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June 25, 2020
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Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2020 | 14 Person Strategy

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Fantasy Football Draft strategy in a 14 person league. The Counselor walks through the first 6 rounds and gives you practical advice to dominate your leagues. This practical advice is why you must be subbed to this fantasy football podcast!

This mock draft turned out pretty solid actually. We were still able to secure 3 solid workhorse running backs. Josh Jacobs, Todd Gurley, and David Johnson in that order. Now, this draft had a lot of robots and people drafting on ADP, but thats how the majority of people actually draft. I would assume that David Johnson would not have fallen to the end of the third round but we caught a break here.

Some of the tips and draft strategies shared here are not really discussed by the mainstream sheep. No one talks about drafting RB’s with minimal committees, they will just tell you to draft the guy that was next on the average draft position. This was based on last year’s top finishers. You will not win your leagues but draft like the sheep. You have to think outside the box.

Now the landscape for this year is pretty simple and I highlight everything you need to know in my 16 Rounds draft solution. You can wait on QB’s and wide receivers as there is a ton of depth. You can get solid WR ones after the 4th round. The hack for this year is really load up on those Rb’s in the early rounds as they will be gone. Also what we learned in this mock draft is that you want to avoid the 14 team leagues. Try to make sure you get into a 12 person league so you get more talent on your roster. I find that in 14 man leagues the player pool gets thinner quicker. You need to get into those 10 man – 12 man leagues for maximum success and enjoyment. Be greedy with your picks, and make sure you always aim high on the depth charts and draft elite talent.

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Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert
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