Clyde Edwards-Helaire Fantasy Football 2020 Impact
July 30, 2020
Fantasy Football Busts 2020 – Players to Potentially Avoid
August 1, 2020
Clyde Edwards-Helaire Fantasy Football 2020 Impact
July 30, 2020
Fantasy Football Busts 2020 – Players to Potentially Avoid
August 1, 2020

Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2020 – Solid Draft Strategy

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Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2020, locking down the first 6 rounds. The Counselor gives you a solid fantasy football draft strategy for the first 6 rounds.

It is on. Let’s go here. So again, I’m at the ninth position, this is tricky because a lot of people say, “Well, Joe Henry’s gone, Kamara’s gone, who do I draft at the ninth position?” So, we’re going to see if Helaire falls to us, if I’m curious about whether I want to draft him or not. Who else is there? Maybe Jacobs is there. We’re going to see here? So if you’re listening in the car, Christian McCaffrey came off the board, Saquon Barkley off the board, which I love Saquon. I think the ceiling’s higher than McCaffrey this year. I could be wrong, but again, I’ve seen crazier things happen.

I think Saquon should be able to surpass Christian McCaffrey who’s going to be due for a decline this year. Alvin Kamara coming off third. We’ve got a guy named Mike, picking him up. We got this guy Cole up goes with Ezekiel Elliott. Next guy, Maui, or M-A, whatever your name is. Pat Mahomes is the first round. This is crazy. This is not a super-flex league guys, this is a standard one point PPR league. And we saw Pat Mahomes come off. And that’s going to happen in reality guys in your leagues, it will happen. You’re going to see probably a quarterback come up. And, I love the ceiling for Pat Mahomes because he was going to be a contributor every week.

Round 1

First round’s a bit of a stretch considering there’s a ton of depth at the quarterback position. So, Christian McCaffrey Saquon, Alvin Kamara, Zeke, Patrick Mahomes, Dalvin Cook, Derrick Henry, Michael Thomas. Now again, I don’t see a layer come off here. I’m going to go, you see Mixon, I don’t really trust him. His ceiling has not been high. Go look at his stats throughout the year, he’s never been great. Nick Chubb is sharing a backfield with Kareem Hunt. Kenyan Drake is a total boom or bust. Miles Sanders could be solid. Aaron Jones with decline. Ekeler could be solid. I’m going to go with Jacobs here simply, and I’m jumping over here because I don’t trust the guys ahead of him. Miles Sanders could have a phenomenal year, so could Kenny and Drake, but they are a big risk. Now Miles Sanders, only three touchdowns last year, not enough to get me excited, and I feel that they’re going to buzzkill him. Now, if you haven’t heard the news recently yesterday, McCoy, and this is a guy I have not been promoting, you guys know it. Ronald Jones and Ke’Shawn Vaughn is a committee I’ve been staying away from because at the time I thought it was a 50/50 split. Now, they put LeSean McCoy there. What a buzzkill. I cannot stand McCoy because he sucks. He absolutely sucks. And, the thing about him is he’s been on a decline for the past couple years. He’s not going to do anything well. They just got him for pass protection. I don’t know why they got him, maybe the veteran experience. But, what a mess with Tampa Bay, I’m staying away from that backfield.

So as you can see guys, with the ninth pick, I went Josh Jacobs, Miles Sanders comes off, and then you can see Clyde Edwards-Helaire come off at the eleventh pick. So, this is going to be a standard thing, guys. If you draft Clyde Edwards-Helaire, I want to implore you guys, I want to make a note of this, if you draft Clyde Edwards-Helaire with the ninth pick, okay guys, listen carefully, you got to go with another backup running back here. So, this guy did that. This guy is a smart guy here. But, I don’t know if Ekeler went two-pass, catching running backs, which I guess is good in PPR. But again, I would’ve gone with someone a little more workhorse capable, like a Todd Gurley here.

So recapping the first round, McCaffrey, Saquon, Alvin Kamara, Zeke Elliott, Pat Mahomes, Dalvin Cook, Derrick Henry, Michael Thomas, Josh Jacobs, Miles Sanders, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Davante Adams, okay, to round out the first round.

