Fantasy Football Bold Predictions 2020 | 5 That Could Actually Happen
May 30, 2020
Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2020 Grading and Analysis
June 1, 2020
Fantasy Football Bold Predictions 2020 | 5 That Could Actually Happen
May 30, 2020
Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2020 Grading and Analysis
June 1, 2020

Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2020 – 3rd Overall Pick

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Fantasy Mock draft 2020 picking 3rd overall and implementing the Robust RB draft strategy. The Counselor gives you a practical fantasy football draft strategy for the first 5 rounds.(Transcription)

Welcome it’s Joseph Robert, Fantasy Football Counselor. We’re doing a fantasy football mock draft for 2020, drafting from the third position. And I’m going to walk you through the first five rounds. Now I’m going to be implementing a strategy that I would use myself. I wouldn’t implement a strategy for you guys that I wouldn’t actually use. And that’s strategy for fantasy football 2020 is the robust RB strategy. I implore you guys to use this strategy. Anyone else teaching you otherwise for this year and any other year prior is an idiot, because I’ll tell you why.

Number one guys, it’s the most scarce position, the running back position. You’ve got to load up on those running backs. Okay? If you don’t someone else will. You want those running backs with minimal committees. That’s very, very important. Okay? Number two guys, very important, there’s a ton of depth at wide receiver and quarterback this year. You can get wide receiver ones after the fifth round there is a ton of volume so load up.

Now I want you guys to get the 16 round draft solution below. I walk through a full mock draft there and give you all the optimal players in each round. This is the first-ever only video training. I assure you guys, this is going to help you guys crush your leagues. Nobody’s offering video training. We’re in 2020 now. Come on, draft kits are dead. I assure you guys. I created something that’s definitely going to work. 16 rounds is the game changer because I’m extremely passionate about you guys winning. I came up with this idea a couple of years ago when my friend’s like, “Hey, can you walk me through who to draft in each round?” I’m like, “Well, I can’t really be at your draft.”

Just give me a list or something, tell me what I got to do. I’m like, “Okay, what a great idea.” And so many people have asked me throughout the years, “Can you be there for my draft?” I can’t be at everybody’s draft. So 16 rounds is the game-changer. I’m telling you guys, I assure you you’re going to have a balanced roster with a ton of depth and all the optimal players. I admit all the players. Last year, you didn’t have to worry about guys like Le’veon Bell first round. He stayed away. Antonio Brown second round. And that’s what everybody’s telling you is draft based on ADP and lists. That’s not how to win. Okay?

So let’s walk through the first five rounds going through the robust RB strategy here. We’re drafting third. If you’re listening in the car, I’m going to walk through every single draft result, as the draft is done and we’re going to walk through every single draft round. So you guys have an idea who goes where and what.

All right, so let’s get to it. We are starting here and we’ve got, this is a good mix because we’ve got some real players here. I think six are real players and we’ve got six computer, which is good because I want a little bit of ADP because that’s how people typically draft anyway. Now, the first four rounds, people know the players, but even casual or even some of these fans or some of the guys in your league don’t even know who to draft after the seventh round. Right? So it’s a good thing to go on ADP because a lot of people go on ADP, which is the sheep mentality and you’re not a sheep. So you’re going to see how I’m going to work in between these first five rounds and not draft who you think I’m going to draft.

And I don’t just do it to be different. I do it because I actually feel that player is the best player at that position. So we’re looking at this guy that I’m going robust RB. Now I see a bunch of players here and Zeke and Camara seems like the obvious option here. And I think they’re going to have great years. I like the ceiling of Henry a little bit more. I’m going to go ahead and draft Derrick Henry at three. A lot of people will not draft Derrick Henry there, but again, I could have easily gone Camara and Elliot and I probably would. I’m trying to dance around Zeke a little bit this year. I love him. Problem is his polar effect. It’s bothering me a little bit. So I’d rather go with Henry where there is no holler there, right? So I’m going to go with Henry at three.

