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July 29, 2022
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July 31, 2022

Fantasy Football WR Rankings 2022 | 5 WRs that will surprise!

5 Fantasy Football WRs that will surprise you.

5 Fantasy Football WRs that will surprise you.

5 Fantasy Football WRs that will surprise

  • Gabriel Davis
  • Adam Thielen
  • Drake London
  • Davante Adams
  • Darnell Mooney

These fantasy football WRS will surprise you for either better or worse in 2022. These guys can either outperform your expectations or really bust this season.

When you look at drafting these players or any other players you have to take a risk. I believe these guys could either boo or bust and their current expectations could shock you. For example, Davante Adams is coming off the fantasy board at the end of rd one. This guy could seriously bust and we discuss it in this fantasy football podcast episode. There is a ton of depth at wide receiver this year and you need a nice balance of safe volume guys and upside boom type players. This video will give you some insight on some big-named WRs going into the 2022 season.

You ask how can Davante Adams bust this season. I am seeing way too many red flags when it comes to him having a good season and a downgrade at QB is one. I suggest fading Adams and getting a safer RB in the early rounds as I don’t see the volume being there for Adams as well. Coming off a 169-target season with Rodgers, it doesn’t make sense that he will get that kind of volume again. My 16 Rounds draft solution lays out and tells you who to draft instead of Adams at that ADP.

On the contrary to Adams, Darnell Mooney is in a prime position to succeed this season and is the clear-cut WR 1 on his roster. Not to mention that he is great value in drafts and you don’t have to invest a 1st or 2nd round draft pick on him.

To get the full breakdown and how these WRs could really surprise you and what to look for, make sure you watch the full fantasy football podcast below.

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