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Fantasy Football 2023 | Washed Up Players to Avoid

Fantasy Football Players to avoid in 2023

We discuss players like Dalvin Cook, Aaron Rodgers, Austin Ekeler, and others who could be over the hill and decline in 2023.

When you draft your fantasy football team, ensure you have guys with upside and avoid players that are washed and on a decline. The players mentioned in this video lack upside and could ruin your fantasy team if you invest in them.

Some players mentioned on this podcast could still have some juice left. Guys like Travis Kelce and Christian McCaffrey could still have it if they stay healthy. You can’t, however, deny that they are getting up there in years.  When you get older, you lose fast twitch muscle and hunger. Things start falling apart, and along with that, you get a decline in fantasy football numbers.

This podcast episode is important because you have a good overview of who is on the way down, and it makes you aware of the older players at each position. Just understand that upside goes away when players get older.

We cover you the entire year round here on this podcast, and things will get much more interesting after the NFL draft. When these rookies come in and land on particular teams, the value of these older guys could go even lower.  The example could be made and seen when you see how high teams are willing to draft players. I know many good running backs like Bijan Robinson coming in and stealing the touches and the light. So again, be aware of these older guys.

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Watch the full video below, and do not draft Washed up and old players at the end of their careers.


Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
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