Fantasy Football Sleepers 2020 | Guys I Love This Year
May 29, 2020
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May 31, 2020
Fantasy Football Sleepers 2020 | Guys I Love This Year
May 29, 2020
Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2020 – 3rd Overall Pick
May 31, 2020

Fantasy Football Bold Predictions 2020 | 5 That Could Actually Happen

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5 Fantasy Football Bold Predictions for 2020. The Counselor gives you some bold yet obtainable fantasy predictions.

All right, so let’s talk about the five bold predictions. They are pretty bold, but they are obtainable. Now, I’ve got a lot of energy going into 2020 guys. I’m telling you, we as Counsel nation are taking over the industry. So, I’m coming at you with more energy in the show. So, I’m just super pumped because I need some football in my life. So, I’ve got these five bold predictions, but they’re realistic to some degree, there’s some realism. These things could actually happen, but you may not think they’re going to happen because they seem really bold according to the way the consensus, the consensus have these guys ranked, and the possibilities and variables of this actually happening. So, it seems a little unrealistic, but I think it actually could happen.

1. Diontae Johnson Finishes Ahead of Juju

All right, so the first bold prediction I’ve got here, guys, take a pen out, may want to write it down, or keep a mental note here because I think this is completely viable. Diontae Johnson becomes the wide receiver one, and the primary target for Big Ben. What do I mean by that guys? It means that this guy could be a top 10 finisher and he could finish ahead of Juju and that is the ceiling for Diontae Johnson. Now, it could be, put a disclaimer here, it could be Diontae or Claypool. I think they’re both very talented. Claypool, Chase Claypool the rookie, coming in out of the NFL draft being drafted by the Steelers. I love Claypool. I love Diontae, but Diontae is very interesting because last year, listen, this guy had 92 targets, 59 reception, 680 yards. 680 yards with no Big Ben there and five touchdowns. This, to me, is very appealing without Big Ben there.

Another thing, that I heard is that he and Big Ben have been training, Diontae and Big Ben have been training, building out a bond together. This is really exciting, guys. There is a void here without Antonio Brown. Juju is showing us that sometimes he’s going to have a hard time with the double coverage and part of his success, the reason he finished top 10 back in 2018, both him and AB, because there was a lot of volume. There’s a ton of volume. Big Ben throws the ball a lot, right? For a lot of yards. And he throws a lot of volume, right? A lot of attempts. So, when I look at these guys, look at maybe Juju being slated as the wide receiver, initially, he’s going to see some double coverage, which is going to open things up for Diontae And we know Juju kind of lines up out of the slot. That’s where he prefers it. So, maybe Diontaie and Claypool on the outside and Juju may be in the slot.

Now, a lot of people are saying that James Washington, listen, the guy sucks. Nowhere near the talent of the guys I mentioned here. So, Diontae is the guy, this is the bold prediction, becomes the wide receiver one and the primary target for Big Ben, which equals, yes, cha-ching, a lot of fantasy points. Yes, that’s what I’m excited about. So, this is my bold prediction and that’s why I love Diontae Johnson for Fantasy. Now, if I’m looking at Diontae Johnson, he is currently sitting, I think, 45th guys, amongst wide receivers. So, he’s a big Fantasy Football sleeper. And I’m telling you guys, this guy has a ceiling that could be through the roof. I love Diontae Johnson.

2. David Johnson Finishes ahead of Dalvin Cook

A second bold prediction here, and I might get some eye rolls here, but that’s okay, it’s a bold prediction, but I think it’s completely viable, 100%, and I want to make a disclaimer that injuries are included. So, when I make this prediction, “Well, Joe, what if that guy gets injured?” Let’s tell you what the prediction is first. David Johnson beats Dalvin Cook in Fantasy points by the end of the season. So, at the end of the season, when you look at the final points in PPR, amongst running backs, David Johnson beats Dalvin cook. I don’t care if it’s by one point or half a point and I don’t care if injuries happen because part of this prediction is predicated on Dalvin Cook getting hurt, which he will because he gets hurt every single year and people are drafting him top five.

So, I understand guys, I totally understand why he’s top five because where he finished last year, right? He finished near the top, but you got to understand Dalvin Cook has not finished a season. You guys, a lot of people, I think one person in the comments mentioned, “Joe, I didn’t know a couple of years ago, Dalvin Cook only played four games.” Yes, he did. He did three years ago. Then he played 11 games. Then last year I believe he played like what? 14 or something like that. Listen, Dalvin cook hasn’t finished a season. So yes, his first rookie season he only played four games. The season after that, the sophomore year, 11 games. This past year, not so many games either, didn’t finish the season. So, my prediction again, David Johnson, beats Dalvin Cook in Fantasy points by the end of the season, injuries included. So, don’t come at me and say, “Well, Joe, Dalvin Cook got hurt.” I’m warning you Dalvin Cook’s going to get hurt. He will get hurt. That’s why I’m going to get David Johnson in the third or fourth round and get Madison later. So, that is my second bold prediction.

3. DeAndre Hopkins Finished Outside the Top 15

Moving on to the third bullet prediction, DeAndre Hopkins finishes outside of the top 15 amongst wide receiver rankings in 2020. Yes, a significant decline for DeAndre Hopkins for Fantasy Football 2020. This is why I’m staying away from him. Why am I doing that? Well, first of all, this guy finished first amongst wide receivers in 2018, fifth amongst wide receivers in PPR points in 2019. So, Hopkins is always a top-five finisher based on the past couple of years. He always finishes there. The guy’s a stud.

