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Robust RB Draft Strategy | Why you Must Use it in all fantasy drafts

Robust RB strategy

Robust RB Strategy is a must in drafting

Robust RB strategy

Robust RB Strategy is a must in drafting

What is the Robust RB Draft Strategy

In this fantasy football podcast, we discuss the definition of the robust RB strategy, how to use it and if you should be using it to dominate your leagues. We also go over which one is better between Robust RB and Zero RB.

Let’s dive into the highlights of this podcast and the reasons you want to go with the robust RB draft fantasy football strategy!

Robust RB Strategy Definition :

Robust RB means you need to draft 3 elite running backs in the first 4 rounds of your fantasy football draft. The key is to make sure these running backs are elite and have no committee. The running backs need to be primed to really succeed and get a lot of volume.

Stacking these RBs allows you to load up on the most scarce position and have the depth to cover yourself in case of injuries and your bye weeks.

Should you draft using the Robust RB strategy?

Robust RB is the way to go!

Yes! The robust RB strategy lets you load up on the RBs early on in your draft and takes away the most scarce position off the board from your competition. There is a ton of depth at the other skill positions like WR and QB. Use the Robust RB strategy and win your leagues. Make sure you do it correctly though.

Proper implementation of the Robust RB can be found in the 16 Rounds draft solution.

What is Zero RB?

This is where you avoid RBs in the early rounds and go back-to-back WRs in the first two rounds of your fantasy football drafts. The Fantasy Football Counselor does not recommend this strategy at all.

The reason you must avoid the Zero RB strategy is the same reason you must go robust RB. You need to be loading up on elite RBs in the early rounds and this is the most scarce position on the roster. You can get a ton of WR 1’s later in your draft and be solid at this position.

Never go ZERO RB. WRs are a dime a dozen. Load up on the gold of the draft, which is the running back position.

You can watch this full fantasy football podcast below as we deep dive into the robust RB draft strategy in more detail:

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