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March 28, 2022
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Fantasy Football Boom Players 2022 | 4 Gems I love

Fantasy Football Booms 2022

Fantasy Football Boom Players 2022

  • Ja’Marr Chase
  • Javonte Williams
  • Derrick Henry
  • Russell Wilson

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I’ve got four gems, four gold players. I love platinum, elite players. I love for Fantasy Football 2022. I love these guys. I don’t know what it is. I don’t care. We’re not talking to ADP. We’re not talking to anything. I don’t care. We’re not talking about anything else, but the fact that I love them. We might talk a little bit about ADP because one of them is actually pretty good on the ADP, but I’m in love with these players. I really want these players to succeed this year. I got a good feeling about them. I think the ceiling is very high for these players. So four players I’m feeling giddy and excited about right here right now.

I want to know who you absolutely love. Who’s making you feel all good and warm inside this year for fantasy football 2022? Who’s making you feel warm and fuzzy and good, giving you all the tingles all over? Right? Who is it? I want to know. So, these are my four gems. They make me feel warm and fuzzy. I like them. And I’m going to dive into why I like them. So let’s go to it right now.

Ja'Marr Chase

Ja’Marr Chase has a ton of upside

Ja’Marr Chase

First-person. I love this season. I’m in love. He’s a gem. And I just think the ceiling is huge there, is Ja’Marr Chase. Now, I understand I’m a robust RB guy and I don’t really want to invest in a wide receiver in round one, but I’m going to see how the ADPs go because if I can get some solid running backs in round two and three, I may sneak and grab Ja’Marr Chase in round one because I still think there’s a ton of stealing for this young elite player.

And arguably, I think the best wide receiver in the game right now, Ja’Marr Chase. And last year, I put this in perspective for you, because it’s all about perspective and Ja’Marr chase had 128 targets. Okay? That’s it. We’re talking a rookie year, 128 targets. That’s nothing when you compare him to a guy like Cooper Kupp there are tons more ceilings to go. So 128 targets, 81 receptions, 1,455 yards, and 13 touchdowns. This is a rookie. Finishing fifth in PPR, amongst wide receivers. And there was more ceiling to be had. If you compare him to Cooper Kupp, he had 191 targets, 145 receptions for Kupp right? 16 touchdowns, Ja’Marr Chase in his rookie year. Right? Did this well. So again, I just see the youth, I see the upside.

I see the talent. He makes me excited. Right? I haven’t been excited about a Bengals Receiver since A J Green in like a second or third year where he had that breakout amazing year and A J Green just never bounced back and they were looking for that replacement. They finally got a better replacement in Ja’Marr Chase. So I’m super excited about the young Joe Burrow connection. Love it. It’s super exciting. Ja’Marr Chase is a guy that I still think has got a ton of upside left. Okay. So he’s a guy that I’m excited about. I think he’s an absolute gem. I know he is expensive. And I know it’s obvious, but I don’t care. I like him a lot. Okay. I could be wrong, but I like him. I like him ahead of guys like people are crazy about Deebo Samuel.

Yeah, he’s good but he had eight rushing touchdowns. Is that going to happen again? No. People are excited about Cooper Kupp? Is that going to happen again? Do you know pinnacle? No. They’re excited about Davante Adams. Is that going to happen again? New team, new offense, the volume isn’t going to be there that he had with Aaron Rodgers. So this is why I’m excited about Ja’Marr Chase. Okay. Believe me, stick with me. Okay. Now if you haven’t gotten the 16 Rounds Draft Solution linked here below, get the 16 Rounds Draft Solution. Join the fantasy 365 community to absolutely blow away your team and have this outside of the box sinking because the mainstream is just going to say, Cooper Kupp, Davante Adams. Okay, great. But did they dive in? Did they say that there’s more of a ceiling for Ja’Marr Chase? Did they state the fact that Adams is making a change and he’s not going to get the vibe? Did they state the fact that Cooper Kupp is definitely going to decline? They don’t state that. They say, “rank it, Cooper Kupp, finish on top.” They say, “draft him on top again.” That’s not how you win. That’s why 16 Rounds is going to help you guys get it below.

Javonte Williams

The second gem here, guys. I absolutely love him. And I don’t care what anyone says, this guy could be a top-three running back if Melvin Gordon is still a free agent, assuming that Javonte is going to be the guy. Even if Melvin’s there, I still think Javonte is still going to thrive. Right? 203 attempts last year. That’s definitely going to go up because this is an offense that they built around Javonte Williams. So Javonte Williams makes me excited and he’s just inside the Top 10 on the Consensus Rankings, but I want to make sure he is on my roster.