I see Michael Thomas coming in at five. Now here’s the problem with Thomas. As I said, he had a pinnacle year, last year, 185 targets, a huge year. Is he going to continue that? I think he’s going to be consistent, but 185 targets. It doesn’t seem viable. He’s going to decline a little bit. So I’m personally staying away from Michael Thomas in the first round. If I can get him in the third round, maybe I’d consider him, but he’s not going to fall there because again, everybody drafts based on ADP.

I see Dalvin Cook coming off the board. You guys know how I feel about Dalvin Cook. I’m not touching him. How would you invest? Why would you, and how could you invest in a player that has not finished a season in the first round? It doesn’t make any sense. And Madison breathing down his neck and he’s just as capable as Dalvin Cook. Even better than Dalvin Cook, stronger than Dalvin Cook. I looked at their numbers guys. And had you given … Go look it up. Had you given Madison the same amount of volume, so Cook had 250 attempts and around 1100, 1200 yards. Madison had around 500 rushing yards on a hundred attempts. So just double that you’ve got Dalvin Cook production, probably even more actually, if you had the 250 attempts. But only a hundred attempts to Madison, obviously by default Cooks the guy, Cook will go down, get yourself Madison later. There’s a fantasy football sleeper for you. All right.

Then we saw Kamara come off the board. Devante Adams. I think Adams has a better year, this year. I actually like the ceiling there. Then Joe Mixon, listen, Mixon is a tough one. It’s a suspect offense, but they’ve got a new quarterback, new offense, some improvements to the old line. It seems exciting. Right? AJ Green, there could be a high octane offense believe it or not with the Bengals. I never thought I’d say that, but I just personally don’t like Mixon. Maybe it was the old assault thing that he did a couple years ago. I don’t know. I just don’t like the guy. And again, he’s been in the league for a long time. He’s been safe and solid, but he just hasn’t wowed me with the ceiling. I don’t know, man. I just don’t like him. Oh, Tyreek Hill, I like the all American athletes. The David Johnsons of the world. You guys know that. So. All right. Tyreek Hill, I would just not go for that guy in the first round. Very volatile. Nick Chubb. Kareem Hunt is there. Nick Chubb has no business being in the first round.

Anybody, listen to what I’m telling you. Anyone telling you to draft Nick Chubb or has Nick Chubb in the top 10 is mistaken. They’re wrong. Now I could be wrong. Right? And I’m taking full ownership if I’m wrong, but I tell you this right now, I’m staying away from Nick Chubb with Kareem Hunt there. Kareem Hunt outscored Nick Chubb, six out of the eight weeks they played together in PPR. Let me repeat that. Kareem Hunt outscored Nick Chubb, six out of the eight weeks they played together in PPR. Why would you spend a first-round pick on a guy who’s splitting a committee with somebody, a backfield? Get the hell out of here. Hopkins. Listen again, I don’t know if there are enough targets for Hopkins to make him viable here. So recap. The first round McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, Derrick Henry, Zeke Elliott, Michael Thomas, Dalvin Cook, Alvin Camara, Devante Adams, Joe Mixon, Tyreek Hill, Nick Chubb, and Deandre Hopkins.

Going up to round two. It starts off with Julio Jones, Aaron Jones, Kenyan Drake, Josh Jacobs, and Austin Eckler. Now Kenyan Drake has a massive ceiling, but I’m not sold on him being a full workhorse running back. They drafted Eno Benjamin out of Arizona State and they probably love him. He’s out of Arizona. He may get the work. It could be another Phillip Lindsay situation. Kenyan Drake has not wowed us. He had a couple of good games in Arizona and I understand the offense could benefit him, but he’s just not that great of a player. And we’re going to see that this year, trust me, the ceiling is high. It’s tempting, but I wouldn’t invest in a guy that I don’t trust. Jacobs here is huge value as the fourth pick in the second round. Love Jacobs.

