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NFL News, Notes and Players that are going to Opt-Out 2020

NFL News and Notes 2020

NFL News Notes and updates on the Opt-Outs. Tom joins that Counselor and they discuss everything football and fantasy football as well. Training camp has begun.

There are many players opting out for medical or voluntary reasons. There have not been any real fantasy relevant players that have opted out yet. Recently Funchess did but he isn’t that great of a player anyways. The Counselor and Tom discuss in detail the players and the current state of the NFL. The latest news and notes also include the Twitter drama of Keenan Allen and the Dalvin Cook news for him attending training camp.

The debate with the opt-outs is that players may be lacking passion and don’t really want to play or don’t want to risk infecting their family with the virus. The main players we have really seen opt out with defensive players and they will get there 150k and move on with their lives for the year. The Counselor looks at the situation and feels the players should play the season out. We are fortunate to see that major popular superstar player have chosen to sit the season out this year. We are hoping and believing the season will happen to its full capacity. We believe it will, but it is up to the teams and the players to be safe during the time on the field to keep the other players safe. At some point, we have to continue life as we normally did and everyone will be back on the field like the good ole days!

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