Round 2

Okay, now we’re starting the second round. Tyreek Hill, Austin Ekeler, and DeAndre Hopkins coming off the board. Now I mentioned to you guys, Hopkins in for a major decline this year as well. I’m going to go ahead and I think there’s a ton of good running backs here. Now, I don’t trust any of these guys, Melvin Gordon in a committee there. I don’t trust him. I can’t believe his ADP is ahead of Gurley. Gurley, I’m going to go with here with my second pick. Jacobs, Gurley, I feel comfortable with that combo. I could’ve easily gone Helaire, Gurley. I could’ve gone Fournette, Jacobs, Fournette. There’s a couple of options here I like for back-to-back, but again, I’m going for those guys that are going to get a ton of volume. I’m just one of those guys that believes in volume at the running back position where they’re not just limited to receptions. A guy like Kamara, great talent, but limited to receptions. Ekeler, a great talent, limited to receptions. He only had 132 attempts last year. Not enough to get me excited. Okay. And, I want you guys to notice here that you need to load up on running backs early because after that, I mean, David Johnson, the best ADP David John, I can’t believe David Johnson slipped down so far. That’s crazy. Man, oh, man. I could probably get him in the fourth round. That’d be impressive if I did. I might try to gun for him in the third round because he’s set for a huge workload. Again, I can’t leave Raheem Mostert ahead of him. Le’Veon Bell is going to have a safe year. Swift who’s in a committee although, has the ceiling ahead of David Johnson is absolutely crazy.

And, I want you guys to pay attention, screenshot this because again, you never want a draft based on ADP. That’s why I employ the 16-round draft solution because things change. Remember I’m going to keep going back to this example. I sound like a broken record, but that’s okay, I don’t care if I repeat myself because I need it to stick in. Odell Beckham, first round three years in a row. Le’Veon Bell, first round last year after I said stay away, he’s going to a new team. And, that’s the problem with the mainstream consensus that can sleeps these rankings. The consensus rankings will destroy you because they are going on popularity and they are going on recency bias. Nick Chubb is being drafted as if Kareem Hunt is not there. Let me repeat this. Nick Chubb is being drafted as if Kareem Hunt is not there. Now you’re saying, “Well, Joey, they got a new coach there. Stefanski’s going to run him. He ran Dalvin Cook last year.” I get it. I get it. I get it. I get it. But understand still guys, Kareem Hunt outscored Nick Chubb six out of the eight games they were together. Kareem Hunt will not be ignored. Kareem Hunt was the rushing leader in 2017, so he will not be ignored, and I don’t see that happening.

All right, second round recap. Tyreek Hill, Austin Ekeler, DeAndre Hopkins, Todd Gurley coming in here with my pick, with my second pick here. Joe Mixon again, if you go look at his stats, he’s peaked at what eight touchdowns max a year, and now he’s on a suspect new offense. I don’t trust him. Nick Chubb here. Kenyan Drake, mid-second round coming off here. Again, he’s a huge boom or bust type player and I don’t want to take a risk. And, this guy with Cook and Drake is crazy. Cook has not finished a season his entire career. Travis Kelce, Lamar Jackson, coming off here. Aaron Jones due for a major decline. If you think he’s going to have 16 touchdowns again with AJ Dillon, the future of the Packers run game, I don’t see it. That’s crazy. Julio Jones, Chris Godwin, Leonard Fournette, George Kittle, Chris Carson to start off the third. So, the third round starts out with Leonard Fournette, George Kittle, and Chris Carson. Now, Chris Carson has some company there, which I absolutely hate. He’s got, Carlos Hyde. Carlos Hyde another guy that absolutely sucks, but is in a situation with Chris Carson where he’s going to get some volume. He was 1000 yard rusher last year. Very boring, very stagnant, but enough to kill the buzz of Chris Carson. I don’t like that. Fantasy Mock Draft 2020