See a lot of people now this year, are going with the robust RB strategy. But you got to go with the right robust RBs. Now this idiot here with the 11th pick, what Nick Chubb and Aaron Jones, which actually ends up actually being the con-sheep-sus. So it’s actually my turn to draft. I go to players and I was not focusing on the draft because I’m talking to you guys and I’m going to go to running backs here. And there’s a ton of good guys here. I’m going to just throw a wild card here. And I’m going to go with the ceiling of Clyde Edwards-Helaire. I see Miles Sanders sitting there, but with Miles Sanders, I feel he’ll be in a committee. They were entertaining guys like Carlos Hyde, which didn’t end up going there. But, I’ve got my solid guy here, Derek Henry. I’m to go with Clyde Edwards-Helaire because again, that huge ceiling is there and I’m still going to go robust RB.

I’m going four running back to the first four rounds. I’m nuts like that. But yeah, I like the ceiling of Helaire and I just think he’s just far superior to Damien Williams. So I’m feeling a little more warm and fuzzy as the season goes on, as the off season goes on here and we move towards the season with Clyde Edwards-Helaire. I was a little skeptical there because again, I don’t trust the Chiefs and that offense in regards to giving a guy a workhorse, running back type of load, but it could happen this year with Clyde Edwards. Miles Sanders coming off next. Then Kenny Golladay. And I know who I’m targeting this year and I hope he doesn’t go to the next four picks because again, I went third. So there are four picks in between me as it comes back to me here.

I’ll tell you who I’m going to go with. Julio Jones. Aaron Jones. Sorry. We’re going to recap the second round. Julio, Aaron Jones, Kenyan Drake, Josh Jacobs, Austin Eckler, Travis Kelce, way too early for a tight end. Lamar Jackson, Chris Godwin, George Kiddle, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Miles Sanders, Kenny Golladay to round up round two.

Moving onto round three. Allen Robinson and Mike Evans, come off the board and I’m all over this pic. I can’t believe he’s here. I’d either go Taylor or Gurley, but I’m going to go with the consistent production of Todd Gurley. Todd Gurley’s going to be the workhorse running back there. This is a steal in the third round. My goodness. I love my workhorse running backs. And this is the thing guys. Once you got these workhorse running backs, you don’t really have to worry.

You get a sleeper like a Joshua Kelly, Zach Moss, AJ Dylan later on, right? Or Alexander Mattison as a sleeper near the end of the draft. But now you secured, you’ve got a foundation of build on and wait till you see what happens after getting my fourth running back. You’re going to see the wide receivers available. You’ll be like, “Holy crap, Joe. There’s a ton of receivers.” And for most leagues, including my dynasty league with my friends, it’s like we have to wide receiver spots. So I can fill those super easy. What you can’t fill is those running back positions sometimes because you’re not going to get those workhorse running backs the volume. You want to make sure you plug in those running back positions so you’re always locked and loaded at the running back position and maybe even cover your flex spot.

So I absolutely love these three running backs and you could make a combination here. You can go, derrick Henry, Jonathan Taylor, Todd Gurley. You can go, Derrick Henry, Todd Gurley, Jonathan Taylor, or Clyde Edwards-Helaire. You’ve got to basically load up. And I see Taylor coming off here near the end of the third round. And I’m just going to recap the third round here with you.

Evans, listen here’s the deal with Evans. It’s either going to be him or Godwin. Not both. Both of those guys aren’t going to thrive. So if you’re drafting these guys, nobody’s talking about this, they’re just saying these guys are both top 10. They’re not both top 10. They’re not both top 10. Either it’s going to be Godwin or it’s going to be Evans. So pick one, roll the dice. I don’t want to roll the dice with the second draft picked. Second-round pick. All right. Let’s recap round three.

Allen Robinson, Mike Evans, which I wouldn’t touch Evans. I get it, the ceilings high, but it’s a coin toss. Todd Gurley for me, Pat Mahomes. The ton of quarterback depth, Adam Thielen, DJ Chark. I like Chark. Trust me. I love Chark this year, but not in the third round. Odell Beckham could have a bounce-back because he’s … and I’m not going to deny that. I still don’t like him. Juju, listen, I did a bold prediction video here. I think Deontae Johnson finishes ahead of Juju, very, very possible. And I wouldn’t invest the third-round pick. Again the ceiling’s high with big Ben coming back, but hard to trust. Jonathan Taylor here, a good pick. I like this pick. This guy going robust RB as you can see. There are only two teams that went robust and me and another person here.

