NFL fantasy football Week 1 Starts and Sits

September 8, 2018  12:16 am

Starts and sits for week 1 of fantasy football 2018. Also, Thursday night football review. The fantasy football player gives you some practical fantasy football advice going into the 2018 fantasy football season. Week 1 fantasy football is finally here! *

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About this video: week 1 of NFL fantasy football has arrived. You need to make some good start and sit decisions. NFL match ups play a big factor when you are making a choice on who to start and sit for week one. Also throughout the fantasy football season or DFS.

Also the fantasy football Counselor covers and reviews Thursday night football. Matt Ryan did not have a solid game, as he could not find the endzone and get a td. This hurt his overall fantasy football numbers for week 1. If you dig deep the offensive coordinator for the falcons could also be hurting Matt’s Value. Jones came alive and seems to be the focal point of the offense here. The running game for Atlanta not in full force as Freeman walked off hurt. Could have reaggrivated a old injury.  As for the Eagles, Wentz did not take the field and is still playing it smart for the season with his torn acl from last season. Not a good fantasy football option for this year if he is going to continue to miss games.  The fantasy football so called experts had Carson Wentz as a top 4 wb prior to the season. Lies.

This #1 fantasy football podcast will help you. Make sure you are subscribed and you stay close as Joseph Robert is heavily focused on daily fantasy as well. As you are getting the dfs information you can really leverage that start and sit information into your year long fantasy football leagues as well.

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