Fantasy Football Rb’s to Avoid 2020
March 14, 2020
Top 5 Rookie Running Backs for 2020 Fantasy Football
March 15, 2020

Fantasy Football WR’s 2020 – Players to Avoid

Here is a small list of some fantasy football Wr’s to avoid for 2020. The Counselor is warning you about these players and giving you reasons on why to NOT draft them.

Welcome guys, we’re talking about fantasy football, wide receivers to avoid because they could potentially bust. I got a list of three or four or five guys here for you guys to take a look at, and be cautious about when drafting, okay, very, very important. Before I get into this show guys, you know my mission, lion mentality, helping you guys stray away from the sheep and helping you guys win. That’s my mission. All I ask in return is that you smash the thumbs up please and leave a comment. We’re going to get back to as many questions as I can in the Q&A session in our main show coming up this season and in the offseason with me and Tim, the bald guy. So leave your questions below, we’re going to shout you out and feature some of those questions, okay guys, so leave them below.

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Mike Evans and Chris Godwin

All right, let’s get into these guys to avoid, these wide receivers and potential busts. Let’s start off with the first one, Godwin and Mike Evans, okay. I want to tell you guys, yes, these guys are phenomenal talent, but I just want you to be cautious because right now the mainstream have these guys both in the top 10 sitting at six and seven in the Consensus Rankings. There’s no way these guys are both going to finish at six to seven, I’ll tell you guys why. Last year Evans finished 15th, Godwin finished second, that’s phenomenal, but you got to be cautious because it’s very unlikely that both of them finish in the top 10. This is not Antonio Brown and Juju back in 2018. This is a different situation with possibly a new quarterback coming in.

Again, by the time you guys listen to this, it’s free agency time, and we don’t know whether Winston is going to stay or not, okay. If Winston gets shipped off and they bring in another quarterback, that’s really going to give you guys a lot of volatility with these two wide receivers. One of them could easily finish the top 10, we don’t know which one or how it’s going to play out based on what quarterbacks that are coming in. So again, this is really predicated on the NFL Draft and of course the free agencies, so be cautious when you are looking at these guys. Either way, even if they get an ace quarterback coming in, let’s say Tom Brady ends up there, you got to still be cautious because there’s only so many targets to go around, and one is going to benefit a little bit more than the other and is not going to give you that top three potential again because one’s going to eat into the other.

Odell Beckham Jr

When you have two wide receivers that are in tandem that are equally as good, I’m always cautious about that because I always like the wide receiver that’s really going to excel over the other one, because you want more volume from the other one. It’s going to give you more top five, top 10 potential, so be aware, okay. All right, the next guy I want to talk about as a potential bust for 2020 fantasy football is Odell Beckham Jr. The mainstream, they could have just told you to draft this guy in the first round three years in a row, and three years in a row, he’s busted. Now, people thought I was crazy, they said, “Joe, you’re a little bit nuts. How can you say Landry is better than Odell?” And sure enough in 2019 Landry outperformed Odell Beckham Jr.

And still up to today, three years in a row, I’m seeing the consensus rankings as of March 2020, I’m still seeing Odell as a top 11 wide receiver and Landry is sitting at 31st. This is insane thinking guys. Everyone just hoping and banking that this is the year of Odell Beckham Jr. Putting him at 11th after busting three years in a row. There is no excuses. There is no excuses. How can somebody draft this guy in the first round three years in a row and then tell you, the mainstream told you the first year. First of all, the first year I said stay away. I was right the first year, people were like, “Joe, you’re nuts. Odell is first round.” And I’m like, “No, no, no. He’s not that good. He’s overrated.”

The second year, they said it again, “This is the year of Odell.” I’m like, “No, no, stay away.” The third year, “Oh, now he’s got, Baker Mayfield.” I said, “No, be careful. Landry maxed out at 149 targets the year before with Mayfield, now Odell is going to be there, how is there going to be enough targets to feed both Landry and Odell, and make Odell a top wide receiver?” There weren’t enough targets. I was warning people and I was screaming it, and yet people still were like, “Joe, you’re nuts man.” And I’m telling you yet again, the fourth year in a row, Odell Beckham is not a top wide receiver. He is not that good.

When will people realize it? How much more do I have to scream it? Do I have to stand on top of a rooftop and scream it? Odell Beckham Jr. is not a good wide receiver. Three years in a row busted. Now Landry maxed out last year, in 2019, with 138 targets and 83 receptions. If things would stay the same, Mayfield, Landry and Odell could still be there, okay. I don’t know what’s going to go on with Landry right now, this is pre-NFL free agency and pre NFL Draft. He maxed out at 138 targets. How is Odell again going to max out and get 155, 170 targets and become a top wide receiver again? This is insane thinking. Do not draft Odell Beckham Jr.

DJ Moore

Let’s move on. The next guy, DJ Moore. He is currently sitting now top 10 wide receiver because he had a good season last year. Listen, DJ Moore is not an ace wide receiver again. He is just not that good. This season before, he was 36th amongst wide receivers in PPR. He’s a guy that I think is completely overrated, and I think Carolina is going to get another wide receiver. Not to mention guys, they may draft another, like a new rookie wide receiver they’re going to get, or maybe even acquire one in free agency. DJ Moore is not a wide receiver, one, only 87 receptions. Yes, he had over 1,000-yard season, which is great, but they need a true wide receiver. I don’t think DJ Moore is just that good.

I just don’t think he’s going to be that good, and he’s currently sitting at top 10 wide receiver in the [Conship’s 00:06:42] list. Yes, Carolina needs to throw the ball more. Yes, Christian McCaffrey is not going to get 116 interceptions like he did last year. Things are going to change, quarterback situation suspect, there is no way I’m drafting this guy early, second round. There’s just no way. And he’s currently, as of right now, March, sitting as a top 10 wide receiver, not worth it, not going to pay the price. Give me a solid running back in the second or third round, not going to get DJ Moore that early. There’s no way, and I do not believe, and I’m not sold he’s going to be the guy.

AJ Brown and Keenan Allen

All right, so those are the guys, Odell, Keenan Allan, Godwin, Evans, be careful, DJ Moore. Another guy, be cautious because again, suspect quarterback situation is Tannehill coming back. What’s going to happen? Are they going to get another wide receiver with the Titans? They’re more of a run-heavy team with Henry. But A.J. brown, yes, the upside is there, but be cautious. I think people are going to be paying a lot for A.J. Brown. The upside is that I like them. I don’t know if I’m going to pay the early price for them. So because again, with A.J. Brown for 2020 fantasy football.

Keenan Allen is a guy to be careful of as well. With Rivers gone who knows. Not to mention a long history of getting hurt in the past often. I personally don’t trust him.

There you go guys. I ranted, I raved. And again, wide receiver is a position you could definitely wait on. It’s very deep for 2020, load up on those RBs and do not invest too early, especially on the guys I mentioned here for 2020 fantasy football. They could be fantasy football busts, be cautious. All right guys, make sure you smash the thumbs up, subscribe, leave your questions below and of course get that 16 round draft solution available at or a link below. Thanks, guys for being here. Lion mentality and my mission is for you guys to win. That’s what I’m all about. Smash the thumbs up. I’ll see you in the next video.

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