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March 30, 2020
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March 31, 2020

Fantasy Football 2020 Impact of Leonard Fournette

The Fantasy Football Counselor dives into the fantasy impact of Leonard Fournette for 2020. He brings in special Jaguars analyst Dalton to cover the Jags with some inside information.

Leonard Fournette can and will be a major impact for fantasy owners this upcoming fantasy football 2020 season. He has a lot of upside and will be the workhorse back on the team. The Jacksonville Jaguars have to make a decision on if they will stick with Leonard and pay him big dollars. Solid workhorse running backs are really hard to come by in both fantasy football and reality. We did learn a lot in this video from our Jaguars expert Dalton. Leonard is going to continue to produce at a high level from what we learned. Fournette finished 7th in PPR last year and 7th in attempts. When we are looking at drafting a running back you need to look at volume and durability. When it comes to volume, Lenny will get that. Durability has been an issue in the past and we are hoping that injuries are well behind him

The Jags do need to address the WR position as well, as it seems like they are sold on Gardner Minshew. He still has to prove himself to be an ace QB and has to show more consistency. The draft should be interesting as we need to see more superstar players on the Jags if they want to go places. Fournette still remains the centerpiece of the offense. DJ Chark has shown flashes but we are still gauging his consistency and if he is the real deal as well.

Overall the Jags should contribute to fantasy football 2020 pretty well. We are really curious to see what changes are made. This video gives you a lot of insight and information if you are considering drafting Jags this upcoming season for your fantasy team.

Fantasy Football Impact Fournette


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