And he’s a real person. It’s not a computer. So as you can see, some people are implementing this robust RB. Maybe this guy got 16 rounds. Well, maybe not because I’m not really crazy about Mixon. But anyway, besides the fact. DJ Moore, AJ Brown and Melvin Gordon, I love AJ Brown, third round, not bad, but I’m going to probably miss out on AJ Brown this year. As much as I love him. Amari Cooper, Chris Carson coming up in the fourth round, moving onto the fourth round. We got then Cooper cup, Devante Parker. Again, I like the ceiling of Parker this year. I think Tua from what I’m hearing may get the start earlier than people think. And trust me, I love Devante Parker’s ceiling. But, last year I was getting this guy in the 10th round.

I just don’t feel like a fourth round. Man, oh man, it’s just, I don’t want to get on. I get on the train when everybody’s not on it. And when they, boom, that’s what the advantage of 16 round drafts is you guys. Get it below or at Thefantasyfootball that I pin the link here, guys on YouTube. Make sure you guys get it. And I priced it so everybody can get it.

Raheem Mostert, Marquise Brown, Leonard Fournette, Le’veon Bell. And this is what I love here. Oh, this is just so great, David. I’m not even going to hesitate here. David Johnson in the fourth round is an absolute steal. I love this pick. This guy he’s going to get a floor of 250 attempts. Floor, a floor of a thousand yards and a floor of 10 rushing touchdowns and a couple receiving. This guy is first-round talent.

You guys heard it here first. I’m sticking with this. I’m telling you, that’s how it’s going to be. So Cooper, Carson, Cupp, Parker, Mark Ingram, which I don’t like. You got Dobbins there. And you know, Lamar Jackson runs the ball. I would hate to have Eckler and Ingram as my running backs. It would be terrible. Raheem Mostert, Marquise Brown, Leonard Fournette, Le’veon Bell, David Johnson, James Conner, Courtland Sutton. I actually like Le’veon Bell value in the fourth round. That makes more sense. And again, Courtland Sutton rounds out that round.

Now I want to show you guys something. I’m running out of time here for my pick, but I’m going to look at wide receivers. Look at the value here, guys. I’m going to go with Calvin Ridley, I think he has a booming, booming year here.

But I’m going to show you guys something here. Tyler Lockett could be a wide receiver one, but him and Metcalf. It’s a coin toss. I think Metcalf’s going to take over there. Hilton’s a wide receiver one. Metcalf’s potentially a wide receiver one. AJ Green’s a potential wide receiver one. I know he’s not trustworthy, but it is what it is. Terry McLaurin is a wide receiver. Debo Samuel is a wide receiver one. Stefan Diggs is a wide receiver, one. Jarvis Landry wide receiver one. Will Fuller and you know what? Cooks, I like Cooks. Cooks is a wide receiver one. Edelman’s a wide receiver one. Derrius Slayton could be a wide receiver one. Guys, Deontae Johnson could potentially be the wide receiver one. Jerry Judy could take a lot of volume. Robby Anderson, Justin Jefferson wide receiver two. Mecole Hardman a wide receiver two. Michael Pittman, a potential wide receiver two. Denzel Mims could be a wide receiver one.

Guys, take a look at these wide receivers. There is a ton and you literally need to fill what? Two slots, maybe three, if it’s three-wide receiver league. Dude just draft like seven or eight of them. Load up a couple on the bench. You’re locked and loaded at the running back position. Guys, fantasy football doesn’t have to be that hard. The secret is to load up on running backs early and always aim high on the depth chart. Get the guys that are volume getters that fit the CUDDY system. Consistency, upside, durability, depth, and youth. Well, Joe, you’ve got two injury-prone guys. You’ve got Todd Gurley and David Johnson. Listen, Todd Gurley is a full workhorse on his team. He looked great at the end of the season last year, he’s going to be fine. And David Johnson had a fluke wrist injury a couple of years ago and he was screwed by Kingsbury. So that’s not his fault.