This team. This year. I love the upside. I love the values. As of right now, again, his ADP should start climbing as we get close to the season. The talent, the youth, the upside, everything is there for Javonte Williams. He only had last year, 203 attempts, he still managed to get 4.4 yards per carrying, 903 yards on the ground. Only four touchdowns because Melvin Gordon hoarded those away but I know the Broncos believe in him. I know he is the future. I know they’re going to run him. They’re going to run him. There are a lot of attempts. Melvin Gordon had 203 attempts, right? Javonte had 203. Melvin Gordon is being shipped off or on regression in regards to his load. We’re looking at 260 plus attempts as a floor for Javonte with a ceiling of like 350. It’s astronomical. The talent. The youth is there. We saw he has got a nose for the end zone.

He looks good. He can catch the ball. I’m excited. Javonte Williams is the guy I absolutely love. I’m going to be targeting my rosters. That’s the second guy.

Javonte Williams

Javonte Could really be a fantasy football boom in 2022

Derrick Henry

The third gem here. Now you’re going to say, “well, Joe, he’s a little old now”. But it’s “Hey captain obvious.” But Derrick Henry, you’re saying “captain obvious” because obviously, he is really good. He’s proven it. But Derrick Henry blows my mind on how good this guy is he’s phenomenal.

Now I look at his attempts last year. Now Derrick Henry played eight games and I keep hammering this in because I love volume, right? Derrick Henry had 219 attempts, which made him top 10. 10th in attempts amongst running backs and he played eight games. He played less than half of the games that everyone else played. Like Jonathan Taylor had 332 attempts, he was the number one running back, right?

He played 17 games. Derrick Henry had 219 attempts, he played eight games. I’m comparing him to Taylor, comparing to Zeke who played 17 games. He had 237 attempts compared to Derrick Henry’s 219. So even like Dalvin Cook, 249 attempts played 13 games. Derrick Henry had 219 attempts in eight games. So a lot of people ranked CMC, listen to this, it’s crazy because I see CMC ranked higher on the consensus rankings ahead of Derrick Henry when Christian McCaffrey only play 10 games in two seasons. And I see people tend to forget that, right? And everyone’s worried about Derrick Henry coming off an injury. Derrick Henry is arguably next to like Taylor and I think Najee Harris takes a step up this year and other guys, arguably one of the best running backs in the game without a doubt, right?

He’s a train. Like he runs people over literally. So volume, talent and bounce back, I love him. I’m going to try to target him. I look in my head at Jonathan Taylor this year because I know he is going to bounce back. I know Jonathan Taylor’s going to decline.

Derrick Henry Fantasy Football 2022

Derrick Henry Ceiling is Higher than Taylor’s

Russell Wilson

All right. So Derrick Henry’s another gem I absolutely love. And this is a bit of a surprise here. I’m going to stick on the Denver train here at quarterback because I can get him for value sitting like 11th on the consensus rankings. I can get him for that value pick and a guy that always finishes in the top 10 when he gets to his groove. I know it’s a new offense, but the guy I’m talking about is Russell Wilson. Absolutely love him. Love the upside, love the regeneration he’s going to get with the Broncos. He’s going to be here to revive his career.

There’re already quotes of him saying, “I’m going to crush it this year. I’m young. I can hang it with the best. I’m not here to go down. I’m here to go up.” He’s ready to crush it. I think Russell Wilson has had a good year. He’s got the weapons. Jerry Jeudy, him, I heard they’re connecting right now in the off-season, they’re training together. I’m excited, about Russell Wilson based on value. So I’m looking for a resurgence for reemergence, whatever you want to call it. It’s spark coming out of Russell Wilson but I absolutely love him based on value. Cause I’m not paying a Josh Allen second round picking a one quarterback label, just not doing it. But if I can get Russell Wilson, boom, fifth round, back him up with like a Matt Ryan. All-day. Now I’ve got my two ace quarterbacks.

I didn’t have to pay anything for them. I got them for amazing value and I still got my aces, just giving you an example here. Right? And there are other value quarterbacks, I talk all about that 16 Rounds. Okay, so those are my gems, Ja’Marr Chase, love them, Derrick Henry, love him. Russell Wilson. Javonte Williams. Absolutely love these guys. Excited to watch that Denver offense altogether this year. Absolutely excited because I know that was the missing piece, which was the quarterback and they’ve plugged it in with Russell Wilson. I knew he wanted off Seattle.

He wanted that change and sometimes people need a little bit of a shift, get out of that environment to thrive better in another environment. Okay, so there it is guys, four gems for you. Make sure you target them on your rosters this year for fantasy football, 2020. I know it’s early, but we’re talking here. We’re enjoying it. We’re getting into that mode. Get 365 right now, Fantasy 365. Check it out of my site and get the 60 Round Draft. Dive into the community and get the solution right now. All right guys, I’m out.

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