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3 Fantasy Football RBs You Can’t Miss this season

3 RBs I love in for NFL Fantasy 2023

3 RBs I love in for NFL Fantasy 2023

3 RBs That You Must Draft

  • Tank Bigsby
  • Dameon Pierce
  • Jahmyr Gibbs

These RBs are in a great position to succeed with minimal committees or in a committee where they can easily surpass the RB in on their team.

Tank Bigsby

Tank Bigsby was drafted in the 3rd Round of the NFL draft because he will be used, and the fact that Travis Etienne Sucks. The Jags know Etienne is not the solution, or they wouldn’t even bother drafting Tank.  Travis was extremely inconsistent and, even with all the volume last year finished 17th among RBs in fantasy points.

To put it simply, Tank will eat this year, and Etienne is way too expensive in fantasy football drafts in 2023. Fade Etienne and grab Tank in later rounds. Let the sheep draft Etienne and waste an early-round pick. I would rather have Bigsby later in drafts.

Dameon Pierce

Dameon is the clear-cut RB in Houston, and you can steal him in drafts in round 4. The only competition, if you even call that, is Devin Singletary.  Singletary sucks and should have no business being on the field this year.

If the Texans actually want to win games, they have to run their best player, which happens to Dameon Pierce.

Jahmyr Gibbs

Jahmry Gibbs is going to be the most explosive RB in the NFL.  He has David Montogomery standing in his way when it comes to volume. Ideally, it would be nice if Montgomery would stay on the bench. David Montgomery has had years to wow us, and we are not wowed.

If the Lions want to play games, they also have to play their best player, which is Gibbs.

These RBs should never just be your main RBs and should be part of a committee on your fantasy roster. Ensure you always have a ton of depth on your fantasy roster, especially at the RB position.

For all the optimal players to draft in each round, grab the 16 Rounds DRAFT solution and smash your leagues!

Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
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