Round 3

Kenny Golladay coming off here in the third. I like the value of Kenny Golladay this year, third round. I’d rather have him than go DeAndre Hopkins round one or round two. Whereas, Kenny Golladay I think is going to get more volume with a healthy Matt Stafford. Odell Beckham, coming off round three. Now, this is much better value than last year. Odell obviously, do-or-die this year. He has to perform or his name is absolutely mush. He’s done absolutely nothing the past three years. He’s mashed potatoes here if he doesn’t do anything. He is squashed. Done. Stick a fork in him. In regards to his legacy, in regards to being a great receiver, he’s already crapped out three years in a row. I don’t see him doing that great, I mean, better than last year potentially, but Landry’s the wide receiver he wants. I don’t know why Odell is being drafted ahead of him.

Allen Robinson, Melvin Gordon, James Conner. I’m coming up now on the ninth pick of the third round. And I’m again, going to be looking for a running back, and David Johnson all over. Now, I could tell you here, I could go wide receiver, feeling Evans, A.J. Brown. A.J. Brown, I like, but again, I’m going to go with another workhorse running back. You could go, let’s just change it up here, let’s go A.J. Brown here, and I’m going to see if David Johnson falls or I can, if not, I get David Montgomery. I still get my three-headed monster at running back, guys that are set for a workload. So, I still lock in an ace receiver. I saw A.J. Brown sitting there. I’m a big advocate of Matt Ryan this year. Last year again, could’ve finished the top five amongst quarterbacks had he played the first six games. So, I’m sold on Matt Ryan. I’m sold on the Tennessee Titans offense to produce some good fantasy points. So, I went with A.J. Brown, locked in my wide receiver one, that’s okay. Mike Evans, Adam Thielen, I just wanted to switch it up here a little bit. And I’m going to see, I bet you David Johnson or Montgomery fall to me, and then I’ll be a happy person here. I’ll be very, very happy. So recapping the third round, Leonard Fournette, Kittle, Chris Carson, Kenny Golladay, Odell Beckham, Allen Robinson, Melvin Gordon, James Conner, A.J. Brown, Mike Evans, Adam Thielen. So, what I want to give you guys is a concrete six rounds, so you guys feel warm and fuzzy after the six rounds. But, where it matters is the later rounds. And again, I can’t reveal all my secrets on YouTube. I’m giving a ton of value, go back, listen to my sleeper videos. There’s a ton of guys that you can get. But, the secret is all in one spot, guys, is a 16-round draft solution. Guys, get it below. I cannot tell you guys enough how much I love my 16-round drafts, how much heart and effort I put into it.

So get it Also guys,, you guys can go to the top right, there’s something called Fantasy Direct. So, you don’t have to worry about scrounging and looking at YouTube videos. I’m going to be delivering you guys the waiver wire picks right to your phone, the starts and sits right to your phone. Basically, all the optimal players to draft in each round right to your phone every single week. You’re also going to get DFS plays if you play DFS, that’s just a bonus in there. If you’re a year-long guy, you can still get Fantasy Direct, I’m just throwing the DFS in there. And, you’re going to get my five locks during the week in regards to spreads. So guys, Fantasy Direct Get a package. The price is going up soon.

Round 4

All right. So, A.J. Brown, Mike Evans, Adam Thielen, Mark Ingram. D’Andre Swift to start off the fourth round and David Johnson got swiped here, early fourth. And again, rarely he ever slips to the fourth. I see him always coming off mid to late third round. Raheem Mostert again, I need another running back. I really don’t want to lose David Montgomery. I could go Taylor here, but I’m going to go either one of these guys is great. I’m just going to go safe for numbers with David Montgomery, 242 attempts last year, 3.7 yards per carry, six touchdowns on the ground, and 889 yards. Look for at least a 1200 yard rushing yard season floor. He’s going to break out for a couple of runs this year, that’s almost guaranteed. He’s going to up the six rushing touchdowns to at least eight as a floor. And again, I’m expecting a huge year. As I said, 1200 yards, eight touchdowns, 4.2 yards per carry is a floor here for David Montgomery, and he’s going to be involved mildly in the passing game, which should help his numbers a little bit. All right. So again, we said fourth-round starting off with D’Andre Swift, David Johnson, Raheem Mostert, David Montgomery, Le’Veon Bell. Jonathan Taylor, look at this guy, man, that is robust RB here. Derrick Henry, Nick Chubb, Melvin Gordon, and Jonathan Taylor. Now, Taylor and Henry, I like it. Nick Chubb could be safe and solid. Melvin Gordon in a committee. It still could be a solid little package here with the robust RB.

