Fantasy Football Podcast – Breakouts

June 29, 2018  2:58 am

Fantasy Football breakouts 2018. The Counselor digs deep and give you a list of fantasy football guys that could have a great year and really breakout. Some are early round guys, and you will also hear about some late round stashes. The Fantasy football Counselor wants you to be aware of these studs! This goes above the obvious guys like Saquon Barkley.

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About this video: Fantasy Football breakouts for 2018. Joseph Robert discusses some guys that you should put on your radar for fantasy football 2018. Some of these players can be stashed on your bench for a potential breakout. The Fantasy Football Upside is definitely here. This is the type of fantasy football advice that will really begin to help you. This goes beyond the first round of your fantasy draft. We do recommend, like we always do in other video to do a fantasy football mock draft on a regular basis. You really need to get a feel for where these potential fantasy studs are going. Being aware of a breakout is crucial to the succes of your year. Also, if we are talking DFS, some fo these guys will go for a good draft price value. The first couple of weeks you may be able to cash in on dfs.

Landing Fantasy Football breakouts can be extremley rewarding. They go for super cheap in draft value and give you top 10-20 fantasy football value. The key to spotting these breakouts is to look at the team and situation they are in. Most importantly subscribing to this podcast and letting the Counselor do most of the work for you.