mix. Jonathan Taylor obviously got the mention as the Ground Player of the Year. Ja’marr Chase looked absolutely outstanding. Joe Burrow, I mean how is he not the Comeback Player of the Year taking them right to the Super Bowl coming off that injury? And obviously Aaron Rodgers. Again, I like to debate, but I mean this was pretty accurate here.

The Bridgestone Performance Player of the Year went to Justin Tucker, who got the 66-yard field goal as well. So again, overall, really good. Let me recap here, the AP Coach of the Year, Dan Quinn. A couple of other guys that I mentioned, Defensive Rookie of the Year Micah Parsons. And I think that’s it, am I missing… Defensive Player of the Year T.J. Watt, we discussed that. Coach of the Year, Michael Vabrel, Titans. And what’s that… Walter Payton, NFL Man of the Year… Andrew Whitworth from the Rams.

All right, so there you have it guys… the NFL awards… my reaction. I’d like to debate, but again, I can’t argue this one. It was a good night of awards, well deserved, and we’ll see what happens next year. I can imagine some of these guys possibly falling off, maybe Aaron Rodgers. Cooper Kupp’s definitely going to decline when you look at fantasy football. Ja’Marr Chase, I still think he’s got a ton of ceiling ahead, bright future. Jonathan Taylor, if he stays healthy, he continues on his role. So I’m excited to see what happens for 2020 fantasy football and reality moving forward. Now, if you are new to the channel, make sure you guys do hit that subscribe button. And of course, in the comments below, let me know if you guys think these awards were well deserved. We’ll talk soon.

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