So I’m locked and loaded and if they fall apart, I got Henry and Clyde Edwards. I don’t care. So listen, there’s a ton of depth guys. Believe me, guys, implement the strategy. Round five Mark Andrews, Keenan Allen, Calvin Ridley who I went with. TY Hilton, which I also like, David Montgomery, I was almost tempted to take David Montgomery and go five running backs and call it a day. I love David Montgomery in the fifth round. Are you kidding me? A full workhorse running back with a ton of volume with no committee. Let’s go guys. Robert Woods here. Tyler Lockett, Zach Ertz, DK Metcalf, Devin Singletary, which I don’t like with Zack Moss there because of the beast Dak Prescott and Deandre Swift. I’m going to give you guys another pick here. I said five rounds. Let’s do six rounds here.

And I talked about the sneaky seven strategy. You’re getting a feel for my sneaky seven. I talk about that also in the 16 round draft solution, but you’re seeing me build up my sneaky seven, which I won’t reveal the whole secret here. It’s exclusive to my 16 round course, but, this is going to be a really exciting season this year. I’m telling you, with the running backs. Oh, I want to say one more thing, guys. Take a look at the running backs here guys in the sixth round, checking this out. There’s nobody left. I’m not joking. Then some of these guys could break out. Kareem Hunt could have a big gear. Cam Akers, absolutely love here, JK Dobbins. I doubt it. Ronald Jones, they’re going to be in a committee. Mattison’s going to take the job eventually. Zach Moss could be a beast.

There’s a couple of guys, but they’re really, really big question marks. Joshua Kelly, AJ Dylan. We got MacFarlane from the Steelers that could take the job there if Connor goes down. But look guys, look, do you want a Jordan Howard? Do you want to wait and get a Jordan Howard? The hell with that. Sony Michelle is in a committee. Daniel Williams, who sucks, Matt Bredia in Miami. Are you kidding me? You don’t want these guys. But the guys that did not acquire running backs early are going to end up with that. This guy ends up with Derrius Guice here. I wouldn’t want him. Would you guys want Derrius Guice with a committee of 500 people, who’s been injured, hasn’t finished a season? But guys check this out wide receivers. I got Diggs here. I’m going to go with Diggs. He’s the wide receiver one in Buffalo. Diggs and Ridley I can come back and get more wide rec-, I can get Cooks later.

Are you kidding me? Edelman. We don’t even know how good Stidham could be, man. Jarrett Stidham in New England could be special. We don’t know. Guys look, oh my goodness, a ton of wide receivers. It’s great. And quarterback, just forget about the quarterback. Look at this. I could get Alan. I could get Ryan. I could get Stafford. I could get Brady. I could get Rogers. I could get Tannahill. Tannahill, had he started the first six games last year, was on pace to be a top-three quarterback in fantasy. Nobody’s talking about this.

So anyway guys, that’s it. So there’s your teaser guys. You can see that Joe, you know what? You’re a little crazy sometimes. Maybe it’s the passion, but you’re making sense. It makes sense. So I’m not going to pick here. I’m going to let the computer run its thing, but guys, this is it.

This is the mock draft for, I gave you six rounds here. Going robust RB strategies is something that I was preaching years ago that people condemned me for like, “Oh, that guy’s an idiot. Joe, you should go wide receiver.” No, no, you don’t go wide receiver, wide receiver. You load up on running backs. So that wraps it up here, guys. That is the mock draft fantasy football 2020. Make sure you guys subscribe. Leave a thumbs up and I will see you guys once this thing ends, I will see you guys in the next video. I appreciate you guys being here and I would not dra- … The computer picked Jared Cook for me. Don’t listen to that. I did not pick him. All right guys. I am out. I appreciate you guys being here. We will talk soon. Thank you. And get the 16 round draft solution. I hope you guys enjoyed the mock draft. We’re going to crush fantasy football together, smash the thumbs up and leave a comment with your thoughts. I appreciate you guys, means a lot.


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