Rb’s to avoid for 2019 fantasy – Fantasy Football Podcast

June 3, 2019  11:14 pm

Fantasy Football Rb’s 2019 do not draft list. You MUST stay away from these running backs for fantasy football 2019 and the Counselor explains why!

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About this video: You have to dig deeper than fantasy football rankings. You need to dive deep and look at players to avoid for fantasy football 2019. When you are doing your fantasy football draft, you will see some of these rb’s ranked really high. You need to be aware of the potential pitfalls and risks of drafting them. The fantasy football Counselor lays out what you need to know and why you should avoid these running backs at all costs.

When the Counselor is looking at rb’s they must fit the CUDDY system. You also have to look at rb’s that are not in a major committee. It is very important that you also look at volume of attempts. That is crucial to the success of your team. Volume is probably the most important thing you can look at. Of course you need elite talent players as well. You also have to consideer a great offense that will feed the RB the ball. Some rb’s that get fed a lot may not do much with the ball. A perfect example last year was Peyton Barber. 9th in att and did nothing with it. So talent and the oppt to shine are very important.

Avoid those question marks as well. This video should give you head start on fantasy football rb’s to avoid.

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