What’s this guy say, “RB’s salvaged right away.” There are people commenting. I see here everyone talking about a little bit of strategy. Thoughts on Taylor. This is interesting just people talking about their robust RB strategy here. I’m just trying to read. I read the comments. I see what’s going on here. All right. So, let’s go on. So, JuJu coming off here, mid-fourth, Cooper Kupp, Mark Andrews, Calvin Ridley, D.J. Moore. I’m not a D.J. Moore advocate. I really am not. I mean, he could be solid this year with Bridgewater. Bridgewater, by the way, another sleeper as well. He’s going to be safe and efficient, but I’m not really sold on D.J. Moore. Robby Anderson’s there as well. Christian McCaffrey’s going to catch some balls. It’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out that Carolina offense. Terry McLaurin here coming off in the fourth round, a guy whose ADP has been rising lately, and that’s really predicated on his name, the volume he’s supposed to see. I like Terry McLaurin, solid value here in the fourth round, you’re getting a wide receiver one. You are sacrificing the talent of a quarterback for volume and talent of the actual wide receiver, so you’re not going to get a quarterback that you can really trust.

But, I mean, Haskins could step it up this year, could be really exciting to see what happens there in Washington with the McLaurin situation. Not really sold on any Washington players although, McLaurin is really appealing to me. Love the upside. So recap again, fourth round, Swift, Johnson, Raheem Mostert, Dave Montgomery, Le’ Veon Bell, Jonathan Taylor. I could’ve gone to Taylor here. I mean, I might regret that, but it’s a mock draft. JuJu Smith, Cooper Kupp, Mark Andrews, Calvin Ridley, D.J. Moore, Terry McLaurin, rounding out the fourth round.

Round 5

Now fifth round, Devin Singletary, not a guy I am sold on. I am telling you, Zack Moss will eat. I assure you Zack Moss will eat. If they believed in Singletary, he would have easily been the running back one of the team don’t trust them. Amari Cooper, also don’t trust him as well, simply because he’s got CeeDee Lamb there, he’s got Michael Gallup, receivers that could be actually better than Amari Cooper, that could be wide receiver ones in their own respect. Then you’ve got a big running game, Zeke’s supposed to get over 280 attempts as a floor. I don’t really trust it. Cam Akers coming off, here again, this guy going robust RB, but I think he’s got the wrong robust RBs. Aaron Jones, Chris Carson, not sold on. Cam Akers could absolutely boom. Love him here in the fifth round. Great value. Courtland Sutton, another situation where who is Drew Lock going to gravitate to? Is it going to be Sutton? Is it going to be Jerry Jeudy? I don’t know.

Tyler Lockett, Zach Ertz, Keenan Allen, D.K. Metcalf, and it’s up to us for our fifth pick. And I want you guys to notice here, there is zero running backs. You want Derrius Guice, Kareem Hunt, some of these guys could break out. I don’t trust them. Okay. So, I look at the wide receiver here and what a steal. I got a Chark and Hilton, both great options here. Parker’s boom or bust. I want to go here with T.Y. Hilton. I like that. Okay so, T.Y. Hilton, A.J. Brown, not bad wide receivers. Wide receiver ones on their team and they got good quarterbacks throwing the ball, so you’re going to get a ton of volume with those guys, and I’ve secured my robust RB strategy. So, T.Y. Hilton coming off a late fifth round. Great value here for me. Absolutely love it. And, I’m going to line up one more pick here, and I’m going to probably go another wide receiver. We’re going to see who falls to us. But again, I want to implore you guys again, I keep showing this. Tight ends I don’t really look at till later, but I want to tell you guys something here, wide receivers, and I always say this all the time, end of the fifth round. Robert Woods could be saved. Chark. Gallup, I don’t really trust. A.J. Green, don’t trust. Diggs could be solid. I’m concerned about volume. Marquise Brown again, concerned about volume, but still a wide receiver one. Landry a wide receiver one. Brandin Cooks. Where is he? Wide receiver one. Deebo Samuel, I heard he’s going to miss the first couple games of the season, wide receiver one. Who else we got here? CeeDee Lamb. Man, I don’t know about CeeDee Lamb, I mean, he could have some upside there. Mecole Hardman, upside. Jefferson, I like him, he’s a plug and play.

