Joe K'Amo Episode #25
Skyy Simmons Personal Trainer | Joe K’Amo Episode #25
January 22, 2021
Fantasy Football QB's 2021
Fantasy Football QB’s 2021 | 3 That I Really Love this Year
January 29, 2021

Super Bowl Prediction Chiefs vs Bucs Who Wins it?

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Who wins the Super Bowl in 2021? Is it the Chiefs or the Bucs? The Counselor has the answer right here and why he went with this decision.

The stage is set for the perfect scenario. It is Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes. The old face vs the new face of the NFL. Everything is ideal and the storyline is perfect. Joe K’Amo dives into the details on who he believes will win the Super Bowl.

Patrick Mahomes vs Tom Brady

This matchup will come down to who the better man is at the end of the day. It will be a battle of old vs young. Brady is still playing really well and is set to at least win another Super Bowl before he hangs the hat up. This situation technically makes the best storyline and will be the most entertaining. This is how the NFL would want it. I mean could you imagine Brady vs Josh Allen? No one cares to see Tom Brady beat the Buffalo Bills for the 1000th time. I believe this Super Bowl happened by design and that Tom Brady is primed to win another bowl before he retires. This is the same thing that happened with legends like Ray Lewis and Peyton Manning and the stage is set yet again.

When you look at who the better QB is right now you have to give it to Mahomes, but I don’t think it will be enough to finish the job this season. Brady has way too many weapons and technically 3 WR 1’s on his roster. Tag along with the solid RB’s and the rapport with Gronk, and you have a winning formula.

Who wins the Super Bowl this year?

The Buccs will win the Bowl this year and I am going to roll with this prediction and stand by it for the season stated in this video. Brady is having a Cinderalla year and he will finish it off with an exclamation point. Mahomes has a big future ahead of him and lots of time to get more rings. Brady’s window is getting much smaller and he will get his ring this season.

In conclusion, it is obvious that the Bucs will take home the title.

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