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January 6, 2021
Joe K'Amo Episode #23
Home Alone Secrets Buzz Devin Ratray – Joe K’Amo Show #23
January 8, 2021

Zuby on Breaking Womens Deadlift Record, Joe Rogan and Fitness

Zuby the Rapper

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Zuby shares his experience of being on the Joe Rogan Show, breaking the Women’s deadlift record and fitness. We also talk about the world situation.

Zuby and I dive into a conversation about transgender men getting into female sports, fitness rap and so much more. Zuby has built a big brand off being creative, rap, and free-thinking. I had to get him on the show because I really enjoy his music. He doesn’t really swear in his lyrics to get his point across and I feel I related to his lyrics. His brand did really well before and even better after his viral video with the deadlifting. He identified as a female for 9 secs, did the deadlift, and tweeted it out. This caught the attention of many people including Ben Shapiro and Joe Rogan. This really went to show and get the point across that men and women are not physically equal as many people tend to lead you to believe.

Trans women’s competition in women’s sports leagues is really unfair to real biological women. So we talk about this in this episode.

We also dive into fitness including talking about his book that is easy to read and will help you hit your fitness goals no matter who you are. It is all about working out and eating right without sacrificing too much to do it. I just purchased the book and will be diving into it shortly.

Zuby has done a lot and will continue to grow. He offers more than just a viral video and rap music. He is a podcaster and entrepreneur that is constantly working and honing his craft. I will check out his new album when it comes out soon and looking forward to working out to it as well. You can get his book here:

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