Man, it’s back to me. I got Chark. This is crazy, man. Man, I love my team. Three ace wide… And here’s the thing, I want you guys, here’s a fantasy football draft tip and fantasy football draft strategy for you guys in this fantasy football mock draft, I want to give you guys a strategy. Here’s a simple, common-sense thing that nobody thinks about. Well, I don’t know, as far as I know, a lot of people don’t talk about this. I have, let’s say I’m starting three wide receivers. I want you to notice something here. My wide receiver one’s going to be A.J. Brown. Guess what? He’s a wide receiver one on his team. My wide receiver two is going to be T.Y. Hilton who’s a wide receiver one on his team. And, my wide receiver three is a wide receiver one on their team. The running backs, all running backs with minimal committees that are going to be primed for a huge workload. Okay.

So, everybody here is guaranteed. I mean, there are no guarantees in life except for taxes, and death, and stuff like that, but you get the point. The point I’m trying to make here is that if you look at this mock draft, you’re seeing guys that are in for a whole lot of work. Now, Raheem Mostert, we don’t really know. DeVante Parker, Williams is there. We don’t really know, right. Evans, he’s a wide receiver one, but we don’t know. Godwin could be Brady’s favorite target. We don’t know. We don’t know. That’s the thing, the don’t know is something that I really, really question completely. I see James Conner here in the third round. By the way, I like James Conner work ethic-wise. He did not opt-out for the season. And then I actually told him, he’s a Lion in my story mode. No, actually it was my post on Instagram.

If you’re not following my Instagram, number one verified Instagram. Follow @fantasyfootballcounselor. And he basically replied back, gave me a 100 with an arm flex. I respect James Conner, cancer survivor, and he basically played, which was pretty phenomenal, this season, considering the circumstances. Really a lot of respect for the guy. So in fantasy, am I really sold on him? Not really this year, but I hope, I wish him well, honestly. All right. So, coming up to number five here to round it out. Let’s just talk about number five. Devin Singletary, Amari Cooper, Cam Akers, Courtland Sutton, Tyler Lockett, Zach Ertz, Keenan Allen, D.K. Metcalf, Hilton, Parker, Dak Prescott, Kareem Hunt.

Round 6

Round six, Michael Gallup, Robert Woods, Darren Waller. We went with Chark, Diggs, Wilson, Murray. Now, you’re going to see Kyler Murray, who wants to come off the six the round. Sony Michel, Derrius Guice, Marquise Brown, Deshaun Watson, and A.J. Green.

That is it, folks. That is it. Thank you for being here. Check it out, screenshot it. That is who I like in the first six rounds. And, it could be a variance there. I could have gone David Johnson here at three, he came back around, and probably went Hilton, and Chark here, and then maybe gotten myself someone else. Or, I went Akers in five. It depends on how the draft is going, how I’m feeling. But, I feel locked and loaded. I’m going to probably target a quarterback here in the seventh round. Okay.

Thank you for being here, guys. Fantasy football season is upon us. Smash that thumbs up, it really helps the channel. Leave your fantasy questions below, I’ll try to get to as many as I possibly can. Follow my IG and my crazy antics on Instagram. A lot of entertainment, my shower, rants, tons of stuff there. And of course, guys again, to get that 16-round draft solution is the game-changer.

And Fantasy Direct, also Appreciate you guys for being here. It means the absolute world to me. Fantasy football 2020, let’s go hard. Let’s go dominate. Lion mentality. I’m out.

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