Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2020 – Solid Draft Strategy
July 31, 2020
Fantasy Football Sleepers 2020 – One From Each Team
August 3, 2020
Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2020 – Solid Draft Strategy
July 31, 2020
Fantasy Football Sleepers 2020 – One From Each Team
August 3, 2020

Fantasy Football Busts 2020 – Players to Potentially Avoid

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Potential busts for fantasy football 2020. Players you want to be careful drafting as they could potentially bust this season. The Counselor lays out the facts.

When you are drafting early or anytime in a fantasy football draft, you have to be super selective on who you put on your roster. The mainstream sheep analysts always tell you to draft the guys that finished on top last year early in your drafts. Not really much of a thought process there. This video I wanted to make you aware of some early-round studs that could be potential busts this year.

Potential busts include:

  • Dalvin Cook
  • Nick Chubb
  • Kenyan Drake
  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire
  • Lamar Jackson
  • DeAndre Hopkins
  • Amari Cooper
  • Godwin or Evans
  • Aaron Jones
  • Kyler Murray

While it seems tempting to draft all these players. I discuss on why you must stay away or just be cautious when considering them on your roster. Let’s dive and and talk about it.

Dalvin Cook:

The simple reason I am going to stay away in because I don’t trust him. He has not finished a season in three years and I don’t expect that to change this season. He is being drafted top 5 overall and that is just ridiculous. Draft someone else here in the first round.

Nick Chubb:

People are drafting him like Kareem Hunt is not on the team. This is a big mistake because Hunt outscored Chubb 6 out of the 8 games they played together last season. This could be a waste of a late first or early 2nd round pick. Chubb will not see the same volume he saw last year.

Kenyan Drake:

Years to wow us and we are not wowed. He has done nothing for 4 years, and I don’t expect that to change.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire:

Only draft him as part of a robust RB strategy. He is unproven in the NFL, and you never know if the Chiefs will bring in someone else to kill the buzz and make this a big committee.

Lamar Jackson :

Pinnacle year. No way but down here. I am saving my second-round pick for a workhorse RB, not a QB that wants to be one.

DeAndre Hopkins :

There needs to be rapport built with Kyler and Hopkins and he will need the volume to succeed. I don’t see Hopkins finishing top 5 amongst WR’s this season.

Amari Cooper:

Too many mouths to feed in Dallas. Ceedee will eat into the volume here for sure.

Godwin or Evans:

One of these guys will emerge. Are you willing to draft one in the 2nd and 3rd round to find out who will? I am not.

Aaron Jones:

Had the year of his life. Decline coming and look out for AJ Dillon

Kyler Murray:

I am not sold on the hype when I can get Russell Wilson or Matt Ryan later in the draft.

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Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
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