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June 23, 2022
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June 27, 2022

Fantasy Football Fools Gold 2022 | Players to Avoid

Players to avoid 2022

Players to avoid 2022

Fantasy Football Players to Avoid 2022

  • D’Andre Swift
  • James Conner
  • Travis Etienne
  • Brandin Cooks
  • Davante Adams
  • Kyle Pitts

These guys could be boom or bust picks but have a lot of question marks. From this fools gold list, I feel Pitts could actually perform really well this year. The Problem with Pitts is the super high ADP though. Let’s dive into why these guys could bust this season.

1. D’Andre Swift

This guy is entering his third season and has had years to wow me and I’m now wowed. I am going to be very cautious with him this season and fade him altogether. He is very high on the ADP sitting around 7th on the consensus. This is very high for a guy on a suspect offense and hasn’t proven he can be a workhorse in fantasy or reality for that matter.

Swift is a good player but won’t see the volume in the rushing attempts as well. You also have to consider that he has been hurt a bit in the past, so health is a big question mark when you look at Swift as your RB 1. I personally don’t trust him or the Lions this upcoming NFL season. I will stay far away from this guy who is way too expensive in drafts, sitting ahead of guys like Montgomery, Zeke, and Saquon Barkley!

2. James Conner

What has Conner ever really done? I would say other than last year, nothing in fantasy. I don’t trust this man at all and I don’t trust the Cardinals. You have to understand that Conner has had his share of injuries in the past and I don’t him performing at a high level this season. Last year he had a lot of TDs and his numbers were really inflated.

I would steer clear of this guy. I see a lot of people saying they will use the zero RB strategy and draft James Conner as their RB one. This is a massive mistake and they will lose their leagues if they really on James as a top RB in fantasy. I don’t trust him and will be fading him this season and many seasons ahead.

3. Travis Etienne

Travis Etienne has done nothing in the NFL. People are putting a lot of weight on drafting him this season and I can’t trust it at all. When James Robinson comes back, look for Etienne to take a step back in this suspect Jags offense. I don’t know why people are so excited about this guy.

We don’t even know if he is durable as he didn’t even play a game last year because he got hurt. I am not buying the hype on this guy and won’t be taking a risk on a guy on a suspect offense like the Jags.

He has done nothing in the NFL so far.

4. Brandin Cooks

While the opportunity seems ideal and I think Cooks will be a safe pick up. I don’t trust the Texan’s Offense and Davis Mills. When I look to draft a WR, I look to see who is throwing the ball. I don’t see a high ceiling and upside in a guy like Mills.

While Cooks could be a solid and safe sleeper, I don’t see any upside on a guy that has been a boring fantasy WR throughout the years.


5. Davante Adams

What’s crazy in this high ADP WR situation is that Adams will not get the volume and attention that he got from Aaron Rodgers. He got a major downgrade at the QB position, yet the mainstream consensus still loves Adams and re suggesting you draft him as a top WR in round one.

He will not see the same numbers he did last year with Waller and Renfrow on that team. I would not invest that 1st round pick on a guy that I know will bust. Adams is Fantasy Fools Gold and you should stay away.

6. Kyle Pitts

Here is a guy with massive upside but a very expensive price tag. I would avoid him simply because he is expensive and I feel Drake London will do better and has better draft value. Draft with caution.

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