Well, guys, wake up. Reality check. He is with the Arizona Cardinals. Now, you could say there’s a high ceiling with Kyler Murray. Kyler Murray’s got great talent. Yes, he does, but that ball is going to be spread wide. Now, I can understand Hopkins fishing top five if it’s Fitzgerald was not there. Fitzgerald’s there, he maxed out. Let me repeat this to you guys. I want you guys to understand this, Fitzgerald maxed out at 109 targets. Kirk, I believe, had 107 so that’s 200, and whatever 20, let’s say 220, just under 220 attempts. Okay? Passing attempts. So, that’s 220 there. So, if Hopkins is going to finish top five where he’s slated right now, he’s ranked top 5 right now, which means he’s pretty much end of the first-round draft pick. Okay? So, if he’s going to finish top five, that’s what they’re assuming based on last year, how is he going to get 150 plus targets for him to finish, in the top five. He needs a lot of volume.

So, where is that coming off? So, assuming he gets 50, shave off Fitzgerald, you shave off 50 targets from Fitzgerald, he’s at 59 targets, right? Then you shave off 50 from Kirk. That’s a hundred targets that now move over to Hopkins and let’s say, Kyler throws more so he gets a hundred, let’s say he gets another 30 targets there. That still leaves Hopkins another about 130 targets total. I’m just doing some basic math. That’s not including other receivers, Drake catching the ball in the backfield, Kyler running the ball, which he does and scrambling. I’m telling you guys, I just don’t see the numbers mathematically adding up. This is similar to last year when everyone is saying Odell was round one, is what they told you. And I said, listen, “Landry is still there and he maxed out at 149 targets. Who’s ass are they pulling another 150 targets out of?” Because I’d like to know, right? So, another situation where mathematically it doesn’t add up to me. Now, not to say that Hopkins, he’s going to have some boom games, there’s no doubt about it. There’s going to be some games where he’s going to completely be gravitated to, there’s going to be some volatility and there’s going to be some games where you’re going to be very, very depressed. So, I’m going to stay away from Hopkins, a new team, new offense. He’s got to build that new rapport with Kyler. Not seeing it. So, that’s my bold prediction, Hopkins finishes outside of the top 15 wide receivers in PPR points. Definitely out of the top 10, but I’m pushing it a little bit, going 15.

4. Todd Gurley Finishes Top 3 Amongst RB’s

Bold prediction number four, Todd Gurley becomes a top three Fantasy Football running back finisher. Yes, he finishes top three amongst running backs in fantasy points. Todd Gurley gets back into the form and shape he was a couple years ago. I understand, guys, I just heard from the coaching and the team I read some write up about them not being sure about his role and Brian Hill and Ito Smith getting some work. I understand that and there may be some integration of them just for sheer preservation of Todd Gurley, but I believe with absolute certainty the Falcons are going to be making a hard run for the Superbowl this year. They’ve got all the weapons, they’ve got all the tools. Matt Ryan getting older, they’re upset from last year. This is the year. They’ve got Hearst there. This is the year that I genuinely believe the Falcons make a run. And I think they’re going to give everything they’ve got and utilize Gurley to their full potential and that’s why they didn’t acquire a draft anyone else. They believe in Todd Gurley. So, Todd Gurley bold prediction, bold prediction guys, finishes top three amongst running backs in fantasy points. Yes, pushing out guys like Zeke and CMC. That’s the ceiling for this guy because I think the Falcons believe in him. So, there it is.

5. Rookie RB Finishes Top 4 Amongst RB’s

Number five here, guys, this is interesting and you can say, “Well, Joe, that’s obvious,” but here’s another crazy bold prediction. A rookie running back, yes, a rookie running back finishes top four. I’m going to say three’s a little bit of a stretch. I think that’s too bold because I got Gurley there. I’m going to say four. A rookie running back, finishing in the top four, maybe even five, but let’s keep four because it’s in the middle. A rookie running back finishes top four amongst running backs in fantasy points, PPR. So, that would mean Clyde Edwards, Jonathan Taylor, Akers really make a push to get the starting job right off the bat in the preseason, get the start. Right? And possibly get the start and get that production. Clyde Edwards has a high ceiling, Taylor’s got a high ceiling and Akers all have high ceilings if they get that production. But there are other names that could make a push that is rookie running back sleepers, Zack Moss. But the problem is Singletary is there. They may ride the hot hand. Moss may get a bulk of the volume there. He’s a beast. Joshua Kelley, because I’m not sold on Ekeler being a workhorse running back and McFarland there in Pittsburgh, another guy that could emerge there in Pittsburgh if Connor gets hurt immediately. So, there’s a lot of variables that have to fall into place, but that’s my bold prediction that a running back, a rookie running back this year, cracks the top four for Fantasy Football. We don’t know who it is. I don’t know who it is. I think there are some high ceilings again with Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Jonathan Taylor, but it’s going to be very interesting to see which one of these guys emerge and that’s why I like to load up on a bunch of running backs and have those wild cards later. Right? Maybe get yourself a Zack Moss later, Joshua Kelley. Maybe some of these guys could break out because there’s some potential for them to do so.

So, that’s it, man. I’m telling you that those are your top, well not really top five, just my five bold predictions I shared with you guys. I hope you guys enjoyed the show. Let me know, leave a comment. I’d like to hear a bold prediction from you guys. Leave it below. Smash that thumbs up and get the 16 round draft solution, you guys will absolutely love it, I assure you guys.

Thank you for being here. Those are your five bold predictions. I’m very, very confident with these predictions. I think they’re very viable, especially the David Johnson one. He’s going to get a ton of production there guys in Houston, a ton of upside for him there, the Texans believe in him. I absolutely love that prediction. David Johnson beats Dalvin Cook in fantasy points for 2020. Love that one. I loved them all. All right guys, I will see you in the next video subscribe and I am out.

-the Counselor

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